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Saturday, February 26, 2011

When Two Worlds Collide

You turned my wailing into dancing: you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy.  Ps. 30:11
Friday night, two mothers' adult sons left to enjoy the evening.  One was to return to his parents home, the other to an apartment with his brother.  Both were only a year and half apart in age, but adults in their own right.  Just a typical Friday evening for two college sons.

As the evening came to an end, their worlds and two mothers' worlds collided. Within two miles of both mothers' homes, on the interstate highway, life would take a turn.  My son watched the speeding car approach the back of his car and pass him as if he was standing still. Within seconds, both of their worlds would change.  My son knew that something was about to happen. The speeding car tried unsuccessfully to go between two other cars and a terrible wreck ensued, killing the young driver. Car pieces, smoke and sparks were flying as my son moved his vehicle through the debris with his mind racing on what he had just witnessed.  This was not a movie or a video game, it was real life.

The young man in the car was pronounced dead at the scene...my son returned to his apartment, safe, but very disturbed.  As the story continued to develop, our worlds crossed even more.  The young man was age 20, my son, 22.  He lived within two miles of our home, and was the neighbor of our close friends.  He was within one exit of his home when the wreck occurred.

As the harsh reality sank into my chilled spine, I lifted my thanksgiving to God for the safety of my son, while my heart raced to the mother who lived so near and the unbearable grief she was going through.  I was offering up Praise, she was planning a funeral.

I continued to pray for this mother as I prayed for my son to work through what he had seen.  Then on Wednesday, I entered the school  where I mentor, the teachers were all wearing black.  The girl I was to meet with is in 5th grade, she turned and commented, “Oh, all the teachers are in black today because of the teacher’s son who died.”  I stopped in my tracks.  The other mother is a teacher at the school where I volunteer.  The teachers were leaving the school to attend the funeral.

Before I entered the school, I had texted my adult kids to inform them of the time of the funeral and to be in prayer. But when I returned home, I read the specifics from the paper.  The family had requested, in lieu of flowers, for donations to go to the organization for which I volunteer.  They were giving back to other children with the loss of their own.

Two mothers, two sons...our worlds collide!  My heart still aches and my prayers go out to the family and a woman I have never met, but through God’s providence, I now have seen her world. My son was one of the few people who saw the last minutes of her son’s life.

I hug my children again, and release them again, into the Father’s hands, while weeping for another mother, who may never know our worlds collided.

“Rejoice with those who rejoice, mourn with those who mourn.” Romans 12:15

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Amy said...

Oh my. Life is so fragile and can change in an instant. Tears are flowing. So thankful that your son in safe and so sad for the other mother.

Farm Girl said...

Dear Janette, just as there are no accidents in this world, God has placed you just where He has for a reason. I am praising God that your son is safe. What a horrendous tale.

My prayer will be with you and all of the families.
God bless you

Karen said...

OMG..Janette this post tugged at my heart.. And oh how we all secretly pray to never be that other mother,, and I will pray for her heart and grief..
I plead the blood of Jesus over my children repeatedly through out the day, and pray that the angels assigned to watch over them may not let thier toes stumble against a rock.. (cant rememeber where the scripture is on that) but I stand on Gods promise..
Thank you for sharing this story,,and my heart goes out the both mothers and families..

BARBIE said...

Oh Janette, I am in tears! I am so thankful your son was spared. I will keep the mother and family of this other young man in my prayers.

Canadagirl said...

Wow what a powerful post. Yes we need to hug our children and pray continually for them and trust them in the hands of the Lord. What a hard thing to do. ((sigh)) But it is the only way.

Blessings and ((HUGS))

Janet - AKA: Latte Lady said...

I believe that this will develop into a missionary journey for you. How can the two of you be intertwined in such a weird way unless it were God? If I recall, this is what you've been praying for! :)

God has blessed you in many, many ways!




Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, my goodness, we just never know from day to day. Our lives can change so very quickly. I cannot believe all the "connections" you had with this Mom. So thankful for your son's safety and I'm sure this will be something he will not soon forget.

