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Sunday, June 17, 2012

All Because Two People Fell in Love

"All Because Two People Fell in Love" announces a fulfilled dream of this couple as you ascend onto their porch.  The anniversary gift words are mounted above the entry to the home.   We stood on the porch announcing our arrival to celebrate our own anniversary in one of their cabins.  My husband, with the assistance of our two oldest sons, arranged for us to spend our 32nd Anniversary in a cabin at a farm.

I know, that isn't the place most women would want to go...a cruise, Europe, an island, or New York,  but for me, at this season of life, a farm is exactly where I wanted to be.  This farm would hold many inspirations....which would go into my summer sand pail and fulfill my "spunky" word for the year.

Now you must understand WE ARE CITY FOLKS!!!  The closest we get to the farm life is in our imagination and my background of my grandparents' farm.  My husband's idea of roughing it, on the other hand, means there must be A/C and TV available...so you will see that roughing it didn't come into the picture, but relaxation sure did.  There were also other things to glean, from watching the couple whose sign above their front door told the story.
Just entering into this different lifestyle brought excitement with a feeling of adventure.  The red clay soil, as well as the pecan trees and pines brought both of us back to time spent with our grandparents.  We both have roots in East Texas.  Each little town we stopped in and visited, while getting to our destination, populations were less than one our church services...all the cities combined were still smaller than our whole church membership.  This truly is a different way of living...and one I enjoyed being inspired by.

Our cabin for the night looked out over the lake.  I could have set on the porch or the swing for days!
  • This is a couple's dream that started at retirement. they planned their dream and walked out their plan
  • She followed his dream, while also finding her niche in the dream, she is a trained chef and teaches cooking classes in her wonderful kitchen, using the produce of their farm

  • Hard work has its own rewards...their day starts early and ends tired, fulfilled and satisfied
  • The whole family is involved at different stages...two married children and grand children were there to help during this season and also enjoy family vacation time
  • It is possible to do something later in life that you don't have training in if you are willing to learn...they bought this place in 1998 and now it is a self-sustaining farm

After a wonderful steak dinner in the small town of  Avinger (population smaller than my son's high school), I strolled onto the front porch, relaxed in the rocking chair and listened to the "country symphony" being played by God's creation...priceless.  The restful sleep you receive in the stillness of the country fosters an early morning rise of excitement for a day of berry picking.  I first retreated to the porch, Bible in hand, soaking in His word and the wonder of the creation before me...pecan trees, pine trees, fish jumping in the pond...a small taste of heaven. Genesis came to mind..."and He said it was good."

Our berry picking produced  17 pounds of blueberries and blackberries.  This week I will be learning again how to make jams and jelly.  I plan to try my hand at Blueberry Lavender jam and Blueberry Chipotle.  I think a blueberry cobbler is in order also.

My lessons of inspiration...sometimes the work is worth it!  Sometimes small is better than large.  Sometimes you just need a vision. Sometimes God can create something in your second half of life that was greater than the first....all things are possible.  Goodbye Greer Farm, the 24-hour visit was way too short...I will be back, next time to soak in more and fill my journal with new inspiration, while taking a cooking class.

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Maryann said...

This sounds like the PERFECT way to celebrate an anniversary. I am a farmer wannabe so this would be quite appealing to me. Glad you enjoyed and are coming back inspired
You will have to let us know how the chipolte blueberries turn out, sounds interesting.

Sonja said...

No Westin Hotel anywhere would begin to give what you received from your visit to Greer Farm. I think this was the perfect spot for this anniversary. :)

Blueberry chipotle?? Recipe please if it works...

Vee said...

So glad that you got away to a place that inspired you. It looks wonderful there...

Pom Pom said...

Great idea to go to a fun and earthy- feeling spot! Cute photos of you and hubby!

LDH said...

A perfect way for you both to relax and enjoy each other as you celebrate your anniversary! A lovely place!

Debbie said...

This is exactly the kind of thing I would love to do! No cruise for me. This fulfills all my requirements:


and spunky.
I feel the need to add spunky.

Happy Anniversary again to a fun couple!

Farm Girl said...

How fun and what a perfect kind of trip. I am so glad you got to do that.
I loved all of the photos.

Sandy said...

Oh, this would suit me just fine. I was raised on a farm and still consider it the happiest kind of life. So glad you were able to enjoy doing this. Love the photos.

