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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Girl Can Dream!!!

Years ago, with fewer children but many in their teens, I cut this out of a magazine to file in a folder.  I just loved the slogan.

Today, with the temperatures climbing and spring fever hitting me in the face, I had to close my eyes and imagine myself riding off into the sunset.  Of course, I think I qualify for this dream since I do have six children...it IS practical, but PLEASE order mine in RED.

Enjoy your dreams!  Don't let life get you down...who knows, maybe it will happen one day... if only for a day!

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Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

My kids are older now (all adults except for #4 who is 16) but I also understand the slogan and the dream!

Momma Such said...

Oh how cool that would be!
Everyone is always teasing us saying we drive a mini bus! It's really just a 9 seat Suburban, but close enough!
I had to laugh when reading your comment on my blog about the car alarm...ha ha! Boys will be boys!

Janette Wright said...

Well my kids heard for years that mom would get a sports car at age 40! I have been through two suburbans...put 250,000 miles on each, so this is a joke in my house. Of course, 40 came and went...my 40's brought another baby and the wedding of our first...but who knows, maybe my 50's!!! LOL

joeandbridge said...

Hi! Hoppin in from UBP! I'm your newest Google Follower! Hope you can swing by my blog. Have a super weekend!

Bridgette Groschen
The Groschen Goblins

Debbie said...

I love red cars!!

I had a red Corvette ...before I got married. :)

Lady Dorothy said...

I'm with you -- love that slogan!

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