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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Who Got the First Shot?

Gunshots rang through the air on the grounds of the courthouse in Granbury, Texas.  Men dressed in period clothing and shooting guns caused me to run back around the courthouse grounds to grab my camera.  A first-time meeting with a fellow blogger had brought me to this city, and like all good bloggers, cameras are now an accessory. I just couldn't miss getting the pictures for Benjamin. I circled one side of the courthouse, while without my knowledge, she circled the opposite side.  As I was asking permission from the cowboys, she got the win by getting the first shot.  That's right...she saw me first and caught me in action.
  She should have been warned...look, my mouth is already engaged.
Jill of Pathway to Purpose and I were among each other's first followers.  Through the last two years, we have read each other's blogs and woven our hearts together through e-mails.  We decided it was time to meet and so, last Saturday, I headed to Granbury to meet this Godly woman.

After I put down my camera, I looked up to see the woman I recognized from her blog pictures....I didn't know until she sent the above picture that she had caught me on her camera.

What happens when two bloggers meet?  Well, you run to each other and hug, of course.  She came with a gift in hand..isn't this adorable?  I came with cash for lunch at the Bistro....talking kept us from taking any more pictures.

How creative is she?  My name was on my gift and there were home-made cookies, too. But they were inhaled before I could find my camera.  "True friendships leave footprints in your heart."

What do two bloggers do from 10:30 in the morning, until 5:00 in the evening?  Well they  just talk, talk, laugh, talk, laugh, and talk some more.  You see how God can take bloggers and join their hearts in a instant.

Jill is a doll.  I was so blessed.  Here are some things we share in common:

  • We both wear the Tool Belt in our homes....this was too funny to compare our fix-it-notes.
  • We are both too practical to buy most of the items we saw in the shops...I mean who wants to fill the tiny humming bird feeder everyday, even if it is cute....and forget that price...we could figure out how to make it.
  • We both laugh while we talk....so that saying of cackling hens...well, they heard us coming.
  • We could figure out how to settle all the issues in this week's newspaper, from breastfeeding to raising teens to issues that are concerns in the church...and we could get it all settled in one day!
  • We could relate as wives and mothers...even though I am decades ahead of her in both, our hearts were the same.
  • We could give each other a hug at the end of the day and Praise God for allowing us to come together to meet...promising to do this again.  
The plaque she put in my gift became a reality.  I even felt so comfortable, I used her youthful eyes instead of getting out my reading glasses, as we strolled through the stores with their little hand-written tags.  She joyfully read me anything I couldn't see and we discussed how I could keep up with my much-needed reading glasses.

I leave you with the best pictures Jill  took.  We were sitting with a timer on the camera.  Jill didn't tell me that she would be taking four shots. I was ready for the first picture and then began to have conversation after the first pic...can you guess?  Jill also took the best picture of me I have had in years...it is now my profile picture.

I was on one flight of stairs and she was on the opposite flight of stairs...we took pictures of each other...I have had more compliments on this photo...thanks Jill, I think these pictures summed up the day....JOY!

What a wonderful day in Granbury...and it all started with gunshots!!

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Debbie said...

Good morning! Oh Janette this looks like such a fun, memorable time! I can't think of anything better than meeting face to face with another kindred blogger! I think you look adorable in those pictures! Can't wait to check out your friends blog...Hope you have a great day! HUGS

Debbie said...

Oh this looks like such a fun time! I am not familiar with Jill but will have to visit her blog now. I love the pictures where she used the timer. And the ones you aren't posing for are ...the best ones.

You are one blogger that I hope to meet one day in person. I love how you take the time to get to know people through your blog and email. I feel like I already know you even though I've never met you in person. So glad you had this time with Jill.

Love you,

Vee said...

This makes me smile. These are all great photos. You two gals are so pretty!

Now this is exactly what I love about Blogdom. Where else would two women bond this way across the miles and, dare I say it, years? In Blogdom, these things just don't matter! One gets to know the spirit and the heart first.

