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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Better Than A Home Run

Last Friday I frustratingly, eyes fighting back tears, left the baseball field.  I am a sports mom and for the last 21 years you could find me in the stands for basketball, baseball and softball games, yet this time was different.  The season had ended along with all my expectations.  I didn't understand.  I had a firm word from the Lord that this son was to play baseball.  I saw his skills explode early at the beginning of the season, then all expectations dashed as he was taken from first string to the bench.  His disappointment and loss of confidence could be read in his eyes...ours showed up in our conversations reserved beyond his hearing.  Friday night began  the tug-a-war of questions as I left the ball park.

Two A.M. in the morning my dear Lord called me to His side to answer this mother's heart.

Me - "Lord, why?  You said for him to play, what was the purpose?  Show me. I don't understand,"

Lord - "Did you see him tonight?"

Me - "Yes, I watched him cheer from the bench.  I watched him not play."

Lord - " That isn't what I saw.  I saw him play a game as a team member.  He cheered on other players. He served the other players.  He put himself second.  He didn't pout or disrespect his coach."

Me - "But Lord his skills are unreal.  His abilities are at the top of the stats.  His grades are high. He earned this."

Lord - " I know his physical abilities well, I gave them to him.  I also know what I wanted to build in him.  Now did you see him tonight?  What did your spirit see?"

Me - "I saw a son in whom I am so proud.  I saw character, that can't be bought or even taught.  I saw a vessel willing to not pout at unfair treatment.  Yes Lord, I saw."

Lord - "Okay, Janette, what was your question?  Aren't my ways higher than yours?  Aren't my purposes to bring glory to myself?"

Me - "Yes, Lord."

Lord - "You saw my purpose not yours.  Mine are not the worlds.  Could I have been humbling some whose words were harsh?  Could I have been instilling in your son something that can't be earned by a home run?"

Me - "Yes, Lord."

Lord - "Janette, I know his future.  I know the plans I have for him. I have heard your heart for your son.  Stand back and watch.  Let your ideas of success fall in order to see my work."

Me- "Yes, Lord.

28 Joining in with more words:

LDH said...

Thank you for sharing this very dear conversation between you and the Lord concerning your son and a hard to understand circumstance!

Pom Pom said...

Awesome! His ways are higher!

Lisa said...

I know God has great things in store for your son and you will look back on this time with full understanding. Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us. We've all been there (and if not, just keep living).

Farm Girl said...

It is so hard sometimes being the Mom and having to stand back and watch God be God. Opening your hands of all that you are hanging onto and let God be the one to direct the path that He has chosen just for them.
God always tells me the same thing, " My thoughts and not your thoughts and My ways are not your ways." He sometimes throws in there "Man looks at the outward but I look at the heart." He reminds me what David's family and Samuel saw, but what God had already ordained.
I am thankful that you are so teachable because you are listening and writing about it, it helps me.
I still know it was hard.

Petra said...

Much better than a home run! Aren't you glad that His ways are higher and so much better? Blessings to you!

Trisha said...

"I saw a son in whom I am so proud. I saw character, that can't be bought or even taught. I saw a vessel willing to not pout at unfair treatment. Yes Lord, I saw."

Thanks be to God for the fruit of the Spirit in our children, Janette!

myletterstoemily said...

oh boy, have i been there! it is excruciating
to see your children slighted, but the Lord
always has a plan.

this was beautifully shared.

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Struggling right along with you today. But god is still good.

Sonja said...

oh boy, my heart cries and sings with the words of your conversation with Jesus. I have been there, and said the same words and felt the same mother's heart for their child. And later... have seen what those seeds have already produced in that child, for others and for God's purposes.

I LOVE this post Janette, and I love you! :)

Debbie said...

Oh Janette what wonderful work the Lord is doing. To see your son respond in such a positive way to a very difficult situation lets you know YES the Lord has BIG things in mind for him. MUCH better than a home run. As mom's it is soo hard though not to want fairness for your children and recognition for thier hard work etc. Been there and done that many, many times. Even now with our adult children it is still hard and the need to want to fix things for them is there. I had a conversation with Melody right before I came here on the computer where I was telling her such similiar things. It has been hard for there in New Mexico living where she is. Her hubby works 7 days a week. Women her age are hard to come by, and she hasn't even got her mom there to fill in the gaps. She has always been such a social popular girl that friends were never even something she gave a thought to. She had more than she could even work sometimes. But this season in her life is just hard in that area. And yet I truly believe the Lord can use it all to make her sooo much more than just a social butterfly. But she will have to seek Him, depend on Him. And it doesn't stop this mama's heart from wanting to fly in a few for her, haha....Oh the life of a mom. Have a good week Janette! HUGS

Crickit said...

