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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just a Mug, Who Knew?

My kitchen cabinets were more than overdue for a ransacking.  I needed to bring some refreshing change to an overly-used kitchen.  The first order of business....MUGS!  With a New Year, my clutter of unmatched mugs, which had exceeded their welcome, needed to go.

You know the mugs...convention mugs, family mugs, garage sale mugs, message mugs....all in their time and place were fun...but when do you let go?  When do you look down at those faded old mugs and say, "you have had better days and I am retiring you...?"

I gathered them from their hiding place.  They have never matched so they were not awarded a prominent viewing spot on my kitchen counter.  No mug tree for them.

So long, Sally Clarkson's Conference Mugs...you all have done a very laborious job...meeting me each morning for a hot beverage while reminding me of my duties as a Mom!

I heard an inspirational whisper in my mind as I snatched away my worn-out mugs into a box for hiding.  I have one of those treasured husbands who can not see a good reason for removing items from our home...so they would need to be hidden and disposed of fast!  The voice spoke louder..."to Dillards, they put dishes on sale in January".

So, skipping in expectant excitement I headed out with my a gift card in hand...mug treasure hunting.

Entering Dillards, there they were....RED....my new favorite color...and MUGS at 70% off.  They were almost free!!!  Eight wonderful red mugs waiting for a new home....my home!

I grabbed them before anyone else could attach themselves to them and raced home.  Washed and dried, I put them on display in the cabinet, anticipating a cry of "What did you do with my favorite mugs?"

Instead of screams of protest, the door was opened... revealing a 30-year-old hidden secret. "Janette, when did you get these mugs? I have always wanted matching mugs.  We have NEVER had matching mugs! My aunt always had matching mugs and I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED MATCHING MUGS!"

Now give me a stinking break....who knew this man of mine wanted matching mugs! Who is this man in my kitchen? (Sommersby, 1993 Jodie Foster and Richard Gere...thanks, Debbie)

Well, they have become the new prized possession.  Making a debut at my teen son's birthday party to rave reviews from TEENAGE BOYS!!!  This must be a male thing!

So today my simple pleasures are  Eight Red Mugs...which also were featured on my blog on the post "I Am Bringing You a Latte" and everyone thought I had printed my blog name on the mug.  Our snow has brought continued use to these new mugs, as well as needed exercise, as I constantly search for their whereabouts.

How about that...just one simple enjoyment to bring some new life into my constantly used kitchen. Now don't you feel I need to replace my overly-used pot holders next?

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Sue said...

And men say we women are hard to figure out!! LOL Love the red mugs, Janette
Enjoy your day.

Cindy said...

I hear you on the mugs! We have quite a collection as well and because most of them belong to dear hubby, I have to sort of weed them out one at a time. I'd prefer a prettier matched set too.

Ma ~ said...

Lovely mugs!
I wonder if the Mr. feels the same way about mugs...?

Your potholders look like mine:)

Mary said...

I loved reading this Janette!! :)

I too had a shelf of those mugs from who knows where...last year my daughter bought me a few cool mugs from Anthropologie. I have been adding a few hear and there. I hang them on a big bottle drying rack. I mix them with my Fiestaware mugs. So though they do not match they go together...

And yes, replace your worn pot holders...if we have to cook and clean might as well have fun things to do it with I say!! :)

Shanda said...

I love this! A man may want matching mugs but he doesn't understand the heart and reasoning behind leaving behind the old for the new!

Debbie said...

I was kind of grumpy this morning before I read this post. It just gave me ooomph for some reason. I can so relate to it all and NOT just the random burst into movie script talking, either, Ms. Foster.

I did the same thing here a while back. What I bought were just off white ones, but the way that they looked in my cabinets instead of the mishmash of muggery just made me smile.

Just bought some red ones, too.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you were able to find matching mugs of such a joyful color :)

I also do not like mismatched drinking cups or glasses...for some reason, these have to match :)

In His Love,


Sassy Granny ... said...

I can get lost in Ross or T.J. Maxx among the household goods. Whoever thought a can opener or serving bowl could captivate a shopper?

"Simple finds". That'll preach, sister!!!


Debbie said...

