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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just Some Small Additions

Okay, okay I heard loudly...GET NEW POT HOLDERS.  They were so unrecognizable that labeling my picture of  them was helpful.  I have to confess I am so bad at this.  I am not a shopper. Unless it is decorative and a necessity for the kitchen, it doesn't land in that category for me.  Thirty years of cooking for a large household has taken its toll on my kitchen resources.  During Christmas, my kitchen yelled, "UNCLE". It began to protest my negligent...handles fell of my 30 year-old pots, appliances died...right in the middle of Christmas cooking... the nerve of them!  Why is it that all of these things can't survive for a lifetime?  Now, true confession...those pot holders have to be at least 10 years-old...that is just horrible.

So I pushed  my non-shopping body out the door to make myself a kitchen to die for.  Would you like to see what I got?  Now remember, all of these items are NEEDS and not just WANTS...because they are more than justified in my household where they will be put to continuous use.

In honor of the world champion blogger....I have to replace my still-working-but-I-am-not-taking-the-risk Kitchen Aid Mixer.  Look what I got!
Now isn't that just to die for?   A Pioneer Woman Kitchen Aid...I am hoping just having it brings success to anything I cook. It will be the centerpiece in my dream kitchen... with soap-stone counter top and a farmer's sink. If I can't be a farmer's wife, at least I can have a farmer's sink.

Since blogging has enhanced my love for "tablescaping" (I didn't realize there was a name for what I did), I now have dozens of dishes to wash. Instead of just eating on one or two plates, we now have coordinated plates for everything. So I NEED TWO dishwashers.  Think how much I wash when the 10 of us get together for a meal!
I just love the option of two drawers. So when I finally have an empty-nest, I can use only one drawer. But for now, both washers will be filled to compacity with my multiple layers of dishes.

Now, how can I continue all the gourmet cooking I am learning from all these wonderful blogs and the Food Network with my small stove and single oven....heaven forbid. So this non-shopper woman, with 10 year-old pot holders, just ordered one of these.
The subway tile with the wooden floors just finished up my dream kitchen and now it is ready for a good work-out.  Are you ready to come to dinner?

Just in case you heard about a local Menopausal woman robbing the local bank....well, lets just say, she NEEDED all of this and you know you shouldn't cross her when that time comes.

Oh well... a girl can dream can't she? I think I blogged on dreaming at the beginning of the year.

(Back to reality)... Instead, I bit my lip very hard... swallowed all my justification and went into Ross.  Here are my new purchases...I bought three sets!  MY SIMPLE PLEASURE THIS WEEK!  Now I am going to slowly replace some of those older pieces of kitchen necessities...a one-handled colander!!

Carol at Our Sears Kit House  DOES have my dream kitchen. Now... to get my home-builder son to copy it for me one day. Stop by and see it...it is to die for.  If anyone of you has this wonderful kitchen of my dreams....please by all means ENJOY IT!!!  In the mean time, I am so thankful God has given me a working kitchen in our rent home with a gas stove and the best layout I have ever had.  Everything is in working order.  He smiled on me!

Now who knew that mugs were such a sensitive matter?  The comments on my mugs were hysterical and enlightening. No, I didn't throw all of our sentimental mugs away, for all of you who were horrified at that thought... but now there is room for new ones!  The Christmas mis-matched ones have their own shelf.

Project Simple Pleasures2

120 Joining in with more words:

Mary said...

oh Jeanette...that mixer...oh it's a mixer I imagine will be in heaven!!!
i am drooling I tell you!!

i must confess I have a kitchen aid mixer, white, that sits in a cabinet never to have been used...oh but i would use that one!!! lol

love the new pot holders...hmmm...i need new ones too!

You have started something...


Sandy said...

