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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Re-Energize - Day 4

This journey has been so refreshing and I am so glad I stopped to take it.  None of the things I have mentioned are new, but like old, comfortable jeans, they are sure nice to put back on.

I wish I had not let life squeeze out my times of re-energizing, but I did.  Creating is easy again, since I am not homeschooling five children, nor driving hours each day for events. The 3/4 of an empty nest allows more time to re-coop.

So, today I had to stop and add another one of my past energizers, while trying to put it back into practice!

Number 4 - Music and Dance!

Now who isn't energized by music and dance?  I already wrote a post on the power of music and stated my love for the classics in the Arts post.  So, I am going to touch on the other types of music that refresh me and why.

Our home is full of musicians, songwriters and composers, starting with my husband.  Most of our children play a couple of instruments. Me, however... well, I stick to singing and dancing...and my dancing isn't in public.

Praise and worship songs lift the spiritual side of my life.  Years ago it was the Imperials, Russ Taff, Dennis Jernigan in the 80's and 90's. Today, I am energized by such artists as Casting Crowns, Kutless, Mercy Me and many others.  I have noticed that I can change the atmosphere in my house simply by turning on praise and worship music.

Classical music will soothe everyone's soul and calm the rowdiest child.  It is very helpful with mental alertness and training a child's ear for music.  I love the peace and calmness it can bring to my day.

The form pf music that brings laughter and dancing into our house is when I pull out old CD's from my teen years, (yes, back then, it was albums!) or a new artist like Taylor Swift.  My daughter and I can be heard all the way down the street singing, "You Belong to Me."  My older ones laugh as I pull out the Eagles, Bee Gee's, Bette Midler and Elvis and blow the dust off their covers.

To show how effective this can be, I will tell you a story from last night.  My husband was listening to the radio, when it mentioned  that the Eagles have an upcoming concert in our town.  He came toward me with a smile on his face and his eyes lit up.  We had attended one of their concerts before we married....so over 30 years ago.  I looked up and said, "Please!".  The concert will be near our 30th anniversary and we will be able to (for a night) go back in time, forget our grey hairs (and the group's grey hairs also!) and remember the days of our early love. Music just has that kind of power.

The CD that makes my children all laugh and run for cover is when I put on "Mamma Mia".  Who my age doesn't just burst into song on "Dancing Queen"?  Yes, and I did out loud in the theater!  When it starts to blast through the house it warns everyone Mom is going to cut loose.  Laughs and giggles explode through our home, the four-year-old starts his break dancing....we ALL are energized.

So, for day four, I will stop for you to go put on that CD that will put your feet to dancing....dance like no one is watching and feel your energy come back.

I am posting a video from the song,  "Money, Money" from "Mamma Mia".  Our whole family gets a kick out of this one, including my husband.  There is no disrespect in our enjoyment of this song, just our way of laughing at our financial struggles....I hope you laugh also.

4 Joining in with more words:

Debbie said...

Oh I LOVED this...and you are just soo right. Music can lift my spirits and bring peace to my heart like little else. I do really love ALL types. Classical just can't be beat. Praise music is soul changing...And Taylor Swift? LOVE HER....my oldest two granddaugters and I sing aloud with her whenever we hear her. AND! we have putten on "shows" singing into our hairbrushes pretending to be her, haha...The music from Mama Mia was just wonderful. I could listen to the Dancing Queen over and over again. I love how you can hear a song, close your eyes and travel back to a certain time in your life. Praise God for the gift of music....Have a wonderful day...HUGS, Debbie

Sonja said...


2 things...first...I also laughed out loud at Mama Mia, and to this day, the music is some of my favorite! My daughter and I also saw it a couple of years ago at Fair Park.
2... Yes, I LOVE Fredericksburg. Also, have you been to Round Top?? I set up there for 15 years, stopped a couple of years ago, it's so much fun!

Nope, 3 things... I had to tell you I bought 2 brand new white shutters at Canton yesterday, after pricing them at Lowe's, (they had to custom make them... more than $200.) I wanted to hang one on each side of the big window INSIDE in my office. A guy at Canton had 3000 BRAND NEW shutters, close outs from Lowe's & Home Depot I think. I bought 2, they were all ONE DOLLAR each!! I've already got them hung and they're perfect!!

I knew you needed to know that (:D)



Janette Wright said...

Debbie so glad you enjoyed this post...record that next dancing show with your granddaughters...I must see and put in my files to do with mine one day.
Sonja...my husband was a sales representative for years and called on the James Dick Foundation in Round Top, but have only been once...years ago. I have it on my to do list for the next show.

Oh, I love the find at Canton....I am going on Sunday, and I love that idea, I might can do that in this rent house...if I patch the holes when I leave. LOL
Thanks for sharing,

Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

Mama Mia is one of my favorite soundtracks! I also enjoy moving to Chris Tomlin's "Our God" and "Sing, Sing, Sing".

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