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Friday, January 14, 2011


January is still cold here in North Texas.  Snowy white roof tops line our streets and Lattes are in order.  I am not a coffee drinker, but don't get in my way when I am ready for a Chia Tea Latte.  For Christmas my husband stuffed my stocking with a gift card to Starbucks for Chia Tea.... He is my Latte Boy!

Second to Chia Tea would be a musical....I love them, and see so few.  So years ago when my daughter came in with this song, which combines both of my delights, well,  her and I  started singing it at the top of our lungs and I have asked for it to be my ringer on my phone.

So today is another light blog post....I have my share of deep meaning, introspective post, I wanted something warm and funny. I hope you have time to enjoy and laugh with "Taylor, the Latte Boy."  Go grab a cup of Java or Chia Tea.

Stay warm, safe and have fun this weekend.  I will be back with a post on my new adventures and words for this 50th year of my life...right now I am singing out loud while drinking my Chia Tea Latte and preparing mentally for a household of teenage boys for the weekend.

25 Joining in with more words:

Lorie said...

Adorable! Thanks for the laugh to start my day. I needed it.

Have a great day.

JillAileenJones said...

LOL!! What a fun way to start my day-boy it is cold here again today too. My poor heater has run all week long-we don't have any snow though-just cold. :[
That picture was so cute too-is that a real cup that says Janette's Sage on it? Really cute.
Stay warm and have a great weekend. Don't know that we are doing much but staying and getting warm.
Thanks for your response in e-mail sweet friend-when you are rich and famous from your blog-I can say 'that's my friend" (smile)
Homeschooling is going ok-this year has had it moments, mostly good though. I did talk with my Pediatrician the other day about having some other test run on Alyssa. We had her tested IQ and other things that the school does twice now-the only thing they can put their finger on is memory issues. I really feel like me are missing something especially since I have her home now-maybe a processing disorder of some kind-we will see-I don't know-just a little something else to pray about. She will go to Scottish Rite sometime in the near future and have some testing done. I am just praying if there is something we find out what it is and that there are things we can do to help her learn better.
Thanks for asking. I need your address and phone number for when I come up to be able to reach you. Alyssa may come with me and we are looking into actually coming up Friday to stay at a hotel since it starts at 9am I think on Saturday. I will keep you posted on that.

Rachel said...

Love it!

Of course, you had me at the words -- I am bringing you a latte -- what time shall I expect you to arrive, my friend!

Love the cup. I think I might have to order one like that for myself.

Blessings on your day!


Stacy said...

Love it!! And love Starbucks, coffee and latte's!! And just thinking about all those teenage boys you are getting ready to host, oh my!! Hope you've stocked the pantry. :) Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

Amy said...

Love this song! Thank you for the laughs this morning. You must have known we needed to smile and laugh...or God did it through you. Blessings friend! Amy

Karen said...

Well, girl aren't you special! A cup with your name one it! LOVE IT.

Sue said...

This is just to much fun, enjoyed this so much, enjoy your weekend.

A multi-dimensional life said...

Hehehe! That's a latta Latte Love! :)

Have a great week-end ~ Enjoy!

Sonja said...

HA! I love the song, don't know how I missed that one...

Enjoy your 'boys' this weekend. Yes, finally most of the snow is gone, but it's still plenty cold for Texas, isn't it?

Have a great weekend!

Theresa said...

I am not a big coffee drinker either, but I love Lattes! My hubby doesn't like the smell of coffee (can you imagine) so I only have it once in a while. Enjoy your tea and weekend with all those teenage boys!

Farm Girl said...

Have a very fun, fun weekend. I love that you got what you wanted for Christmas. :)

Rebecca said...

I'll be thinking about you and your weekend adventure. Have a latta fun, Janette!

Debbie said...

Oh I LOVED this...haha...A housefull of teenaged boys huh?? Been there...done that....Have LOTS of food and enjoy. HUGS Debbie

Jo said...

As I read this I am lying in bed drinking Jasmine tea, eating toast and reading blogs. I would very much love for someone to bring me a Chai Latte!! Not going to happen, but a girl can dream:)

Have a lovely day.

Debbie said...

She's so cute!! My daughter had shown that to me recently on youtube. She's an enormous Chenoweth fan. She won't admit it, but I'm positive she lip sincs when she's alone and pretends to be her. LOL

Sandy said...

Thanks for the good laughs!
I love Chia tea latte too.
Sounds like great fun having
a house full of teenage boys!
Hope you enjoy your weekend as
much as those boys will.

Suzy said...

Not a coffee drinker so I will have to settle for tea or hot chocolate!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Oh my goodness, isn't she adorable. I have a friend that looks so much like her, a little tiny thing, and she talks like her too. So cute. I'm going to be humming that song all night, and I don't even drink lattes :-)
Have a wonderful weekend!

e-Mom said...

Chai tea or green tea are my alltime favorite Starbucks drinks! Thanks, Janette!!!

As I was scrolling down your sidebar, I noticed that adorable pair of dancers... they kept me mesmerized for a few seconds. Where did you find that fun button?

Enjoy your household full of teenage boys this weekend... REALLY!

partialemptynester said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new look! WOW, 50, I can't wait...you make it look so fun, teehee! Well, I'm baack, after a long month of fun and festivity...ready to settle in and catch up in the blogging world and yours was one I couldn't wait to get back to :))
Praying for the house God has in store for you, it will be everything you dreamed of and more, sweet friend...by the way, the house next door to me is for sale ;)

So, I Begin this Journey...... said...

Move over Janette....I'm flying to Texas for a Chia Latte!
And if you don't mind.....I'll bring the Biscotti!?


Debbie said...

You are so funny Janette! It's good to be light hearted too you know. I'm sipping a cup of java and listening to this song with you friend.

Love ya,

myletterstoemily said...

i wish i had a latte boy . . . sniff

it also makes me very sad that i missed
your birthday!!!!! dang.

be comforted by this: you are two years
younger than me.

SO, i get to boss you around! :)


ps. fyi: i follow you as 'shelby rice'. not
sure why they see me as my daughter,
and even she can't figure that out.

Let'sMakeADifference said...

Can't wait to hear how your life is going as a 50 year old!! Hope you had a great weekend. I made a total fool of myself listening to my son drum at church. I couldn't stop grinning. How will I handle it at my children's weddings???

Heather said...

Oh, I love Chai Tea!

Just stumbled on your site today. I grew up watching I Love Lucy nearly every evening. I still love a good dose of Lucy & Ricky, and big bowl of Ice Cream. ;-)

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