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Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Roots are Texas Deep!

Spring brings out the wandering side of me.  I would love to just get in the car and drive through the state  in which I was born and raised, TEXAS.

I just can't escape the fact, nor do I want to, that I am a true Texas girl.  I am fourth generation Texan!!! I love Texas history, UT Longhorns,  horses, peaches and pecans. Therefore, I bleed Texan...yes, that is me at my grandfather's ranch near Fort Hood in the 70's.

Spring brings out blanketed fields of bluebonnets and a hunger for the hill country.  Summer beckons with fresh peaches and rafting floats down the Guadalupe River through the City of Gruene.  Each area of my grand state has unique offerings. Don't forget, we used to be our own country... the Republic of Texas!

Born in Austin, Texas and having lived there for 38 years of my life, I have grown to love the history of my state.  The Alamo and the Hispanic culture of San Antonio have always wooed us to visit on weekends.  New Braunfels shares with us the beauty of the German culture.  Dallas/Ft. Worth, where I now live, shows the rise of Texas in the world, as well as the cowboys that drove massive herds of  longhorns across our cattle trails.  Galveston, with her beaches (even if not the prettiest beaches) are ours and they beg you to come to the coast and relax.

The sights and sounds of Texas are too great to be held in any one blog post, but I am also seeing that none of us can escape our roots.  You might want to deny them...I can't because when I open my mouth and you know where I am from. We can try to gloss over our roots, but usually the truth will be found.  Where we plant ourselves will determine the fruit we will bear as our roots go deep into the ground.

As a parent, I can only show my children where their roots should be deeply planted. But they must choose for themselves, as I give them wings to fly and establish their own roots.

Although I would hope that a fifth generation will be established here in Texas, I don't know if that will happen. However, the roots that go down deep in any soil are the ones I want planted in the Lord.  May my children be grounded in His word and have their roots planted deeply.  May they not be uprooted by the world, but firmly planted in Him and produce righteous fruit.

From this Texas girl, who still dreams of riding horses and having a plot of land to wander on, I hope you are allowing the Lord to grow deep roots in Him as you continue on this earthly journey.

Y'all come!

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Debbie said...

I love learning about your Texas roots. My husband was born in Dallas but he's lived in Phoenix since he was seven years old. However, he still has a fondness for Texas.

I have good friends who left Phoenix and moved to San Antonio. Jamie's husband was born and bred Texas and wanted his young family to be a part of that too. I've been blessed with several opportunities to visit them. So I've visited the Alamo and even headquarters of Bible Study Fellowship, which was such a treat for me as I was a children's leader for eight years with this organization.

One of my favorite bloggers lives in Texas. Her name is Sonja and her blog is "bits & pieces". We keep saying we must be related because there are so many similarities in our backgrounds. Here's a direct link to her in case you have the time to say hi to a fellow Dallas woman of God: http://bitsandpieces-sonja.blogspot.com.

But what I loved most about your post is that the roots you truly hope to establish in your children are their relationship with the Lord. That's a legacy that will truly last no matter where they live.

Blessings and love,

Debi said...

From one Texas girl to another - Yeeehaww! I love longhorns (the cows) and hope the Lord has them in Heaven (really, I do) but I'm a Texas Tech ex and those roots go deep.
Great post!! You may get that ranch someday - never know. :))

Janette Wright said...

Debi...well what can I say...Go Horns!! Dad a UT graduate, Bill was in the Longhorn Band and graduate, I attended UT, brother, nephew, brother-in-law....none of my children, but we all bleed orange and love Colt McCoy!!!

Debbie...come visit anytime and I will show you the State!!! I checked out her blog...love it!!!

alicia said...

Not a Texan, but still can't get over that you have 6 kids- and a 26yr old? Mother nature has been kind to you girl.

Stopping over from blogfrog.


Karen said...

I think I'd like to visit Texas sometime! Like you, my roots are pretty deep, only mine are in Oregon, generations long also! It would seem weird not to know almost everyone in your town lol. But, I think I would also be able to transplant, and I always hope I'm not so rooted that I can't go if I need to. You make Texas sound enticing!

Janette Wright said...

I have never visited anywhere that I wasn't amazed by the beauty, culture and people. I haven't traveled much the last few years, so I guess I am home sick for my state this spring.
I am also watching my children and praying for their spiritual roots.
If you ever come to my state...I will tell you what not to miss.
Who knows maybe I will be able to get in my camper and travel across the US...now that sounds fun!
Thanks for stopping by,

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