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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Made It - Just Five Years Late

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Okay, okay....I got there!  Why aren't there any cheers...I mean come on?!?!?!  It may have been five years since my visit, but can't you congratulate me for my arrival?

Can't you say, "Janette it is so good to see your healthy smiling face.  We see you haven't graced us with your presence in over five years, and even your last visit was to inform you that you were healthy.  We are so glad your visit today is to further confirm that there hasn't been any body snatchers in the last 1/2 decade.  First, we want to congratulate you on living a healthy lifestyle which allowed you to avoid our office.  We see you haven't been on any prescriptions...that is good!  You aren't on any over-the-counter drugs either...that is good.  You haven't had a drastic weight change...just up 8 ounces, although I know you were wanting to lose some, you still have stayed steady.  You are able to walk, talk, eat and see (even if you now need readers)...you are doing well.  Over all, Janette, we are encouraged by  your empty folder and lack of need for our services.  So today we thank-you for allowing us to validate your bill of health."

Now wouldn't that have been more pleasant?  Instead the nurse looks up at me like I am from a foreign planet to inform me that it hadn't been only three years it had been five!!  Now what can I say, "oh I was living life!"

So with her very calm, but irritating remark, she placed the blood pressure cup around my arm.  Now can you guess the results?

YES, I have white-coat-blood-pressure...which means my blood pressure normally runs around 117/75 until I am escorted into a doctor's office...at which time my blood pressure has a mind of its own.  My own mind is saying, "calm down, calm down it won't happen this time, you aren't even anxious!"  So much for self talk...the machine spits out my need for a return visit....154/80!!!

Yes, after my doctor, who doesn't wear a white coat, step back with concerned eyes over my blood pressure she informed me I was to keep a five day journal to prove my "white-coat" blood pressure....well I felt the blood pressure rise again.  Who has time to journal all this....my blood pressure, how much I sleep, what I eat and my exercising?

I have been obedient and will return this Friday for documented verification that I am still living!  Substantiate my days has been good for me...it has motivated me to stay on target of my goals for the year. I have even lost a four pounds.

So I can check off one of my task for the month of January...done!! Now to get going on painting that laundry room that I was side-tracked from while keeping a health journal and making sure I get in my girlfriend weekend on the calendar.

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Vee said...

Please forgive me because what I'm about to say may need to be stricken. That's up to you. But the medical profession to include dentistry needs to take a few classes on common courtesy. The last few years have hit everyone in the pocketbook and a well visit to a doctor hasn't been high on many of our priority lists. We understand that they are concerned, but they could do a better job of concealing their disgust. Just sayin'. On that note, hope that you find that your blood pressure is just tickety-boo. I found that mine wasn't so, for that alone, it was good that I finally found my way to the doctor's office. I'm feeling ever so much better as a result.

Debbie said...

Good morning! WOW...wish I could say the same. 5 years with no need to go to the docs is WONDERFUL. As for the "white coat syndrome" I have had that for years, haha...Oh, how frustrating it is. Mine will SOAR, and I mean SOAR. My doc has me monitor mine at home for adequacy. However, I am on blood pressure meds. If I could ever get enough weight off I imagine I could get off some of it. I have a check up scheduled this month and oh how I dread it. sigh....Sooo glad you have been given the stamp of approval. And now onto to better things...Have a good day! HUGS

Mary said...

I am overdue for several of my dr. appts. not my favorite thing to do...they of course are on my list of things to do...lol

sometimes that high pressure thing just happens and is not a true reading...but then again it is good to make sure that's the case.


Farm Girl said...

Wow five years? I was reading this I was trying to remember when I went last, it couldn't have been since 2000 could it? Oh gee, well I am like you no medicines or anything else. Well I am sure that when you are in your own home your blood pressure will be normal again. I hope when you go back they say good job.
Have fun painting. :)

Angela said...

I love the speech! How I wish they would talk to you like that, at the doctors, dentists, whatever! Instead, I always feel like a recalcitrant child (or mother), like I've done something wrong...:( Praying your appt. goes well.

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Janette, it seems that making a long-neglected doctor appointment was a common item on many people's Sally List, so you're certainly not alone. I am glad you made it in but sorry about your experience. Seems we should send THEM a bill for having to put up with their attitude, huh? :-) Keep taking care of yourself, and I hope the BP turns out to be the expected non-issue.

Lisa said...

I'm sure your blood pressure will be A-OK! Just skip in there and smile real big. You go to the Dr. every day. The Great Physician! HA. So there mean nurse lady! LOL!