I am sure that was tough watching your son sitting on the bench. You have such a sweet mother's heart and that showed beautifully in your prayer.

brenda said...


We've had the similar experience more than once, but this year it was the hardest as our oldest son, a starter his whole career in basketball, sat the bench most of the season his first year on varsity. In a small basketball crazed town in Indiana, whose father is a basketball icon, this came especially hard for us and was the talk of many conversations in town. One testimony I have to give it that my son took it extremely well. At 17, he never complained one time (literally) and did not speak ill of the coach or other players. So I was able to give testimony to his character when others would ask me "how is he doing this season, we are shocked he's not playing", I could answer - "he has never complained". It was a testimony to me and to his younger sibling who look up to him. I know those tears, bleacher mom, I'm right there with you.

Sue said...

What can I say, Janette, I so am empathizing with you, for I have had many similar conversations with the Lord, and as I was reading this I am thinking of how many times the Lord must have many such conversations with all His children, and of how He never gets tired of reminding us Of His Plans for us, and our children. And How He loves being needed by us.. The longer I live, I realize more and more of what an AWESOME GOD He is.
Thanks for always inspiring me, to reach a little higher and dig a little deeper.

Debbie said...

I have a huge lump in my throat right now and can't really write a comment coherent and worthwhile.

I get it.
I really and truly get it.

Thanks for sharing this very intimate part of your heart.

Sandy said...

Thanks for sharing your heart and God's concerning your dear son. What wonderful lessons He teaches even though they are many times very hard for our flesh to accept.

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Wow. It is hard to accept that His ways our not our ways, and sometimes, like this, it hurts. Yet, as you so beautifully stated, He does everything for our good - even the tough stuff. However, it is harder to watch someone you love suffer, than it is to suffer yourself. Blessings to you and your son, Janette.

Maryann said...

I know how heartbreaking this can be (been there) but how encouraging you are with your prayer and willingness to see God at work, I am inspired.

Sally said...

It's hard being a momma. God is refining us as often as he is our boys. You did good, as did he.

Catherine said...

Dear Janette, I was so happy to see your visit. Forgive me,my commenting has been slow. Thank you for thinking of me.
This post just touches a mother's heart. I just keep telling myself, we are not meant to understand, but to follow His word and try our best to make Him happy.
Blessings dear Janette. Catherine xo

Christine said...

"We are only as happy as our saddest child."

Your "Mother Words" are painful.
I'm just so glad we have God to get us through the pain.

Sharon said...

Oh Janette,

A different situation with my son - but your conversation with God helped me so much tonight. Especially the last part:

"I know his future. I know the plans I have for him. I have heard your heart for your son. Stand back and watch..."

You will never know how much this brings me comfort. I love that your mother's heart speaks like mine - and I love that our Lord answers us.


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Oh, girl. He must get tired of having these conversations with us... but, I know He doesn't. Thank Him with all my heart for that!! The bigger picture... always a bigger picture. love, t.

Ginny Marie said...

Such a beautiful post...I'm reminded of the words we pray "Your will be done." I learn so much from you, Janette! I'm so glad you share your conversations with God with us. :D

Kathryn Ross said...

Oh, yes! I feel your pain. All those years watching my son - in his early years at least - trying to move forward with his music. The time in the 6th grade when he was about to perform in the talent show at school and right before he went on his string broke on his guitar. They called me back to him from the audience and there he was - crying - my boy was so hurt. He had practiced so long on this one little piece - I was devastated for him.

Then, a high school boy came up behind him with his own guitar and lent it to him. Andrew was so floored at the gesture and felt so important. He went onto that stage and wowed them with his little number and I bawled my eyes out in the back, thanking the Lord that a broken string would be God's way of showing how - even in the little things - the Lord is there to save.

Sometimes the work of the Lord has nothing to do with our aspirations.

Tender reminder on the baseball field, milady - and may the Lord's purposes for your boy prosper.


Vee said...

Wonderful insight. Just wonderful.

Jackie said...

Great sharing here, Janette! It is so difficult on our mama's heart to be on the sidelines watching our kids go through disappointments, isn't it! But, praise God, we can fully rely on Him to perfect that which He began as He molds them into vessels He can use mightily in these last days! Glory to God!

Thanks so much for sharing!



Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Oh, this is one of the hardest parts of parenting isn't it? Letting GOD parent our kids (and us) too...

Sonya@Beyond the Screen Door said...

With tears in my eyes I say thank you for sharing this story and God's words. It's so easy to only see the injustice. God's ways are always better but not always seen or understood. Thank you, Janette.

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