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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Curl-Up-and-Read Books

I entered the world of picture books through home schooling my children.  They became a passion for me.  Purchasing treasures we had discovered through library loans, I started my home library.  I began with collecting them for my children and then rapidly moved to collecting for my future grandchildren.  Many good books go out of print so I wanted to make sure I had a copy.

I also go to library sales and snatch up wonderful picture books for pennies-on-the-dollar.  This is a wonderful way to build your home library.  You can sign up online for book sales and they will send you a list of which libraries are selling their books and when.  Some will sell books by the bag full.  You can't go wrong. If you impulse buy, then resell them or give them away.

One thing I enjoy doing is putting the date we bought the book inside the back cover.  I also put the date when we first read it and, if it an individual read, I put their child's name.  The younger siblings have enjoyed seeing that their older siblings read the same book years before them.

Here is the first of my favorites.

Patricia Polacco - This is an author for family heritage.  She is one of my favorite authors, as well as illustrators.  She brings her rich Jewish heritage of family into your home.  Other then a few of her more recent books, I agree and love her work.  She has began putting out some politically correct books.

She came to Barnes and Nobles, where two of my children and I stood in line for four hours to meet her and have her sign our books.  She was as charming in person as she is in her writings.

We started with "The Bee Hunt" where she introduces your child to the love of reading.

These are wonderful curl-up-on-the-couch books that enjoy peaking into someone else's family of treasures.

What are some of your favorite picture books?  I always love discovering a new favorite.

4 Joining in with more words:

Karen said...

These sound like some books my kids and grandkids would love! Thanks for sharing them! Karen

Christy said...

We love Jan Brett. The colors, the stories, the unfamiliar settings that become familiar. I too have many many books purchased from here and there that no one still reads but I can't part with. It is my addiction. Not shoes or purses or cigarrettes but books lovely lovely books!

Janette Wright said...

We will have to make a trip to the library to try some of her books out. I liked what I saw on Amazon...oh, no, more books....forget the other things!!! Thanks

Ginny Marie said...

Patricia Polocco has written so many books, I see I haven't read quite a few! Just Plain Fancy and Thundercake are a couple of my favorites. I haven't kept up with her latest books, since I stopped teaching a few years back. Jan Brett is also one of my favorites, and I just loved the book she wrote about Noah's Ark. Thank you for sharing this link! :)

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