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Monday, May 14, 2012

Drive through Results

Brian Moore, Mark Roye of "Blood and Fire" and my son Kenny

Our society could be called the drive-through generation.  We want our results to come quickly, without hardly slowing down, as we speed through life.  Starting at an earlier age, it appears to be getting worse.  Just put your info in Google and in seconds your answer comes back.  Why wait?

This speedy type of response is, well let's be truthful, rarely how God answers our prayers.

I could never have imagined that prayers released back in the early 90's would be walked out decades later. But I stand now with open eyes, mainly tearful eyes of gratitude, as God removes the cloudiness of my vision to see the answers before me.

Is. 55:11
"...so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it."

The non-conventional sanctuary held young families with young dreams, young prayers and young children.  I stood in my early 30's with four children at my side, while their Dad played the grand piano for Praise and Worship.

The Spirit fell on the worshipers as they entered into praise with the song Ancient of Days.  Our youthful mindset allowed us to step outside our conservative heritage to bring in an element of worship that would be recalled this past week.  As the song began and voices were raised, huge beach balls with the world imprinted on them were released into the congregation. They were inflated globes.  As they bounced above and throughout the congregation, we declared His rule and reign over all the earth.  Every nation and tongue would declare His glory.  Every knee would bow in worship.  Our children just giggled in delight as they bounced the balls back into the air, touching the images of the nations.
Debra Brown and Bonnie Roye teaching the children in Cambodia
On Mother's Day, God brought this scene back to my memory while I rejoiced in all the pictures being sent back from Cambodia.  Distance, time and changes in churches had separated all those children who had touched the nations in their praise and worship...but God had sent out His word in the 90's over their lives.

In Cambodia, there are four of those little children ministering together... they are now adults.  There are three older adults, who were in attendance all those many years ago when the globes bounced through the sanctuary, guiding the work in Cambodia.

Jim Brown and our son in glasses, construction is almost finished on play ground in Cambodia
Two of my little boys....then we only had four children...have ministered in Africa, Germany, Russia and now, Cambodia.

Their mother still doesn't own a passport...but her prayers back in the 90's didn't need a physical passport.

The prayers are still being answered and I will not see the answers as a drive-through, but only as God continues to uncover my eyes to the work He is finishing.

May we all be diligent in our prayers...even when we can't see the answers or understand His timing.  He promises His word will not come back void until it has accomplished all He has called it to accomplish.

My Mother's Day began with a call from Cambodia and ended with a video sent from all four of the young adults who bounced those balls of the nations through the sanctuary....how totally awesome is that?  I also enjoyed my other five children and precious daughter-in-law for lunch.  I look forward to a lifetime of watching answered prayers...many that were made decades ago, during a time of life that seemed slower.

If you are unfamiliar with the song Ancient of Days, I would encourage you to hear it and read the words. (click on Ancient of Days for the you tube link)

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LDH said...

I well remember the song Ancient of Days :) Such a sweet post seeing all that God has and continues to accomplish through hearts that love him and seek to share his love!

Debbie said...

Good morning! It has been a long time now since I have heard that song, but I LOVE it. This is just an awesome post Janette. Nothing thrills a mama's heart more than to see your children serving Him. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! HUGS

Debbie said...

I AM familiar with the song and love it. That particular name for our God is one of my favorites, in fact.

As if you could pick a favorite name for our God...

I loved this and felt a quickening in my heart as I read it. I know as a believing mother you understand what I'm trying to say.

And I THANK YOU for letting God speak through you about the whole "drive thru" mentality. He could not have said it better for me this morning, and only HE could have known when he whispered it to you.

Someday, I would love to meet my Christian sisters that I've met in Blog Land and do some of that nonconventional praise and worship together. If it isn't until we meet in Heaven, please don't forget to bring the beach balls.

Debbie said...

I love the song "Ancient of Days"! How amazing that you have brought up your children with such a love for the Lord. Cambodia sounds so very far away but it's comforting to know that your son is bringing the love of Jesus to many.

