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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Texas Snow, Simple Pleasure

I am joining Dayle for Simple Pleasures today.  This week the Lord blew another snow kiss on our North Texas neighborhood.  For us Texans this is a rare site and we cherish the snow visits.  Since we are not good at driving in this winter wonderland we usually just cuddle close and play.  Benjamin was delighted to play outside, while I warmed the fire, cooked and put clothes in and out of the dryer for each new adventure outdoors.  Those little red cheeks didn't stop him, while his bigger brother towered over him in snow fights. We did, however, get a taste of what many states experience with temperatures in single digits and chill factor below zero.  They are now telling us more is to come!

Hot Chocolate by the fire!
Time for me to curl up and read while enjoying the bright sunshine streaming across my snow coated yard. 
Now this snow came just two days after we had enjoyed a weekend of high 70 degrees, which had already moved me into Spring Fever....oh, well, I will have to wait a little longer before playing in the dirt of my garden or relaxing in my summer chairs.
So  my Simple Pleasure for this week, a winter wonderland....what was yours?

Project Simple Pleasures2

39 Joining in with more words:

Carol said...

Snow is so beautiful. If you have to have cold temps, at least when it snows, you have so much beauty fo look at! Enjoy!

Farm Girl said...

Wow I am so glad you got snow!! How fun. I just have to tell you, I love, love your chair. The one you sit in, It is really pretty. I hope you have fun and stay warm.

myletterstoemily said...

oh, i'm so jealous! you have the cool script!

i just wrote about our incredible snow storm.
the worst in two centuries . . . maybe ever

but SO glorious! i made a fool of myself, but
it's not like that's the first time.

so glad you got some of this!


Theresa said...

Glad your boys got to enjoy the snow! My friend in your area had to drive home from the hospital Tuesday and said the roads were horrible. She had a beautiful little baby girl on Sunday :) Stay warm.

Christine said...

Snow making memories!
Some of the BEST kind.

Anonymous said...

Look at all that snow!!! The country has been buried alive the last 24 hours. Wow!

Glad you're cheery and making the best of it. We've had sunny skies the last two days... it's cold but no snow.

Stay warm!

Sonja said...

I thought of you today and wondered what you were up to... I love your pictures. It's been nice to be in and warm and read and get some projects done... but now I am SO ready to GO!!! My front porch is still slick, but the roads are beginning to look better. Maybe tomorrow!! :)

JillAileenJones said...

You got some great photos too-we didn't go out today-it was bitter cold here-and windy. I ran to Wal-Mart because we were almost of out Milk and a few other things-it was crazy-the roads are a sheet of ice. They have closed school again here tomorrow-3 days now-I can't believe it. Maybe Friday too-don't know yet but it isn't supposed to get much warmer than 30 and that won't melt what is out there. It is nasty-just praying the pipes don't freeze-we have one outside pipe that isn't turning on the other we have at a slow drip-just praying nothing bursts.
Glad to see you are having some fun too. I made Chicken Taco Soup Today and home made Chocolate Chip Cookies. Good thing it isn't colder around here more often-I like comfort food when it is cold and I would weigh 400 pounds I think.
Stay warm-enjoy tomorrow-we are hoping to sleep late, Mike is still off too-it has been fun to not have a schedule and just be lazy.

Stacy@hiswaynotmine said...

Just keeps us all guessing....right? One day 70 and a couple days later snow....so crazy. Glad the snow made for some winter fun. Love the pictures.

Stay warm.

Much love,

Sandy said...

Same here in Southern Oklahoma, and we're enjoying it at our house, too. Great post!

Jackie said...

I'd kinda gotten into Spring fever myselff until this humongous storm blew across the country. It's a bone chillin' 10 degrees in Northern AZ with a low of 5 degrees later tonight with high winds....no snow this time thank God, but man is it cold! I'm REALLY ready for Spring now!!!


Angel Wings and Apron Strings... said...

I'd love some of that cool white stuff down here in Australia right now lol! Beautiful :-)

Barb said...

Hot chocolate by the fire --- sounds good to me. The only way to go through winter.
Barb from Australia

Sandy said...

After our big 10 inches a few
weeks ago we are ready for more.
The weather man says it may come
tonight as a mix and turn to just
snow by Friday afternoon. We are
real snow lovers in this family-
well, except my 21 year old who
thinks he has to constantly be
out and about with his friends.
Snow cramps his style. Love all
of your sweet pictures. Your little
guy is loving the white stuff!

Ma ~ said...

70 degrees! I wish:) I'm glad you guys can appreciate the snow.

Debbie said...

I love how you call it blowing a snow kiss. That's just perfect.

I know how you feel about the snow since we get so little of it too. I hope you are faring well and not frozen or "blacked out".