Christine said...

I'm reading this... tears running down my cheeks!
First, what a treat. To spend time with your hubby - CONGRATULATIONS!
Secondly, the story of the farm.
The words that spelled out your "lessons of inspiration", just popped out at me. Especially, "Sometimes God can create something in your second half of life that was greater than the first.."
Great way to celebrate.

Debi said...

We just had our 32nd wedding anniversary too. Your farm story is precious. So glad ya'll got a chance to get out of the city and breathe that country air!

I certainly understand 'seasons' and it's refreshing how you flow with them - an example to many.


Sue Anne McKinney said...

What a wonderful way to spend an anniversary!!! Right up my alley. Would love to have a farm and a place for people to 'retreat' to. Praying, and more praying!
Thanks for sharing. Wow, that's a lot of berry picking!!!

Sally said...

W00T! on you anniversary and creative way to celebrate. That jam sounds delicious, let us know how the canning goes.

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Janette, that would be my idea of heaven as well. Although I get more opportunities now that we own a self contained RV. We go out into the wilds of Idaho and eastern Oregon where you can be the only campers for miles. Love it. However, the berry picking and the cooking lessons would be a lot of fun, as well as staying in that quaint cabin beside the lake. I am all for it! And yes, sometimes the last half of our live can be better than the first...according to God's will....

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Janette, I get goosebumps with the possibilities!! This was a wonderfully inspiring post! So glad you celebrated your anniversary in such a wonderful place. My hat is off to you for 32 years. Congratulations! blessings ~ tanna


What a beautiful place to celebrate your anniversary. I love looking out over water.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect way to share your anniversary together - I had my anniversary in May 30 it was our
32nd.. I would have loved to do a bit of berry picking and the cooking lessons. Beautiful photos you took! And the Farm beginnings - totally interesting..Thanks for sharing!

myletterstoemily said...

i have always wanted to visit east texas
and am so happy you had such a sweet
get away!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Wow! What a stunning farm and beautiful post! I hope one day to travel those roads and maybe visit you in your part of the country. I also needed that boost of inspiration. I woke extra early as sweet hubby forgot to close coop last night as it drizzled (he has his own veggie patch beside it) while I made chili... Heard a varmit causing hens to panic and ran out at 5 am to find quite a mess n feathers everywhere but (I think) all accounted for! Praise Be!
Thanks for reminding me that I chose this lifestyle and ALL that comes with it! Happy Anniversary and Congratulations. You make it look so easy!

Lisa said...

This looks like so much fun! And it's so beautiful! I know you two had a wonderful time.
I'm always amazed at just how much to do and see there is in our great state. It seems I haven't even put a dent in it.:)

Jill Jones said...

Oh this sounds just delightful!! I would love to see this place. I am so glad you had a great time. Happy Anniversary I am so glad that you had a great time. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing them.
We need to plan to meet again-I am needing a Janette fix again. :)
Hope you are doing well. Love you

Kathryn Ross said...

Oh, Janette - this was perfection! Ed and I would totally choose a getaway like this over any sort of beach or city nightlife! A log cabin is his dream - and I love the beauty of Creation all around. Not that I have any special farming gifts - we know this to be a fantasy. My front garden this year proves it beyond doubt. But, I can follow along with those who do know and it would appear your farmer hosts know their biz. Blueberries - all the rage in South Jersey just now, too!
Happy Anniversary!!

www.thewomanthang.com said...

Oh my, this cracks me up because your vacation is just what I wrote about - a city slicker living the Green Acres life. I hope you had a fabulous time, and you'll have to read my recent post


Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

I'm so glad the two of you got away from the city for a little while! I've heard of Greer Farm but never been there. I think this city girl would like it, too. :-) Congratulations on your anniversary!

Rebecca said...

Every ONE of the "lessons" is an important one for me to remember/contemplate! What a perfect place to celebrate.

I wish you continued happiness in the NEXT year of your marriage, Janette.

Sue said...

Hi Janette, you know I just adore these photos, and wonder why?? ~grin~
They would indeed make beautiful note cards!

Congratulations on 32 years of marriage, may you both continue to be blessed with much happiness. Girl! you could have come to my farm, though I am sure the food would not have been as delicious, and i would have talked your ears off, so you and your dh would not have had such quiet times. ~lol.
Thanks for always placing such sweet nuggets of wisdom in your posts.

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