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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It is Time for Playing Hooky

Now I am sure I am not up to-date with the new word for skipping school, but back in my day it was called "playing hooky".  Even though this "rule keeper" never ventured out to try it, I understand the joy of "playing hooky" out-weighed the consequences for the few friends of mine who gave it a try.

As I sat at my desk filling in all the dates of obligated events on our March and April calendar... well, this Mommy is ready to play "hooky".  I think coming back to a dirty house will be worth the joy of taking some time out.

Now my "playing hooky" has some rules....the rules are that anything is possible.  I don't have to worry about money, time or distance...the purpose is to fill my day as full as I desire... in my imaginary world.

Come along with me as I "play hooky" and then please tell me how you would spend your day without boundaries.

yahoo image

I would start out with a ride in a red convertible headed toward the beach!  Sipping a chai tea while blasting oldies, 70's music, I would enjoy the freedom of my imaginary day.  If you pass me on the road, you will hear me unabashedly singing at the top of my lungs.  After reminiscing, I would launch into Praise and Worship songs, where you might catch my hand extended toward the heavens in pure, abandoned worship.  This time would prepare me to enjoy the incredible creation of a beautiful beach.

yahoo image

As the wind of the beach greeted me, I would enjoy a leisurely morning and early afternoon with my "trim and fit" body snugged into a one-piece bathing suit, allowing me to enjoy the morning ocean waves. Then I'd  rest beneath an umbrella to read, journal and think (remember anything is possible so I had to throw in the bathing suit, which if you have been around a while, you know I don't own one).

Now, beside me would be...
Okay, okay...I went too far...I will leave him out and instead bring in the hubby to join me!

yahoo image
Allowing the issues of life to blow away in the wind, I would take my relaxed self and change into clothes for a memorable trip to the Art Museum.  Strolling through hall after hall of inspiration and listening to classical music, I know I would thank God for all the gifts He has bestowed on us. I am sure I would stop many times to admire the works of some of the greatest human artists the world has ever known.  I would notice my steps becoming lighter as I almost danced my way throughout the exhibits.

yahoo image

The evening would beckon me to once again partake of a creative scene.  I would give up food to enjoy an evening showing of a good Broadway play.  By this time in the twilight, hubby and I would be drinking in the wonder of a day filled with all the joy of "playing hooky". Now wasn't that fun?  It almost feels like I ACTUALLY had a day playing hooky.

Okay, your turn...play "hooky" and bring us along!
If you miss me around blogworld...who knows, I might be playing hooky!!!
Post was hubby approved...he even laughed over Clooney

(okay I am laughing at comments on Clooney...it would have been Tom Cruise also, I don't care for either's politics or worldview...they both catch me with their smiles! Which is why in the end I have hubby)

22 Joining in with more words:

Debbie said...

I hope you have grand old time!

As for me, no George Clooney. Don't smack me, but I don't like him. Now, Tom Selleck? He would have to get husband approval.

But like you, I would still pick my Lotsa Hair over anyone, and my hooky day would include him if it could.

No beach for me either. (No fit an trim body either. Even I can't dream that big.) I'm heading to the mountains where I will retreat to a cozy cottage by a running stream. Beside that stream, I'll sit in a white wicker chair next to a girly table and eat a lunch of dainties followed by snickerdoodle coffee from a lovely teacup. It will be a pink teacup, I think...
Or maybe white with pink flowers.

After a lunch by my babbling brook, I'll walk to a nearby village to browse through antique and bookstores. I'll even have the money to buy something.

Yep. That's my day.
And unlike you, I won't come back with a sunburn. Ha!

The moral of this story is:
Never ask a chatterbox dreamer to tell you her dreams. She'll monopolize the squawk box.

Debbie said...

OK Janette, now you've got me going! That George Clooney is a cute one, that's for sure. I would hop in a sports car and ride to the beach. I would walk along the beach with my camera in tow. I would stop along the way for a lunch treat and iced tea. I'd be playing a variety of tunes from Christian to Footloose to Shania Twain to Carrie Underwood.

If I could beam myself to the other shore, I'd be in Manhattan. There's nothing so fun as watching a live Broadway show. And then I'd get to see my niece who works in a hair salon in NYC and get my hair done for free. :)

I'd hop on the Long Island Railroad while I was there and visit my hometown of Lindenhurst. I'd walk by my house where I grew up and dash over to the boatyards where I wandered for hours at a time with the smell of clam boats in the air.

Since I have to leave and get back to reality and work ...I'll have to save the rest for later. How fun Janette.

Blessings and love,

Mary said...

Only one day Janette?? :)

And yes, I played hooky many a day...

Farm Girl said...

Okay Janette, this is really great!! I am going to link back to here so I can do a playing hooky post. Okay? I had that same thought yesterday when I was cleaning my very dirty house. I like everything you would do. I like the red convertible too. Not a fan of ole George, I would have left him home. :) This is a very fun post.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

I am laughing too hard...I sure picked the wrong guy didn't I...from your comments! Different strokes for different folks! Tom Cruise would have been on my list also...but don't care for either's politics or worldview!!

Karen said...

Well, I was thinking more like a girls weekend ~ and Clooney could show up for pics (only) with all of us. I am in sooo need of a getaway! I have been playing the "real hooky" over at my place. So you know it is time for some getaway & inspiration.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Thank you for sharing your light and escape. I have been praying nonstop for 2 days... I needed that hooky too! The death of my fav clients horse was very traumatic and completely unexpected as we were preparing for a joyful day.... I've felt responsible in case some meds I gave triggered his death. Just got autopsy results that its not linked to me (or anyone) and am praising God. Bali was 18 and had a heart attack while surrounded by all his loved ones. I guess there are worse ways for an animal to die but he is missed. You and your blog always remind me of God's love, grace and mercy. An incredible gift.

