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Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Parable A Day

Benjamin and I have been going through The Guy Who Lost His Beach House, a one minute Bible Parable for Kids.  Now please note it says for KIDS!!!

That is how He does it. He catches me, his fish, by letting me think I need to teach my child something.  So I grab His suggestions hook, line and sinker...swallow it whole.

As I read and gagged on the worm, I knew the fishing was for me and not my son, although he benefits from the lessons I am learning.

I seem to pass over these familiar parables. I can recount them almost word for word having heard them from the days of Sunday School class to adult pew sitter.  However, knowing something and penetration into the heart to change your behavior, is another thing.  The last few weeks God met his daughter, me, with precious words of rebuke through His parables.

Parable Review

Too Seedy for Me

  • "But the ones sown on good ground are those who hear the word, welcome it, and produce a crop"  Mark 4;20   "Still others fell on good ground and produced a crop that increased thirty, sixty and a hundred times. " Mark 4:8 "The ones sown on rocky ground: when they hear the word, immediately they receive it with joy.  But they have no root in themselves, they are short-lived" Mark 4;16-17
  1. "rocky ground" - trouble and worry - don't lose faith when we encounter troubles
  2. "thorny weeds" - the prickles of greed and desire
  3. We need to bury our roots deep in God's teachings 
Mustard Seeds and Yeast, Mighty Small Heroes

  • "The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed"  Matt. 13:31  "The kingdom of heaven is like yeast." Matt. 13:33
  1. Good things come in small packages- this peewee seed grows to be over 12 feet tall
  2. Like yeast God's way of doing things are always better
  3. When life's brings big and small circumstances we should have the attitudes that God admires...thankfulness, forgiveness, kindness, faithfulness, honesty, and charity
Can we say "OUCH"?  As I pick up the book I have started a heart prayer before reading..."Lord may I hear your voice!"  Let's just say, He has been speaking VERY LOUDLY!!!  What a pouch His parables still give me, as I make them familiar to my little one.  Do you have a favorite parable?

This weekend is Benjamin's Mine Craft birthday party. I have been knee deep in making mine craft favors for the party....my first ever pinata, and Steve heads for the little boys to wear as they mine in our backyard. Now off to paint rocks to look like stones for the boys to mine.

 Then off to move my daughter into her first new place and help her nest.  I am having a blast helping her decorate her soon-to-be newly-wed home.  Walls will be painted in a blue/grey.  We are thinking about a padded headboard made of drop cloth.....how fun!

22 Joining in with more words:

Vee said...

What a grin I am wearing after reading this post filled with metaphor and simile. God is so cool to have this be my first read after writing what I did today. Parables are wonderful similes. I have always loved the parable of the Lost Coin, but they are all great. Benjamin must love them, too. Have fun with helping your little birdie do her own nesting.

podso said...

What a cool title for a kids book on that parable. And yes, doesn't God use all ways to teach us including what we are teaching our kids. Always seems to be the right timing too, doesn't it.

Now on to other matters, a headboard out of drop cloth sounds creative --hope you show us!

Farm Girl said...

It sounds like so much fun!!! Good for you.
Lots of good things are going on in your life. I hope we get to see some photos.

Debbie said...

Good morning! Love the parables...

I am curious to see the headboard out of drop cloths?!

Have fun "nesting" with your girl!


Sandy said...

I love parables, especially those sweet Jesus told.
I hope your little guy has a fun and wonderful time. He is precious and makes me wish my boys were that age again.
I totally love the birdie pillow and the blue pattern material. Please show pictures of your completed projects. Where did you find the bird material? I'd love to make a pillow like that.
Hugs & Prayers!

Sandy said...

P.S. In case I haven't told you lately, I think you are a great mom!

Debbie said...

I'm trying to think if I have one parable that would call my favorite. I think it changes by my attitude and season, if that makes sense.

I'm so glad that God has given you both your daughter's nest and the birthday party to stretch those creativity muscles. He knows you well, Janette. He knows what makes you "tick" and has given you some tick tocks in this season.

How great is our God? I mean, really... How great is our God?

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

It is wonderful how God speaks to us and teaches us.
You are keeping busy, as usual...good busy!

Pom Pom said...

Your daughter's nest is looking very cozy!
Cute party idea! My sixth graders play.

Brenda Lazzaro Yoder, said...

This sounds lovely! I learn the best from stories and I learn a lot from children's stories. We just moved my daughter into her first college apt., so I can imagine what it would be like to move into the real deal! Very excited for you!

Lisa said...

Sounds like such a cute birthday party! I know the kids will have a great time!
I love all the fabrics you've chosen for your daughter's new place. It is really coming together! The perfect little nest.:)
PS I love the prodigal son. Even when we're still a long ways off he sees us.That is comforting to me because it seems I am in a perpetual state of a long ways off.LOL.

myletterstoemily said...

beautiful fabric choices for your daughter's
new home.

children's parables are right on my level. :)

Sharon said...

What a good book! Yes, children's stories can be quite moving. I can remember, for instance, how powerfully God spoke to me through the Chronicles of Narnia when I was in my 20's. I am still taught many lessons when God gets in touch with my inner child!

My favorite parable - The Prodigal Son. I used to identify with the older son. But now, older and wiser, I know what it feels like to be welcomed back into the loving arms of the Father after some *wandering*...


Anonymous said...

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Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

God is the most creative and loving teacher ever... He is ALWAYS helping us to reach higher. You just have to love that! ;)

That room is going to be gorgeous!!! blessings ~tanna

Rebecca said...

I can't wait to see the "magic" the two of you will work :)

...and I've experienced a few "ouchies" as God's Word hits me where I am, too.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

This post is yet another reason I'm sure we'd be best buds if we lived in the same state (or even general area)! I often hear The Lord teaching me as I'm "teaching" my kids. Humbling indeed! And your daughter's nest looks beautiful! I must admit to a secret I haven't yet shared on my blog... We're hoping to flip a (trashed) foreclosed house we bought last year... My color scheme and theme (birds!) look very similar!! If only you lived closer I know you'd be a great asset (and make it fun)! xoxo
ps- good luck w/Benjamin's party! Happy Birthday Benjamin from all of us!!!

Debbie Petras said...

It seems that I learn best through the eyes of a child. What great Bible stories. And how exciting to help your daughter with her first place. She's fortunate to have a mom with such a flair for decorating.

Blessings and love,

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Busy, busy week Janette, as always. Fun projects, with a few good spiritual lessons mixed in. I say "ouch" right along with you. It is so hard not to get entangled in worldly weeds which strangle our good intentions.

Sally said...

How cool on the Minecraft birthday and the mask is great! Watching football, working on my chair and wondering what to blog this week, life is good.

no spring chicken said...

The mind of a child. Children's devotionals. Makes sense to me. :)

Love the fabrics for your daughters new home.

Blessings, Debbie

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