Karen said...

proud of you! Hate you are experiencing the bp problem. But, don't ignore ~ mine has started creeping up. Sometimes the coat might not be culprit. I'm just being precautious. Praying for you and your family.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

i have been on blood pressure for 3 years now. my doctor was so surprised because i have absolutely NO indications of causes at all. Mine was 150/99 and just kept rising! hereditary they say.

so glad that you are doing great and I love your new header!!

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

Good job at keeping healthy and not needing my services speeches might eventually put the doc out of business..lol I am with you and avoid well visits for as long as possible. You have reminded me that is definitely time to schedule one. Glad your doing well. Patty

Sandy said...

Let me go on record as saying I have met very few doctors or dentists in my life that don't act snarky! They seem to think they can speak to their patients as though they were their parents. Although I do go for a visit yearly I loathe it simply for the very reasons you mentioned. Seems every time I find a doctor or dentist I really like they retire in a few years and I'm back to being given no respect. And if you dare to question something they suggest you do they act like you are the biggest idiot in the world! I think I'm going to look for someone who knows about natural medicine. I hear they are much more
friendly and open to how you feel about your health care decisions.
Glad to hear of your good report. And the white coat thing--almost everyone I know suffers from that.

Debbie said...

ARGH! You just sang my song. I didn't go to the gyno last year, and I'm just dreading the visit for that very reason. I can't tell you how very much I dislike a condescending attitude from a doctor or dentist, and especially from their staff.

And they wonder WHY people avoid them???

I just read "Vee's" comment in the middle of this and just want to say AMEN to her.

I'm proud of you for keeping yourself so healthy.

BTW, I just read that the AMA is now questioning the need for regular check ups quite so often.
Paps are actually on the list of "over recommended" I was surprised.

Marla and Steve said...

I'm proud of you for feeling great for the last 5 years since your last doc visit. Hopefully the BP will be ok.

I have had very professional, very caring docs and dentists and I have had awful ones. We have great insurance so we have choices about where we take our medical business. Warm and fuzzy are not as important as thorough.

If you can just imagine, I was just about to be put under for a Colonoscopy and the doc makes a rude comment to me. So I'm in a very vulnerable position (ha ha) and ask him if he is that rude to all his patients. I've got my front toward the nurse- and my biscuits facing the doc. The nurse gives me two thumbs up where I can see but the doc could not. I later learned that he had to go for special training to learn how to politely interact with his patients. Too late for our family. We took our biscuits elsewhere. :)

Theresa said...

I have white coat syndrome too. I almost start laughing when the nurse takes it. Most times I have just rushed in there and my heart is still racing. If it is high I always ask the doctor to do it after I've talked to her a bit. I guess it helps to have a doctor you love :)

Carol said...

Yes, to what Vee and Debbie said! It's great to be healthy, a blessing! And to be a good steward of your body!
Yes, the medical profession could take some lessons in bedside manner/compassion/courtesy. Us veterinarians could give them some wonderful lessons, if you ask me.

camp and cottage living said...

I'm sure glad you're doing good. The blood pressure was probably just a result of nerves!
After all four pounds lighter!
You're doing a great job in my book
and you can tell the Doc |I said that too!

JillAileenJones said...

Mine ususally runs around 116/70 or less-it was 127/90 when I went into have my surgery yesterday. It did go down after the surgery but like 140/74 so that was crazy-I have been told the bottom number is what they worry about. I tried not to be nervous but I am hoping that is what was affecting it. I rarely go to the Dr. either. I hate going unless I really have to but I know that with age comes issues that I need to be aware of and take care of it need be but I want to try and exercise more and lose weight now that my knee surgery is over and hopefullly get it working again. Hope it was just a fluke. Enjoy painting the laundry room. I need to do mine too. :0 We need to plan a girlfriend weekend soon. Let me know what looks good for you.

Petra said...

It's been 6 or 7 years. I better get going, huh? But I just rather not. You see, I too have the white coat syndrome. How's your blood pressure? Blessings!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, so glad you got to the Dr. and got a good bill of health (once the bp is under control) :o) I'm fanatical about my Dr. visits and don't really know why. I've always been healthy and sure hope it continues.

Blessings for a great rest of the week!

Vickie said...

Well, Janette - I hear ya - better late than never, and it looks like you're actually doing pretty good! I've been slacking on that, too, I'm afraid. I'm getting caught up tho, just like you! Now, go take care of yourself!

Sue said...

