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Sunday, March 25, 2012

It Came with a Storm!

Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum....I just heard the words ring repeatedly as the lighting and thunder shook our house with the footprints still echoing as the storm passed over our city.  Behind the giant's foot-printed storm, our drought-parched lakes filled and we entered a wet spring break.

We didn't complain while we stepped outside at any sign of sun...making lemonaid out of lemons....

  • Benjamin had his first ever sleep-over... We went to see "Lorax" and we had indoor S'mores!
  • Daughter and I went the next rainy night to see a chick-flick - The Vow

  • Indoor projects were finished - yes, the dreaded "clean out the garage" - I installed 2x4's and peg boards to get things in order
  • I installed a much needed ceiling fan in Benjamin's room - electrical help via phone from older son and later. teen-age son helped when my arms collapsed....and yes, there was a shocking event, but I will save that for another day, live and learn!
  • Painted the upstairs hall, part of Benjamin's room and a wall in game room - boring, but oh how much cleaner those dirty walls look with new paint...well worth the work

  •  Glimpses of sunlight gave me a  chance to put a bird bath together - the painted pots were from my husband's 40th Birthday party, now 18 years ago...time to re-purpose, and I did! I also put in my daisy seeds from Leslie at Farm Fresh Fun, around the bird bath/feeder.  I made an herb tree with the remaining pots... re-purposed!

Just as the sun began to really shows it's wonderful light, we all got hit with a vicious virus that put us all to bed for several days.

  • Teen son recovered enough to go out on a boat to an island on the lake...now an island because of the rain...with the Men of Elysium...and saw the world premier of Hunger Games at midnight
  • Benjamin competed in his first Awana Grand Prix Race...Sissy took him since Mother hadn't recovered from the "bug".  He won 3rd place out of all the Sparkies. Serious winner here!

I enjoyed the spring breeze through my sunlit windows, while recovering in the comfort of my lounge chair, knowing this too shall pass and we will be off running the regular schedules tomorrow.  Older son has state tests and baseball games, while Benjamin has a cook-out at school in celebration of Texas History month.  There truly is a season for everything.

In celebration of Texas History month...here are the Bluebonnets we found and information on our State Flower.

The five state flowers of Texas are:
  1. Lupinus subcarnosus, the original champion and still co-holder of the title, grows naturally in deep sandy loams from Leon County southwest to LaSalle County and down to the northern part of Hidalgo County in the Valley. It is often referred to as the sandy land bluebonnet. The plant's leaflets are blunt, sometimes notched with silky undersides. This species, which reaches peak bloom in late March, is not easy to maintain in clay soils.
  2. Lupinus texensis, the favorite of tourists and artists, provides the blue spring carpet of Central Texas. It is widely known as THE Texas bluebonnet. It has pointed leaflets, the flowering stalk is tipped with white (like a bunny's tail) and hits its peak bloom in late March and early April. It is the easiest of all the species to grow.
  3. Lupinus Havardii, also known as the Big Bend or Chisos Bluebonnet, is the most majestic of the Texas bluebonnet tribe with flowering spikes up to three feet. It is found on the flats of the Big Bend country in early spring, usually has seven leaflets and is difficult to cultivate outside its natural habitat.
  4. Lupinus concinnus is an inconspicuous little lupine, from 2 to 7 inches, with flowers which combine elements of white, rosy purple and lavender. Commonly known as the annual lupine, it is found sparingly in the Trans-Pecos region, blooming in early spring.
  5. Lupinus plattensis sneaks down from the north into the Texas Panhandle's sandy dunes. It is the only perennial species in the state and grows to about two feet tall. It normally blooms in mid to late spring and is also known as the dune bluebonnet, the plains bluebonnet and the Nebraska Lupine.
information via google search

Happy Spring!  May you stay well!

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A multi-dimensional life said...

Bluebonnets! That's right...I was going to say Blue bells and I knew that was wrong! Beautiful!
I'm so sorry that you all got hit with a virus! Hope all is well. The week came and went with the storm, didn't it...flew by! And that sky! Amazing! Beautiful! Power!
Blessings to you sweet friend! xo

Debbie said...

What a fun and event filled week! (Well, minus the bug.) Since we've been in a drought too, I now consider rain an adventure to be enjoyed. Remind me that I said that if I start to grouse about it. OK?)

I am crazy mad for the bird bath and have stared at the funky pots on the right to try to figure them out. Are you going to show us?

Glad to see you back, but even gladder that you had a wonderful break from the virtual to enjoy the actual.

Debbie said...

Good morning! Oh it sounds like such a good week....without the bug of course. I just hate the ones that have to go through the whole house....but then those are usually over and done with quickly. I am wanting to take my grandson soon to see that movie. His birthday is coming, so maybe then, LOVE the birdbath....and a coat of paint does such wonders huh? Mel saw that movie yesterday (hubby was going to babysit for her while she went with the girls) but I haven't heard what she thought yet. Hope you have a good week! HUGS

Farm Girl said...

