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Monday, April 19, 2010

Time to Re-Design

As I had blogged early this year, I felt this was my year for...well, let's say, putting off the grave clothes and coming back to life!

I allowed some major life disappointments and tragedies to just kinda...take me out of the game.  I continued to go on with life, but it was a daily struggle.

As stated in my past post on "cultivating", I was needing to put my hands back on the plow and create again.

I am having so much fun!!!  As I step back into creating, I am returning to many of my past pleasures.  My sewing machine is being used again.  I am once again designing in my head and this time it was  new bedding.
The one I had needed to retire. She had served me well, even if I never brought out her complete beauty.  She had stood in my "dream wall" bedroom in our past house.  I had painted my walls after a trip to Fredricksburg, Texas.  Inspired by one of the city's great shops, I set out to recreate the wall treatment at home. Hours and weeks later, my dream became a reality and I still adored the walls years later, but my bedding never fulfilled my vision.

She now sets in a room without color or curtains, due to the fact the landlord has forbid touching anything.  So, this creative girl had to have an outlet for her cultivation.  A new coverlet started it all.  Extra pieces of fabric I already possessed and some time to create allowed me to dust off my sewing skills.

After repeated text messages back and forth to my friend "Ethel", (not her real name but my term of endearment), I started sewing.  One night I saw what I wanted for my side pillows, inspiration which came from different visits to talented blogs..."W" drawn on paint cloth material, flanged shams would customize the new bedding.

Three large, European Shams across the back, one large king sham in front of them with side shams and accent pillows finish up the head and the bed was DONE! Next comes the adventure of adding accents and accessories as finishing touches to my "bedroom vision"!

It is BRIGHT.  It is so CHEERFUL...I just smile as I enter the room.  It is NEW!  It is a LIFT to my SOUL.

How precious to feel the hand of God as He uncovers you from your mourning....the verse states, "He gives beauty for ashes", is what I feel today.  Not only do I have a new look in my room, I was able to create and bring life to my vision.  I was cultivating and the Lord allowed my soul to rejoice!

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Cindy (Letters From Midlife) said...

I can sense the joy you're feeling as you create. I don't know your story and what led to a dry season but it makes my heart glad to see you coming out of it through being creative. They are beautiful!

Sarah Jane said...

It looks awesome!!! It is so bright and happy... perfect for Spring and Summer! Glad you are finding time to do what you love and are so talented at.


I enjoyed looking over your blog. I found your profile on another blog I follow and I added myself to follow you. You are more than welcome to visit my blog and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You, Ron

Debbie said...

I truly understand what you're going through Janette. However, I'm so glad that you are finding ways to make your new home special too.

If you ever want to 'talk' my email is debbiepetras@cox.net.

We seem to be in the same season of life right now.

midwest mama said...

Lovely and inviting:-) I've been having a creative dry spell myself, thank you for a little kick to help get me started...I just might drag my sewing machine out of the garage.

Janette Wright said...

My sewing machine was put away for about 10 years while I carpooled and home schooled my first four through high school. Competitive sports and music didn't give me much time to create...there is a season for everything, and I am enjoying going back and uncovering past delights.

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