Blessings to you my friend!

Carol said...

How heartbreaking. My heart goes out to the mother who lost her son.

Debbie said...

Oh Janette I am in tears over here. Soo thankful that your son is safe, and soo sad for this other mother. Can't think of anything much harder than to have to bury your own child.

I think I told you of a very similiar story of a girl who went to school with Mel (1 year younger) and yet she only lived a couple of blocks from us. Much weirder for us as going to a Christian school the kids came from ALL over (rather than your neighborhood) and we were further away than most, so it was odd that this family was soo close to us and yet we didn't know them. I continued to hear about her life. First she graduated from high school the year after Mel, then college the year after her, then she married almost exactly one year later.... She was friends with some of Mel's other younger friends is how I continued hearing about her life. I remember thinking our lives are so similiar in some ways in the things the girls had done, yet we don't really know each other. But that is where it stopped. She was killed instantly by a drunk driver 2 short months after she got married...I cried for days for a girl and mom I had never met...and yet felt I knew. I still pray for that family as I heard the mom has had a VERY VERY difficult time dealing with her death. How our world would change if we were left standing in similiar shoes.

I'll join you in prayer for this family and praise him your son is safe. This will no doubt have a lasting impact on hia life too.

Have a good week-end Janette.


Ma ~ said...

What a story. Praise the Lord that your son is safe.

Sonja said...

Oh what a reminder of how quickly life can change. I am so thankful that your son is okay, and I pray for the other mother and their family. I even hope you get to meet her one day and give her a hug. This is so sobering. Extra hugs for your son too Janette, he has to be hurting.


sarah said...

this is a parent's nightmare...that is so awful...I can imagine what you must have been feeling with each discovery of how close to home this really hit for you.

Jessica Heights said...

That is so terribly sad!!

Thoughts for the day said...

incredibly sad...
so often one choice taken to save five minutes ends up the wrong choice. The older I get my fears arise when we are driving. Could not bear to think of a 'head on' or a serious near miss.
God's angels... God's timing... God's calling one home?? your son was safe because he was supposed to be... a lesson learned deep in his heart it was not his time.
what a horrible event to witness. I am sorry he had to...be a part of it.

Sharon Kirby said...

Oh Janette - There aren't words to describe this terrible tragedy. Praising God that your son is safe - but also sharing in the grief that you feel for this other family.

This was a terrible accident - but I'm thinking that your close proximity to this bereft mother is no accident. God has you just where He wants you.

I will be praying that He brings an opportunity for you to reach out to this other mom and comfort her. To give her a listening ear, and a shoulder to cry on.

So, so sad -

God be with you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Young men and cars do not mix well. Your story is so tragic... words fail me. So happy your son is safe, Janette.

Parenting is a tough assignnment. No doubt your strength of faith will touch someone through these connections.

Gwen Toliver said...

Oh, Janette, praying that God gives you great wisdom and an open door as you have the opportunity to minister to these hurting families!!

His Song to Sing said...

I'm having a hard time knowing what to comment here. As one who has experienced the life-changing news of a loved one killed in a car accident (my mom when I was 16 years old), my heart breaks for this mother whose life will never be the same. Likely, your son is forever changed also but hopefully he will ultimately find a meaningful way to appreciate the beauty of his precious spared life. Praying with you over this family.

partialemptynester said...

Sooo sad...I pray that God will draw each person involved closer to Him to experience Him in a deeper way through all of this!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

My heart is sewn to yours bloggy bud! We mothers are all closer than we know. I hope one day you'll come visit too. This is such a sad story. I will pray. Blessings to you and your family.

lioneagle said...

Hi Janette -

Thank you for sharing this touching story. It goes deep, Janette.

It is so precious to read of your care and compassion for the teacher and her family.

I love the scripture that you ended with...

Thank GOD for the safety of your son, and I, with you, pray for the teacher and her family.

myletterstoemily said...

i found it. how heart breaking and what an
amazing 'coincidence' that your world brushed
so closely with theirs.

thank the Lord for your son's safety.

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