I have the same white coat blood pressure except mine is so much higher, and when I got the same look my BP went even higher, LOL, to which I blamed her for it.I think you have done well to of not be taking any meds. and just keep up the good work.
Enjoy your week,

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I am so glad your BP issue is white-coat related!! Congratulations on the four pounds. I'm struggling to lose a few gathered over the holidays... they just keep tagging along! On to the laundry room and the girls' weekend!! blessings ~ tanna

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Janette
Congratulations for having been able to stay away from your doctor
s clinic the past five years.

Medical personnel tend to be lacking in compassion and common courtesy. So ironic, but probably it is because that is what they do all day long, day in day out, year in year out. Each person who walks in becomes just a statistic.

Well, I have had my blood pressure going up and down these past years, but have also decided that more often than not, starting to take a blood pressure medication will start a never ending cycle of physical ailments that would not have happened if the BP medication was never begun. Somehow taking a pill creates a dependency.

A few years back I was put on BP maintenance med to keep it regulated. When the box ran out, I never bothered to refill it... Just made sure I ate the "right" food...

Essential oils, fruit before breakfast, a concoction of raw vegies, plenty of water, avoiding the white stuff (no white rice, no white bread, no white sugar) plenty of sunshine, and enough exercise.

Oh, and I talk to my body a lot - speak life to it, command healing to any part that seems to be having a little problem... and it works!

Your cheerfulness and laughter and joy are natural remedies - I don't mean to be so simplistfic, for there are serious conditions that need a doctor's attention, but more often than not, a healthy dose of laughter will chase that bp back down to normal!


Custom Comforts said...

That is so cute. No one likes to go to the dentist or the gynecologist and more and more the eye doctor is ranking right up there. There will always be many good reasons to put it off, but I'm glad you got there.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Fifty things start to change so it truly is important to check in once in a while.

Dr.'s and the nurses need to take bed side manner lessons. I am lucky to have a Christian one who is so special.
So nice to meet another Christian sister!
Love your blog! ♥ Darlene

Crickit said...

I am also over due for that wonderful pap appt. I also get the "white coat" blood pressure thing whenever I go! I am sure you will be fine.

Glad that you have one thing checked off of your list...hope you get to have your girlfriend time in too! :)

Sharon said...

Yup, I'm overdue for my yearly awkward strip act (aka, my pap). Any way you look at it, it's just terribly humiliating. Plus, I always get a little mixed up - sometimes thinking I'm at the dentist instead. All flustered, I often blurt out, "No, I haven't flossed." It causes some very puzzled looks on the gyno's face...


Debbie said...

Janette, have you had your first colonoscopy? That was my big surprise on my 50th. However, I don't have to repeat it until I reach 60 and that will be next year.

Blood pressure often rises at the doctor's office. When I worked as a nurse, I used to try to relax the patients so they wouldn't be nervous.

I've enjoyed getting to 'know' your daughter-in-law through her blog. Very precious girl.

Love you,

Maryann said...

I proud of you for getting that "task" off your to do list and I hope your blood pressure behaves itself...its a problem I have had for years.
For the most part my doctors have been good. They all know I am a nurse, sometimes it's helpful, other times it just makes it more complicated...you see I think they need my help...they think I need to stop trying to be the nurse and just be the patient :)

Sarah (Nikki) said...

This made me laugh...Ilove your take on not going to the doc for five years. Mine keeps telling I need to book an appointmetnt for a physical...Haven't done it yet....Will read and watch your similar journey before I buckle. Stay well Janette...and keep living your life.

Catherine said...

Dear Janette, I understand the "white coat" syndrome. When I was much younger I was so scared on the inside that when I finally got to the car I fainted! Yes! Well, when I was escorted back up to the dr.'s office from the parking lot, he said that I was so nervous I made my blood pressure soar and as a result I fainted. I so a little better now. I find that keeping some prayer in my pocket just gives me much more courage. I will pray for you Janette that your pressure will be better.
I am so glad that you visited! You have been on my mind and I think my brain waves reached you. I have been thinking about you and just have had too much on my mind. I am sorry that I haven't visited as I should. I don't think that each day has the same amount of hours!, some days go much too quickly.
I am sorry that I am going on so long. As you can tell I am so happy to hear from you. Blessings to you and your loved ones. Your friend, Catherine xoxo

Sally said...

I've been annual about my annual for some time and received another clean bill of health . . . well my cholesterol was up but I want to argue the number.

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

I too stand in the ranks of those who rarely go to the doctor, unless forced. I am only slightly ashamed to say even my annual exams have fallen by the wayside since we lost our health insurance. A hundred and fifty dollar office visit, plus the labs is just out of our current budget. I trust God to get us through this rough patch, and then I get back on schedule. And, I too dread the lecture in both body language and tone. Sigh.

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