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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring, Imagination, New Life, Refresh

Spring, what a wonderful time of the year!  You see the life coming forth from the ground, hear the sounds of laughter, feel the warmth of the sun, taste the anticipation of summer.

We have planted seeds, plants and dug our hole for our pond.  New goldfish and waterlilies are occupying our new ecosystem.  The cat sticks his paw into the water, our four-year leans over to watch the fish surface.  The draw of going to the lake can be felt by all...slowing down is calling our names.

Our coffee table books draw us to stop and read on the Easter season ahead. 

Spring break...

                                          Skating as a family on St. Patrick's Day.  All nine of us made it there with dinner back at the house.  What a time of refreshing and catching up with each other....life really does get too busy.

Also a time of imagination....newly acquired pajamas have opened up the world of Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Pirates and Batman.  Watching the imagination come forth brings enjoyment to all those around...now why do we "grow-up"?

We also enjoyed riding Thomas the Train, where we were swept into the story line and enjoyed the steam engines of past generations.  I have become a fan of old-steam engine trains...a passion I am enjoying with my four-year old.

Letterboxing put us outside for an adventure.  This is our first find.  We weren't very successful, only finding two of the the ten documented sites, but we were able to experience the smells, the sights, the sounds of  on-coming spring.

A very short week for spring break, but many things were accomplished.  The most important of all was finding time for the important things!

"...Stop and Consider God's Wonders" Job 37:14
*Surprisingly our spring break ended with a downfall of snow, so God's wonders never cease.

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