I have had some nice kitchens in
previous houses. This one leaves
a little something to be desired.
If we move, as we are hoping to
in the next year or two, I won't
be picky about anything except
a larger kitchen and living room.
The mixer is the prettiest one
I've ever seen. Is it real??!
Your pot holders are lovely. I
shop at Ross and TJ Maxx a lot as
they are side by side in my mall
and both have great deals all the
time. And, yes, Carol's kitchen
is total perfection.

Debbie said...

At first, this blond thought that you really WERE on a spending spree. Then, I realized you were happily shopping away in dream land. We are two peas in a pod, I think. Hope that doesn't frighten you.

I try hard not to covet Carol's dream kitchen, too.

I love your happy pot holders!!

(And doesn't the mixer sort of/ kind of/ maybe look like the Partridge Family bus?)

sarah said...

your blog is the best. I love all these pictures and the dancers on the sidebar. But the best is the mixer. Love that and I don't even know how to cook but the colors are simply great.

Anonymous said...

Okay Jeanette, you had me until the double ovens...and yes, that mixer is so beautiful. But at what it costs, I am definitely working with my 20 year old white Kitchenaide and darn lucky to have it. I must confess my mismatched mugs make it to Goodwill without a tear to be had. It's my husband who mourns his favorites. lol I just had a look at my potholders...can you hold the door at Ross for me?

Sonja said...

well this ones takes the cake!! The mixer... unbelievable!! Is that not the cutest thing?

I do love your dream kitchen... and one by one... who knows? It's always good to have both dreams and plans. I still hold out hope that I am the winner of the HGTV Dream Home!! :)

BECKY said...

Oh you are just too funny!! That mixer is definitely a hoot!!! Now the pot holder thing...I have old, raggedy pot holders and I adore them!! They are made better than the new ones, and even though I have purchased newer ones...I ALWAYS use the older ones!!! HA!!! Let me know if you do too!!

Thanks for the smiles, sweetie!!
Love n hugs,

Sue said...

Janette, you are way to much fun, I was about to go out and rob the bank with you. Whew! what a relief! The pot holders fit more in my budget! Yours are so pretty,isn't it amazing how something so simple can brighten our days. lol And Girl if you could see mine, I actually use them until the washer rips them apart!
Thanks for such a delightful post.
Hugs, Sue

Cindy said...

Love the potholders. I think people married as long as some of us need to be given a shower again to replace all our old kitchen stuff!

Debbie said...

Oh Janette I enjoyed this soo much, haha....I have my eye set on that double oven with you...NOT that I cook for large crowds anymore, but when I do, how WONDERFUL that would be...we have a line of food "waiting" for the oven, haha...And that mixer? LOVED it...The new pot holders are perfect though and could I ever use them too. WHAT happens to those anyway? haha You should see mine....When my sisters were helping me pack to move, one of them was just incredulous that I would even have them in my drawers let alone be bringing them along. Any minute now I'll replace them...you may have inspired me! Have a wonderful day. HUGS

Sassy Granny ... said...

There's something so "Norman-Rockwellish" about farming kitchens. They make me think of Timmie & Lassie, and Auntie Em ... I imagine all manner of luscious fare cooked there; and many an eye-bulging tale told too.

I pray you get each & every amenity you desire. Afterall, farming ladies are rare these days so we must preserve their impact.

Do you chochet?! :)


Anonymous said...

Janette - I'm always cheerful after reading your posts. And I relate - I am NOT a shopper. Too much waste of time. :)

Love the new potholders.


Theresa said...

Oh my, I was gasping when I saw those pictures! My mother-in-law bought me a Kitchen Aid (white one) a few years ago for Christmas. I love it! I have a very similiar dream kitchen as you. Can you send your son my way when he is done with yours? LOL.

Evelyn S. said...

Is that mixer for real??? Seriously? Amazing!!! Oh how I wish I had any kind of counter space for something like that...not that I'd ever use it. My kitchen isn't that old, but it's a terrible kitchen in terms of space. I'm reminded that I need new kitchen towels.....I rarely need potholders. When I retired several years ago from teaching, I semi-retired from the kitchen. :-)

Farm Girl said...