Hope the beauty lasts but the inconvenience does NOT.

sarah said...

looks pretty...alot like where we are....but thinking about those 70 degree temps....boy am I ready for that.

Kay K said...

I remember those days of playing out in the snow all day such great memories
Your chair looks so nice and comfy

I too am awaiting spring as we have had snow since Dec 4th

Karen said...

What fun! I looked at the weather this morning & thought of you. Looks like we may get the icy stuff. Looks like great memories made. :)

Debbie said...

Your little guy is soo adorable. Mel got this storm too so I have been hearing all about the snow and cold weather...Your chair arrangement looks soo much like mine. I LOVE my little "perch" by the window with my bible, books, tea and lap top, haha...ENJOY this snow, and keep toasty! HUGS

Vee said...

Such wide swings in your weather arc! No wonder you had spring fever after temps in the 70s. Looks as if everything is under control knowing how to enjoy the snow...hot chocolate always helps!

La Vie Quotidienne said...

It looks so lovely, but I know that you have had a really rugged winter this year...hope spring comes soon for you.(-: Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment. Keep warm!

Dorie said...

'A Winter Wonderland' is a fabulous delight! Looks like you and your family had a wonderful time enjoying the snow, outside and inside the home.

Debi said...

My simple pleasure is being snowed in with my husband. (& 9 kids) The 'mountain man' is confined to the 4 walls of our home. We've enjoyed dreaming together. A rare, simple pleasure.

Ginny Marie said...

It's amazing to me that you had snow and such cold temperatures! We are supposed to get more snow next week, but we really don't need it. I'm posting more blizzard pictures on my blog tonight...my sister lives in California and requested more!

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!

Anonymous said...

Janette - your photos are beautiful. I love the snow - probably because we don't see it often. It missed us a couple of days ago here in East Texas, but we have a chance of some tonight.

I wasn't crazy about the single digit wind chills, however! :)

Thanks for stopping by With Pen and Camera today.

Sheila(Welcome To My Kitchen said...

Thanks for visiting Welcome To My Kitchen. Im following you now It is nice to meet other Texas Bloggers. Come again soon.

Stephani said...

It's the same here in Oklahoma. This is the second blizzard in two years here. Just unheard of! ~ I think the older we get the less we can tolerate cold temperatures because it is just so amazing how these kids can get out in it and keep going and going!

Lea said...

Oh, your chair just looks so inviting and warm and cozy. I have a chair that calls my name too and I love it!

We're under a winter advisory this evening and my girls are hoping that school is out tomorrow so they will have a long weekend and get to spend tomorrow with their babies.

Warm blessings!

Canadagirl said...

I am glad you are enjoying a taste of what our winter is like. I actually wished it would get a bit colder here. We are just hovering around freezing. I prefer it a bit colder so it isn't slush. Did you all get enough to build a snowman? If not hot cocoa by a fire is perfect. [0=

Blessings in Him<><

AwaydownSouth said...

I can hardly wait for spring, but if it must be witner, snow is prettier than a chilling, dready mist-rain. "Simple pleasures"? A good book to read.

A multi-dimensional life said...

Oh, I'm so glad you are enjoying a taste of the wonder of winter!
I'm wondering when it will end haha! It looks like you are staying cozy and enjoying the moment! My simple pleasure is staying in and safe...counting blessings of warm shelter and food and like you, curling up with my favorite book(s), with my pup by my side all snuggled in. xo

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

So beautiful Janette! I know your kids had fun. We've still only had one snow this year. We'd kind of like another one, although I've enjoyed the bit of spring like weather we're having.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Becky K. said...

Hi Janette!
Nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by my homeschool blog. I also blog daily at Hospitality Lane.

We have had a lot of snow this year but it is the big storms that excite me. Then we aren't expected to go anywhere and can just all stay home and warm together.

My Simple Pleasure this week?
Unexpected company on Wednesday evening. Young people with appetites! Fun!

Dayle said...

I couldn't agree more. An occasional snow (emphasis on occasional ... as in every three or four years.. hehe) is truly a simple pleasure. We're still waiting on the snow they predicted yesterday. :)

Jen said...

We are in Central Texas, too, so I'm with you about getting that spring fever and then having to freeze for days!

So glad y'all enjoyed the snow!

partialemptynester said...

Love, love, love!!!!!! Great post, great pix, it's been SUCH fun!!!!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

What sweet pictures! I was dreaming out my window about the garden to be as well...

Debbie said...

I'm amazed by that Texas snow! I've been hearing about it on the radio but not taken the time to see the photos. So glad I could stop by and see yours on your blog.

I love days where you can snuggle up inside to keep warm. Your cozy chair looks so comfortable. And I love the shot of your outdoor chairs. I'm getting to appreciate photos like that more and more; the simple things in life.

Love you Janette, my friend and encourager,


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