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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No Children!

Dedicated to my four-year old, who continues to give kisses to his 49 year-old mother.  In no way is this to offend women who want children, my heart goes out to all of them, this is just to celebrate my joy of having six children walk through my house.

No Children!
Edgar A Guest

No children in the house to play-
It must be hard to live that way!                                  
I wonder what the people do
When night come on and the work is through,
With no glad little folks to shout,
No eager feet to race about,
No youthful tongues to chatter on
About the joy that's been and gone?
The house might be a castle fine,
But what a lonely place to dine!

No children in the house at all,
No fingermarks upon the wall,
No corner where the  toys are piled-
Sure indication of a child,
No little lips to breathe the prayer
That God shall keep you in His care,
No glad caress and welcome sweet
When night returns you to your street;
No little lips a kiss to give-                                                        
Oh, what a lonely way to live!

No children in the house! I fear
We could not stand it half a year.
What would we talk about at night,
Plan for and work with all our might,
Hold common dreams about and find
True union of heart and mind,                          
If we two had not greater care
Than what we both should eat and wear?
We never knew love's brightest flame
Until the day the baby came.

And now we could not get along
Without their laughter and their song
Joy is not bottled on a shelf,
It cannot feed upon itself,
And even love, if it shall wear,
Must find its happiness in care
Dull we'd become of mind and speech
Had we no little ones to teach.
No children in the house to play!
Oh, we could never live that way!

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Anonymous said...

Loved the poem! It so fits my emotions lately...can't imagine life and home without the kids!


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