My potholders were just as bad and my kids bought me all new ones for Christmas and I was happy about it. Yes, don't you think after 30 years we need a new wedding shower? My pots and pans are doing the same thing, and lets not talk about dish towels, some of them are when we bought our first house before kids. I wonder if that counts for hording.
I love new things though, very happy. I am going to check out that kitchen, to see what your idea of a dream kitchen looks like. :)
Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Karen said...

I was beginning to think - this is not the Janette I thought I had figured out! The potholders are cheerful & bright - amazing what potholders & new cups can do for a girl! Enjoyed taking my break - and reading your fun-filled post.

myletterstoemily said...

i would use that gorgeous mixer as my
centerpiece on the dining room table!!

YOU are soooooo funny, and i have a
confession (which goes back to my bad
habit of speed reading.) i thought your
old pot holders were . . . very old house
slippers! now i'm laughing out loud.


the new ones are too gorgeous to use. you
will probably still use the slippers. :)

Kathleen said...

I saw that mixer on PW too. It's to die for and I don't even like cooking! Your pot holders are cute and so cheerful looking.

Anonymous said...

Giggling here... my kitchen equipment has needed a major upgrade for a few years. Now that I'm learning to cook for two, I've been slowly adding things that enhance our "romantic" lifestyle. My DH is loving it... he feels so special!

As for pot holders and oven mitts... I usually just grab my linen kitchen towel to lift hot things-- it's usually conveniently draped somewhere. (Too fussy to lean down to the oven drawer where they're kept!) And when I have my apron on, I use that too. I should really follow your lead and be more "proper."

Well done, Janette!

hip-chick said...

ooh I love the flowery ones. I need new pot holders as well. It's hard for me to find ones I like. Most of them are so goofy looking.

Lorie said...

You had me going for a minute. I would love any of those things. Even the pot holders. lol

Take care and enjoy your new kitchen ;)

Carol said...

Your potholders surely put mine to shame!
Love your first picture, and the mixer - yes - is it really real?
Thanks for the compliment!

Lisa said...

Girl, I know exactly what you mean! It's like EVERYTHING falls apart after 20 years of marriage. I told my friend I need a shower to replace it all. There's a trend...the married forever and a day shower. Think it would go over? LOL!
PS I had not seen the Pioneer Woman mixer! Gorgeous!!!!!

Vee said...

Treating oneself to new potholders is a great thing to do for safety's sake alone. Well done! Oh and that Kitchenaid mixer...outstanding. :D I have just inherited a Kitchenaid. Not sure when I can pick it up, but I know that it'll probably work a little better than my old one even if the old one and I have become kind of attached. Fun post!

Sandy said...

Janette, this was such a fun post to read. Thank you for making it so much fun, and thank you for your very sweet comments to me!

Trish said...

That was great fun Janette!
I enjoyed dreaming with you - but you'd have to hold the bank up by yourself ;-)
Love your new pot-holders - wear them out in good health!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

This was too much fun! And, that mixer, so sassy, I want one!!

I love your font, I've got to figure out to get some different fonts to use on Blogger.

You always bring a smile!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

i want that mixer! that is the cutest thing ever!

Anonymous said...


Your blog is very popular, for everytime I come here, You have like 26 plus comments. It seems like I am ALWAYS "late for the partty," ugh! :(

At any rate, I love the new "duds" that you got for your kitchen. That mixer is to die for, oh man, it's SO adorable! It makes me want one of those, although I don't need one, really, ha! :)

Two dishwashers? That's just insane woman! :) I think you are the first person I "know" that owns two dishwashers.

The pot holders are gerat too! Ross always comes in handy for those types of things.

Well, enjoy your new "goodies," and get to cookin' girl! :)

-Lady Rose

Aliene said...

What a dream! I need to replace some rags ~ I mean pot holders and
dish towels. Some of mine are threadbare. I finally threw some

JillAileenJones said...