His Song to Sing said...

What a fun day! I could just feel the joy still vibrating from your heart. I recently got to meet a blogger friend too and after we parted ways was so frustrated that I didn't take one single picture. We are meeting again this summer so I'll get one then.

I've told a few people about our meeting and said I truly understand how people meet and get married through online relationships. Before one word was exchanged that day between us, I knew her because I knew her heart through her writing. Sometimes I feel guilty for the time I spend in "BlogWorld" and then I remember the gifts I receive ... friends like you, friends like her ... gifts from God!

Farm Girl said...

Oh what a lovely day!! I am so glad you got to meet and the photos are adorable.
You looks so happy, Not to mention young and skinny. :)
This will be something I am curious to try sometime meeting with fellow bloggers.

LDH said...

How very special to meet-up and spend a wonderful day together! The photos are so fun and you both look beautiful!!!

Jill Jones said...

Thank you sweet friend-what a great post!!! I had such a joyous time-I am still smiling from the day.
Thank you for blessing my heart. I am so glad that God brought us together in both blogging world and in person now too.
I have talked about our day so much now that my husband thinks has met you too. ha! :)
Let's plan another time to meet sometime soon.
Debbie don't know where you are located but we would love to have you join us too! :)
Love you sweet friend. Thanks again for a great day full of wonderful memories.

Maryann said...

What fun...sounded like you guys had a great time...looked like a lot of fun too. When you started blogging did you ever think you would feel connected with fellow bloggers...it was something that took me by surprise.Glad you had this opportunity...and the pictures are great

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

You know why that photo is soooo beautiful, don't you? It is the joy and love shining right through!!! LOVE this story, Janette! So very, very happy you two have enjoyed this connection and were able to have a real-time visit! Woo hoo!! You look absolutely gorgeous by the way! blessings and hugs ~ Tanna

myletterstoemily said...

you guys are too cute! how fun
to actually get to see each other!
. . . and not be disappointed!!!

thanks for sharing such a sweet

Rebecca said...

It IS a great picture, Janette! And what a wonderful day you must have had....

I've only had the opportunity to meet two blogger friends; plans to meet one; and desire to meet MANY - including YOU :)

I'm on my way to meet Jill now.

Sonja said...

You look like 2 peas in a pod! What a beautiful friendship has been formed. I can just picture the afternoon in Granbury, lots of laughing and some good old heart linked fellowship!

Makes me know that our day is coming too Janette!

So glad you had such a great time. I'm going over to visit Jill's blog right now.


Theresa said...

Oh I am jealous! How fun! You are so beautiful and that last shot is such a great one of you- such great expression in it.

A multi-dimensional life said...

Oh what a blessing to be able to meet and talk and laugh...and yes, your photo is beautiful...you look radiant! I also loved the photo's showing the fun the two of you shared! So glad you had such a wonderful time together!

Sarah (Nikki) said...

what a fabulous post and the pictures are amazing. I love these pics of you and the best ones are of the two of you laughing together. Awesome friendships happen where and when you least expect.

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

I love Granbury, but I love the thought of meeting blogging friends more! What fun! I haven't discovered Jill's blog, so I must visit her, too. Thanks for introducing us today. :-)

Pom Pom said...

FUN! You look like you are having a ball! VERY cute pics!

Karen said...

I am so excited for you! I definitely know the feeling of meeting a blogging friend for the first time - amazing how hearts are meshed through blogging. Yes, great pics of you both - oh, and by the way blogger might be blue for you, but you are no longer on my blog list - but come up under the posts though. crazy blogger!

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

What a wonderful treat to meet like that! And, I agree with everyone else, I love the photos, all of them.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Awww, you look soooo G R E A T and I am trying hard not to be jealous! ;-P So happy for you both and so eager to one day meet up with you too! Been feelin too old n tired lately w/too much work. Loved catching up here as usual. Must try Brer Rabbit trick more... ;-)

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