Wow I hope you are feeling better now, that is a lot accomplished in a week. I hope when our spring break starts I get something accomplished.
It looks like fun, You always amaze me.

Rebecca said...

What's WITH that virus! It seems to be a National Virus. Sounds like your family life is busy and in the middle of it all - you manage AND master those do-it-yourself projects. Wonder Woman you ARE.

The Bluebonnets are so beautiful. Blue is MY color.

Debbie said...

Happy Spring to you my friend! So sorry to read that you have had this virus. Just when you have lots to do you get hit with something like this.

I'm amazed at how creative you are. I wish you lived close and could give me some ideas for my very small area for a garden in this condo. What did you think of the movies? I keep hearing so much about "The Hunger Games" and I've never heard of "The Vow". In fact, I've not been to the movies in so long I guess I'm not up on them. However, it would be nice to have a weekend and catch one or two.

Blessings and love,

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful spring break...minus the bug. Hope you all are feeling better! Don't you just love seeing all the bluebonnets? I don't think there is a prettier flower.

Angela said...

Once again, I can't believe how much you got done -- and you still had time to get sick! I can't wait to see all the transformations :)

Angela said...

Once again, I can't believe how much you got done -- and you still had time to get sick! I can't wait to see all the transformations :)

Vee said...

Oh you've been so busy...being sick and doing amazing things.

May I say that the first photo is right up there with some of the finest I've seen. Incredible!

Feel better and don't get back to doing too fast.

Ginny Marie said...

Wow! I feel all caught up, since I haven't visited you for a while. I want to make a birdbath like that! What is the little dish for? Birdseed? I'm afraid the squirrels would make a mess out of that.

Have you read Tomie dePaola's The Legend of the Bluebonnet? I think you would like it! Here's a link:


Ginny Marie said...

OH, and thank you, thank you, thank you for getting rid of word verification! I can never get the new ones right. :D

Sonja said...

Just checking in and hearing about your week. What a productive gal you are! And all in the midst of 'the bug;'... hope that is gone by now and you are feeling good again.

Do you ever get tired?? :)

Benjamin is a blessed boy to have a mom who keeps up with all his stuff and adds her own fun right into mix!

Miss you, see you soon!

Karen said...

I thought of you many times throughout Spring Break. Hate to hear the bug invaded your home. Hope everyone is doing well - I will catch up sometime soon via e-mail.

Maryann said...

All I can say is Wow! You had a really productive week...doesn't it feel great to have things accomplished.
I am enjoying the rain...it makes everything look so green and alive
Sounds like it was a good break for you...minus the bug of course
Hope its a great week for you

Sarah Jane said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome spring break!! I LOVE the bird bath... soooo cute! How was the Lorax? I know Ben had a great time! And the pic of him at Awanas is adorable. =)

The stomach bug is definitely going around, our neighbor has it and the Sextons have it as well. I'm praying for complete healing as you start this week back to school/activities.

Nancy said...

You certainly did get a lot accomplished before the bug landed.....Please tell Benjamin congratulations on his accomplishment....he's so cute.....

I hope you are feeling better by now....

Kathryn Ross said...

Lovin' those blue-bonnets! Wow - you sure do get things done out where you are! I'm exhausted just reading about all your busy!

So glad you were blessed by my Tete-a-Tete Teatime today - sure wish you lived close enough - would love to have YOU for tea!!


Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Janette, what a gorgeous photo! And I love your pots and bird bath. I had the same bug last week, kept me down for seven full days. Hope you get well very soon so you can go out and enjoy the sunshine and beautiful bluebonnets.

Petra said...

You have been incredibly busy and creative (and sick, bummer!). I might have to copy the herb stack thingy and the birdbath. My yard could use some color! What paint did you use?


Christine said...

It's always great to read what you have been up to. Your hands are always busy!
Ben had his first sleepover, wow. I remember my first one. Big moments!
You seem to cram into one week what I do in a month or two!

Did I miss the DIY about the darling pots? I can't figure out how you did that!

Glad a little rain came your way. Those lakes needed it.

no spring chicken said...

Wow! All that AND illness? I'll quit my whining. Congratulations to Benjamin! I miss AWANA...

I can't wait to see a panorama of your summer yard. It's getting so wonderfully quirky. Pretty soon we'll see snippets on You-Tube of cars streaming by your place just for a glance. Kind of like they do when a house is outstandingly bedecked for Christmas. :)

Blessings, Debbie

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Wow what a couple of days-first the storm and then the virus. Loved hearing about your activities afterward though. I hope the sun comes out for you before the vacation is over. Hope you are feeling 100%. Have a great evening my friend.

Joluise said...

You are so clever with the bird bath and herb pots, they are excellent. We need a ceiling fan replaced but we need to call an electrician as its illegal to do it our selves.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

How creative and BUSY you've all been. The birdbath and herb tower are spectacular! Sarah loved the pics of Benjamin. Congrats to him!!! Hope the seeds sprout for you. I've yet to see Texas bluebonnets in person. Maybe I need a Texas road trip soon?

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