Debbie said...

Now this sounds like fun...My day seriously would be very similar to yours...I would start with a drive up the coast in a convertible with the radio blaring and my voice right along with it. I'd walk out on the pier to Ruby's restaurant and enjoy a nice no doubt fattening lunch. Then I stroll down to the beach and sit and read the next book in the Kings series to my hearts content enjoying the sun and the ocean breeze, probably sipping tea and munching on chips. It would be about 75 degrees. After that, I'd shower and dress and head out to a dinner/play theater with hubby. Now I agree with you, George Clooney would be nice, as would Kevin Costner or John Travolta. However at the end of the day I still prefer my guy. Now this was fun....haha....and your right I kind of feel like I've done it. HUGS

Vickie said...

Well, in my perfect world, I have an exceptional figure and would LOVE to go to the beach with you! In fact, I'll STILL go if it's secluded! Only thing different I would do is ride horses on the beach, art museum is one my favorite places to hang out...

Then on that summer evening, I would take a ride in a convertible with the top down with my hubby along the Pacific Coast Highway with the top down, and we'd stop overlooking the ocean and the moon would be so bright! And that's all I'm gonna say about that!

Gerard Butler would have to be my heart-throb...if I couldn't have my husband! How can ya not swoon over a thick Scottish/Irish brogue!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Such a wonderful idea and I also went along with Kim on her trip to cabins. This is a great theme! I love the red convertible with 70's music-but I'd probably want 60's, then of course praise and worship. I too would head for the beach and work on getting a bit of a tan before we head there for real in April. I'd hang with lots of my friends in blogland.
Thanks for sharing, have a great evening.
Hugs, Noreen

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Hmmmm... I'm pretty sure my hooky day could be right along with yours, Janette...

And, in a perfect world, I'd be starting my day with a nice long run... It was a dream. blessings ~ tanna

Kathryn Ross said...

Hey, if Debbie doesn't mind, I'm with her and that cottage retreat by a babbling brook and little village with quaint shops and antiques in walking distance. Only think I'd add is books - all the books I've got stacked on shelves to read - when I have the time. Yes - if I'm playing hooky - I'm in a cozy corner reading a cozy mystery or English village period story.

I'm one year old in Blogworld - had to mention YOU in my post today. Do drop by . . .



My husband and I just played hooky for real ... for 3 nights and 4 days in New York City. We rarely travel just for fun. WOW. I recommend it.


Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Well, Janette, playing hooky sounds wonderful! Actually, I think taking this minute to add to check your blog post and comment IS my playing hooky for the day. BUT, if I had a bit longer to do anything...

It would NOT include the beach, sports, a convertible, or loud music. But there would surely be antiques, books, a museum (but not a modern art museum), a manicure and a new little black dress for a quiet dinner and dancing (which assumes I could get into a "little" black dress and knew how to be light on my feet) and a musical - either on Broadway or in London. Oh, and Richard Gere. Definitely Richard Gere, wearing the tuxedo from Shall We Dance - or Pierce Brosnan if Richard isn't available. (Don't worry. Renaissance Man knows that in his absence those two are my favorite pieces of eye candy.

But projects await ... so I guess it's enough of the hooky playing for today, but this was a nice break! I hope your playing hooky can last a little longer than mine.

A multi-dimensional life said...

Amen to why you have "hubby"! ;)
I'm so glad I came here today...I've actually been playing bloggy hooky for a while...work and other projects demanding my time, so I haven't had the pleasure of a great vacation or a day of hooky like yours, but today...you've inspired me to take a deep breath, eyes closed, and imagine my favorite things! You've helped me to unwind and remember that despite life's hectic pace, there is always time for some form of enjoyment...virtual or otherwise! I spent my hooky time on the beaches of Hawaii, walking barefoot in the sand; balmy tropical air kissing my skin; sunshine massaging my shoulders and ocean waves serenading me...a fresh salt mist and the scent of tropical flowers...soft music in the distance....and "hubby"! :) Thanks for the great vacation day! It was priceless!!! xoxoxo

Maryann said...

Your "hooky' day sounds wonderful

I am heading to Monterey, camera in hand and no agenda.It would be nice if there was some type of beach house at my disposal...oh wait there is... so I would then head out to the beach house...find a chair and just sit and watch the water...of course hubby would be there too
We would end the day walking the beach

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Janette, you are so funny and have an amazing imagination. I enjoy playing hooky with you, what fun!

Always fun when I stop by, you never disappoint! Hugs!

Petra said...

Hubby and i also love to play hooky but usually in our pj's. We're just that totally exciting. :-)

myletterstoemily said...

look at you and george. he has excellent

this was such fun! i feel like i've been
playing hooky, too.

my favorite hooky day is a good book in
the mountains.

myletterstoemily said...

ps. NOT a good book on the mountains.
that would be geography.

Sarah (Nikki) said...

Lol...what a total fun post. You don't own a bathing suit???? And Cloney....ouch his smile and those eyes get me too.
Me? I'd hike to the top of the highest mountain and stand in awe of His majesty and wouldn't say a word....just stand there and drink it all in and listen to His whisper until the joy of His presence would force me to run and sing and dance on the hills. Okay I know I'm boring but I would go home and be with my family. Them and God....it's what makes my world the best.

Thanks Janette for the this. I loved it.

Ginny Marie said...

Hi, Janette! What a great post about playing hooky! I approve of your George Clooney choice...I've liked him ever since he was on that show Sisters so long ago....the is the first time I've seen your new header, too! I love it!

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