Happy Mother's Day to you!


Karen said...

~what a joy to see prayers answered, but the best to see our children serving HIM. Love "Ancient of Days" too!

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Janette, with tears in my eyes I'm praising God with you for His wisdom and timetable. We are often blinded to both.

Thank you, too, for writing the words He gave you today. My "mother's heart" has been encouraged to keep trusting...

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Rejoicing with you, Janette!!! And, thank you so much for the reminder that it all works in His timing, not our own. hugs and blessings ~ Tanna

Vee said...

Very cool. I'm imagining what that experience would be like. I think I'd be delighted, too. So wonderful that your family has had the privilege of serving in so many places.

Jackie said...

I love "Ancient of Days" and thank you for reminding me about it this morning!

Love your anaolgy about "drive-through"! Oh how comforting it is to know that He watches over His Word to perform it on our behalf! What an awesome God we serve!

Happy belated Mothers Day and have a wonderful week!



NanaNor's said...

Hi Janette, I so loved this post and am grateful that you are seeing your prayers answered. A very good reminder that we should not stop or be slow to pray, especially for those we love who don't yet know Him. I think this has to be one of the greatest gifts the Lord can give; I'm still watching & waiting for my man to kneel and bow.
Hugs today.

Sue Anne McKinney said...

awwww, yes! I remember that service so well! What fun that was. And oh, what joy to see answered prayer. The joy of the Lord is my strength. I've had that on my mind all week end. ENJOY these moments!! I've loved seeing the pictures as well.

Farm Girl said...

That is so very awesome. I love the pictures. I bet you just are so excited to see how God has answered your prayers in a mighty way.

Pom Pom said...

Hi Janette! How wonderful!
I love that song, too.

Shelley said...

Every tongue in Heaven and Earth shall declare your Glory, Every knee shall bow at your throne in Worship, YOU will be exalted Oh God and your Kingdom shall not pass away ... Oh Ancient of Days.

That has made me cry .... How Great is Our God ... sing with me ....

HUGS xxxxx

Sonja said...

What a heartfelt and strong testimony of both a praying mom and the grace of God. This just blessed my socks off Janette!

The beach balls is such a great visual, all of the nations bouncing all over the room. Of course the kids never forgot that, I wouldn't either.

Blogs like this are such an encouragement to everyone! Who knows what seeds are being planted during these trips... God does! :)

A big AMEN from down the road sister!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, this brought a big smile to my heart! Thanks for reminding me once again that it can take years and years for the Lord to answer prayers. But, it is our duty to remain faithful to pray regardless. He always knows best and His timing is always perfect.

Blessing abundant to you Jeanette! I always enjoy stopping by.

Petra said...

Your heart, full of thanksgiving and praise for God's answered prayers, must be way too big for your chest right now. thanks for spilling it. :-)

myletterstoemily said...

i love "ancient of days!" it's one of
my favorite references to the Lord.
my prayers are for your sweet
cambodian missionaries.

Kathryn Ross said...

What a grand story!!! I always loved Ancient of Days and remember such an anointed presence of the Lord whenever we sang it in church or must me in the car - or bouncing about with it around my house all alone but for my two little ones watching mama praise Jesus - and my son pretending to play his guitar.

Today, he is the worship leader in his church.

Yes - long term prayer answers - and how swift we are to give up sometimes! We need the eyes of the Lord to see how faithful He is to our prayers. Thank you for building my faith this morning with your glorious Mother's Day!!


Sue said...

OH! Janette, my heart is overwhelmed with this!! God's Timing is Perfect!, always!!
I love this song, and will now go and listen as I bask in what God is doing with and through your children.
p.s. Please give Farmer Benjamin a hug for me, and love your new profile picture. you look amazing, keep up the work!!

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Oh, Janette, what an awesome tribute to answered prayer. We can never, never, never give up! And your story proves it!

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