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Friday, June 1, 2012

It is Good To Be Reminded

Memorial Day meant packing up our car and heading for the lake. The four of us were ready to enjoy some down time. As we drove to our destination, my husband called his 86-year-old uncle to say "Happy Memorial Day". The phone call reminded us of the freedoms we have in America and the price that has been paid. His uncle recalled all his brothers who had served in the wars, as well as himself. They represented the Army, Navy and Marines. The stories of his memories rang in my head all day.

 After our time at the lake, we started back, going down a different highway from how we had come...there was a reason. The highway signs announced President Dwight D. Eisenhower's birthplace. We took a detour to share this part of American history with our two sons.
Eisenhower's birthplace...Denison, Texas

 After visiting the birthplace, we saw the newly constructed bust of President Dwight D. Eisenhower on the side of the highway. This solemn visit again reminded us of the sacrifices others have given for our freedom. On Tuesday, we exercised one of our freedoms....The Right To Vote. I felt President Eisenhower's quote inscribed below his bust said it all:
"There is nothing wrong with America that faith, love of freedom, intelligence and energy of her citizens can not cure."  President Dwight David Eisenhower

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Nancy said...

I like your multitasking....fun and history all combined in one visit......You are so right our freedom has been purchased with a great price and we should be thankful each day for the men and women who have served so we might enjoy our freedom......

~Sue~ said...
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Sue said...

What a fun day, my Dad served under the Eisenhower administration, he was a favorite president of Dad's.
I too am so thankful for the price that was and continues to be paid for our freedom here in the USA.
That Mr Benjamin is really growing, I think of you both so much and wonder how the gardening is going!
Enjoy your weekend.
p.s. the deleted comment was mine, I was on another account

Shelley said...

Thank you Lord for the freedom we have - so glad you had a lovely day.

Jackie said...

Wonderful post! Jannette! And YES our freedom is not free and I thank God for those who make the commitment and sacrifice to protect them (my SIL is one of them!!...wrote about it on my Memorial day post..Because of the Brave!).

Have a great weekend!


Angel said...

I love how you turned a family getaway into a fun, educational experience as well as an opportunity to remember the things that are most important. You are so right. "It IS good to be reminded."


Farm Girl said...

Wow, when I was there last It was to visit my Mom in the hospital there. So were you at Lake Texoma? We stayed in the campground there. It is a very nice campground but of course I was there in November so it looks different then. I saw that house too. Gosh it is so weird seeing it as you were looking at it so differently from when I was there. It was to say good-bye to my Mom. It looks so beautiful in your photos. I am glad you posted them.

Debbie said...

We cannot take our freedom for granted. My brother served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. My cousin was in the Marines during that same time. It wasn't a good time upon their return.

I was alive when Eisenhower was President. How wonderful that you were able to visit his home and share that with the family.


Christine said...

Thank you for the moment of History.
Eisenhower was the first president I remember as a child. I still have (or should I say my daughter has) my earrings, "I Like Ike".
Oh... that water looks so fun.

Debbie said...

I feel the need to burst out with the opt quoted, "I LIKE IKE". I love what he said, and I think he was a good and decent man as well as a brave one.

This was a perfect place to take your sons.

Debbie said...

I also feel the need to add that if more citizens exercised that right to vote with that intelligence that he mentioned, we might all be better off.

I don't care how one votes. It's his right to differ from me. I do care when he exercises the right to vote without the responsibility to do so as an informed voter.

Look at me getting all soapboxy tonight... Better step down now.

Debbie said...

What a perfect place to visit with your sons for this holiday. I love it! How grateful I am as well for the price that was paid at such a cost for all of us. Enjoy your week-end! HUGS

Vee said...

That is a good quote. My son gave Eisenhower's D-Day speech and won highest honors in a speech competition so I know that President Eisenhower had a way with words. Looks as if you had a good day with a balance of remembrance and activity.

jenna said...

I love coming here! You said it very well! Teaching our boys where our country comes from and honoring our elders...LOVE THIS!!!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Such a great patriotic post and what a wonderful lesson for your boys about our great country and one of our great leaders.

Happy weekend!

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

How wonderful. A day at the lake and a tour of history. Thank you for posting the photos, Janette. Great way to remember the reason behind this Holiday.

A multi-dimensional life said...

It really is a great quote! I do remember my dad's I like Ike button...sitting on top of his work-bench! A great leader.
Thanks for the journey back and the reminder of the cost of freedom!

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