I wish I had stop to count the amount of mismatched, chipped etc. mugs we FINALLY got rid of when we moved. We had them for the same reason everyone seems to be saying...hubby couldn't let go. Must be a "GUY THING"...haha...I have known for quite a while though that it is the one thing I can always bring into the kitchen that he is SURE to notice....new mugs! He does love them. Yours are great and I love the color too. ENJOY them, and your day. HUGS

Karen said...

Love them! Amazing sometimes the response we get from the "one's" who can't seem to part with a thing! I too tackled these same items last year (feel like a new woman). But, I have to admit girl - I stared quite awhile at the potholder pic before reading couldn't quite figure out what "it" was. I believe I need to do a potholder give-away over @ my place and put your name in the give-away! :)

JillAileenJones said...

LOL!! I just bought some new kitchen towels at Target-microfiber -they were on sale 8 for $6.45 I think it was. They are really nice and my towels are so ragged. The funny thing was is I had a hard time throwing some of my old ones away because I remembered who gave them to me or what house we were in when I got them-but I did it!
Love the red mugs-that is so classic-men are really funny-who would have thunk it-lol
I LOVE the red too-very pretty.
I have way too many mugs too-I do have some not so pretty yellow and green ones that match my dishes but we never use those. We always use the mix matched ones. I have a really tall one that says Faith on it. I love that one and use it almost daily.
My hubby is the same way though-he doesn't even drink coffee daily but he would protest to me throwing away mugs he has up there from things. lol
I thought about breaking them and using the pieces like tile to make a frame or something with them. We will see.
Love you friend-have a great day.

sarah said...

this is too funny. love your matching red mugs and even some of those mismatched ones...I'm a sucker for mismatched....there's just something about seeing a mug with a design or phrase that calls....happy drinking from the matched ones.

Joywriter said...

Permanent residents in our house: 2
Max # of coffee-drinkers EVER likely to be here at the same time: 8
# of mismatched mugs in cabinet, NOT counting Christmas mugs: 21

It is time.
Loved the post!

Theresa said...

Oh our husbands are so alike! Love your red mugs. Enjoy a tea for me :)

Sonja said...

You have made my day!!! Maybe all of us are a whole lot more the same than we are different. :)

As to your hubby... just cracked me up! I have been amazed at some of the same reactions through the years... who knew?

Potholders HAVE to go!! And at the same time, I am in full encouragement mode for you to get new ones, I still am in denial about the 2 pathetic ones in my own drawer right now. So... my next trip to wherever is going to include 2 new oven mitt's for my kitchen too!! See what blessings are already coming from this post!


A multi-dimensional life said...

LOL..."who is this man in my kitchen"! love it. Amazing how we continue to learn about them all these years later! :)

lioneagle said...

Hi Janette -

Thank you. This was a delight to read.

The mug display is striking indeed.
How delightful to discover that your husband yearned for matching mugs.

Carol said...

I LOVE your mugs. They are beautiful, comforting and I'd want to use them all day long. They are the style of my favorite coffee mug (I only have one). Great find! I'm off to google Dillards online as we have no such store around these parts....

Ms.Daisy said...

Who would have thought it? You never know the power of RED! I really like them, too! Great Simple Pleasure.


Lea said...

This is so funny! I think we all have that problem with mugs. They just appear from every where and I cannot stand matching sets. Good for you to find such a deal and the mugs are so pretty and eye catching.

Bountiful blessings to you!

Sharon Kirby said...

Such a cute post - I love your red mugs!

I have had to give away a bunch of my mugs, too. They were threatening to take over the kitchen cabinets. Rumor has it that they had almost talked the cookware into siding with them...oh dear.

I did have to keep one mug in particular that I've had forever. On the side it says, "My halfway decent mug" - (with a picture of a woman only clothed from the waist down...)


p.s. Had to laugh at the pot holders - I thought they were really beat-up slippers!! HA...

Pamela said...

Love this story! And what could be more energizing than red mugs? If it's red, I like it!

debs said...

HI Janette, thanks for popping over. Love your flashy hot red mugs...I bet a cup of Joe or hot chocolate tastes even better. XO

Susan said...

