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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Singings - Meekness

Jesus embodies meekness, one of my words for the year.  Our God can be small enough to hear us....His strength is shown in His meekness as He reaches out to us.  This song seems to say it all....as I continue to learn on meekness, while I am the receiver of meekness from my God.

I hope you enjoy this song for my Sunday Singings...dedicated to my grandmother.  Thanks for your sweet words and prayers of encouragement this past week.  Our daughter-in-law will have surgery on Thursday as they continue their journey for a child.  Our prayers are still going to heaven for Elise's family.  Thanks! How beautiful is the Body of Christ.

I will return in the new month with my own thoughts and words....which are many after this heart stretching month of January.

14 Joining in with more words:

Farm Girl said...

Very nice and as always a good reminder about meekness.

Pom Pom said...

Awesome, Janette!
Thank you for that. So holy, so tender.

A multi-dimensional life said...

Peace fills me when I listen to that song! Thank you for this tender reminder and for blessing me with this today!

((HUGGING YOU))...and hoping your son and daughter in law feel God (Knowing that He still knows...and he will hold them in His arms throughout). Prayers for all!

Vee said...

May February give way to answered prayers all the way around. You're the second blogger today who has expressed how challenging January has been. That was a sweet song and I'm sorry that I was interrupted while here and have been here so long.

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

In our busy, hectic and sometimes hurtful world, we do need to be reminded that God still quenches the fiery furnace, shuts the mouths of lions and parts the waters, but most of the time it is through His quiet whispers and earthly messengers that we hear the words: "I see. I care.
I love - you."

Debbie said...

Unbelievable beautiful and timed just perfectly for me and for someone in my SS class. I will be sending this song to them.

And you most certainly did have a heart stretching January. I loved that word for it.

Sonja said...

I had not heard that song and I just love it!

Praying for Thursday, and for the continued journey to the family they are praying for.

It's almost February Janette. :)


Petra said...

Beautiful song! Praying for your daughter and Elise's family.

Sue said...

Thinking and praying for all this week, Janette! beautiful song, and the scripture at the end, so powerful, dh and I both were ministered to!
Much love,

Sharon said...

For such a long time I thought meekness equaled weakness. That it was a synonym for *wimp.*

Oh no - the meekness of the Lord is our wonderful example. Strength in total reliance on God. A gentle and humble spirit. Yielded in surrender. Kindness and love that knows no bounds.

Yup - meekness is a strong character trait indeed.

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Heart stretching... So painful. So real. So beautiful to see a woman after God's own heart allowing the experience to deepen her faith, choosing praise in the midst of aching unknowns

I look forward to seeing how our faithful God has used your heart stretching to draw you closer to Him. Even if you don't elaborate (which I wouldn't expect), it will be there ... in your words. Rest in His promises as we continue to lift you and your family up in prayer.

Rebecca said...

February Eve. May the new month dawn with fresh assurances of God's faithfulness for you and your entire family, Janette. How He loves you.

Lisa said...

Beautiful post! I will be praying for your DIL. I have every confidence that things will go well.:)

Debbie said...

I am so glad you mentioned this song to me in your email. I never heard this song before and it's beautiful.

Love you,

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