I loved the mixer!!!! I want one now too-thank you very much. lol :) I almost believed you but I thought I don't think so and like one other blogger posted when you put up the ovens I thought no way!! lol
Love the pot holders though.
PS-I have something for you for your kitchen but I need your address to mail it to you.
Love dreaming about redoing by poor little kitchen one day. Dislike my cabinets and cupboards lot and would love to change them-but I have them and a kitchen so I am thankful.:)
I bought a cute cup at Craker Barrel the other night-I says "If you have chocolate all over your hands-you are not eating it fast enough!" Cracked me up and I thought of you because you had just gotten all your pretty new red cups and I was adding yet another one to my non-matching set. hehe

Jen said...

The mixer! Divine. And mine is just plain blue!

Ms.Daisy said...

I got a RED potholder at Christmas and I just love it! I had a fun time dreaming with you over your dream kitchen - I loved the range!


Sharon Kirby said...

Oh, thank goodness! The slippers, I mean pot holders, finally went to the Big Kitchen in the Sky. Did they put up a fight, or did they go peacefully?

Like the new ones - they're cute.

But, the mixer is adorable - I am NOT known for my culinary skills - but I think I'd buy that mixer just for an accessory in my kitchen.

No worries about the Dream Kitchen - I'm sure even Martha Stewart started with a few well-chosen pot holders (I'll just bet Carol did, too!)


Barb said...

Hi Jeanette,
I can only echo what everyone else has said---The mixer is amazing - Your "dream' kitchen sounds perfect -- the new pot holders are really pretty.Thanks for making me smile.
God Bless
Barb from Australia

Jo said...

I just love that Kitchn Aid, never seen such a beautiful pattern. Mine (christmas gift) is fire engine red and I use it all the time to make bread. I leave it on the shelf as it is too heavy to lift in and out of the cupboard.

I am planning to make some potter holders, can't be that hard. But once I finish making them I may not wish to use them as they might get dirty!!!

Ps nothing wrong with dreaming

Karen said...

I'm dreaming right along with you Janette. I stopped over and took a look at Carol's kitchen. Drool. Yes. That would be my dream kitchen too.

What is it about pot holders? It's one of those things that is just so durable. Even when they start to look ratty, they still work. I think I still have the pot holders my mom passed on to me when I moved out of the house as a single woman 20 years ago. Yeah, it might be time for some new ones.

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

oh my, how I love that mixer! I enjoyed your dreaming post. Made me want to make my own dream kitchen list. Love your vintage pictures too. THey sure madde me smile.

Lee Ann

myletterstoemily said...

hi jeanette!

her concert was the best yet, and she
had a blast!

thanks for asking!

Young at Heart said...

that kitchen aid mixer is to die for!!

Karen said...

OMG to look at my pot holders you would think it would cost 100 each to replace them..they are so stained and threadbear, and just down right nasty.. Im ashamed to say.. I must follow your lead and go get new ones.. thanks for the inspirations..
Love the post..
Have a great weekend my friend.

Crown of Beauty said...

I thought it was all for real, and I was rejoicing with you... over the mixer, the lovely sink, the double dish washer...but when it came to the ovens, I didn't think it was Janette speaking anymore. Your sense of humor does bring home the point and keeps me smiling as I read!

Love the pot holders though. I love pot holders and matching kitchen towels, for one thing, they're affordable.

Preparing meals with love... it will make any kitchen beautiful!


LDH said...

Oh boy.... when I began reading your post about potholders, I thought your were talking about ME! Those hard-working, hand protecting squares of stained and threadbare fabric are not pretty. Actually, they don't even protect very well anymore. I have looked, on occasion for replacements but just haven't found any I like. I don't care for mitts... I have scared hands to prove it.

Now I feel convicted. Perhaps I should look for some new ones too :)

Dayle said...

You did good, Janette. I love the new potholders.

Anonymous said...

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