Ohhhh, the mugs are lovely! What a welcome change. Bye bye old mugs. Hello red beauties! Thanks, Janette, for your visit and comment to my blog. Loved having you. Susan

Anonymous said...

I love the red mugs! I have some matched ones that are never used because my husband collects coffee mugs. We have mugs that originated from Arizona to Maine and points in between. :)


Canadagirl said...

I LOVE THEM! One of my two favorite colours (British spelling *grin*) is RED. I think you will like my simple pleasure next week. I almost did it today but I want to take some pics in a not so hurried way. [0=

Enjoy your beautiful RED mugs!

Blessings in Him<><

Mave said...

That was lovely. Yes! Get the same simple pleasure with pot holders!

Jo said...

I wanted to throw out some of my mugs and my sons said no, that loved them all!! And depending and what they were drinking ( tea, coffee, hot coco) depended on what mug they used.

I have a special set of matching mugs of visitors. They are safe and not used everyday.

As for pot holder, I thought I would try and make some. For fun.

Karen said...

Love the new mugs, with the move I have found lots of things that I have unknowingly collected over the years.. So this move was also a great oppurtunity to purge a few un wanted and unneeded things..

Enjoy your morning coffee with you pretty new red mugs..xoxo

Trisha said...

Those are beautiful mugs, Janette! It is nice, especially as a Mama, to have a set of matching things. :)

Stacy@hiswaynotmine said...

Love the red mugs!! And loved this post. :) Ah yes, the simple things in life.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Now, you know I'm loving the red mugs. One look at my blog and you can see.

I'm joining you with the worn out pot holders. Yikes! At least you have two. ;)

Your post made me smile. Love your page. Looking forward to visiting. Have a gorgeous weekend.

myletterstoemily said...

you really struck a chord here! i don't have
a single matching mug! yours are sooooooo
beautiful and my second favorite color.

i'm so glad you received such a positive
response. i'm afraid mine would be, "where
is my favorite dartmouth mug? . . . homeland
mug? . . . or QUIK TRIP! :)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Janette! Your mugs are so pretty... and red is good color for mugs that have a habit of wandering away from the kitchen, yes?

Ours are clear glass... smooth (for me) and pressed for DH... he likes to feel the texture in his hands. So we don't exactly match. Can't figure out how to make that one happen. (I've tried!)

Hugs, e-Mom

Anonymous said...

Your mugs look great, and yes, definitely get new potholders! I need to do the same thing with bathroom hand towels-- mine are pathetic.



Anonymous said...


Since I will be commentor #36, I doubt if you will even read this, but I am posting anyway.

Your mug story was truly enjoyable! Before we moved into the house we are living in now, we had ALOT of those coffee thermases (sp), ugh! We had to send them away ASAP, as they were just multiplying and taking-up space. We currently have a few mismatched mugs, but we "hide" them in the cabinet. :)

Your new red mugs are sure pretty! I think the males like them because they are red. Red seems to be the colors males "go for," at least from what I have observed.

Anyway, take care, and have a blessed day.

-Lady Rose

Anonymous said...

Cute post Janette. Who knew??? Love the mugs ~ enjoy them.

Michele Katherine said...

Hi Janette,
I hope you have had a great week!
That is a very nice Valentine picture of you and your

Cute story! I think the red mugs are so pretty. We have far too many mugs, because my husband is a teacher, and the kids often give him mugs for gifts, and since he's been teaching for over 15 years, that's a lot of mugs :o)

God bless you & your family,

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

I get ya but my hubby woudn't! ;-) He's the oblivious male for sure. We hang matching coffee cups and hide the big personal/random mugs below. I search for my inspirational ones or chicken/sunny day one depending on my mood. This year my dear friend used her cricut n made us all caute red n white polka dot mugs w/our names. Those sit permanently on the counter and are used nonstop.
LOVE your red mugs and hugs n kisses table setting!!! Now go enjoy some fun new hotpads! Then towels...?... ;-0

Dayle said...

Janette, I love the mugs! Red is one of my favorite colors in the kitchen, too.

Rebecca said...

I'm still kind of likin' my unmatched mugs (but I think I WILL check out my husband and see if he has an opinion)...

Your red ones are quite stunning. I'm happy for YOUR happiness, Janette!

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