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Sunday, January 1, 2012

High Ho, High Ho

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"High Ho, High Ho, now off to work we go."  Now are you singing it?
It is January and for me that means making a plan.  So this year, I think I will take it one month at a time...mark down some objectives and see what happens.  I know not to plan too far in advance and not to be too set in my plans...God seems to always come along and change them anyway.

First goal for this month..."High Ho, High Ho - Off to the Gym I Go!!!" 
I worked out alot this past year, but the scales didn't reflect lower numbers. I did, however, lose a couple of inches, but not enough to change my clothes size.  I have also observed that I am an emotional eater.  Now since confession is good for the soul, I hope acknowledging that fact will help me to watch it.  So when I'm in a stressful event or just feeling bored - I need to learn how to relieve that feeling by a more productive way... other than eating.

Second goal of the month - Clean out and Organize my pantry and refrigerator
After the holidays, both need attention. I need to cook up some freezer breakfasts and meals for the remaining basketball season.  If I have healthier alternatives available to both my teenage son and me, we will eat better.

Third goal - Well, the appointment is set...UGH!!!!!!!!  So that annual doctor's appointment that was three years ago...well, it is finally on the calendar and I must go!

Fourth goal - Do something fun that re-energizes me.  It is too easy to be caught up in children's schedules and never leave any time for play.  I am going to work on at least one fun thing for each month.  I think I might take a weekend off to go see my friend...this is something I have never done and it would be good for me to try something new and refreshing.  She is one of my friends who says, "pull up your big girl panties and deal with it!"

Fifth goal - Do something creative.  I think I will paint my laundry room.  It connects to my kitchen and I sooooooooooo LOVE my kitchen walls that I will carry that color into the laundry room.  I will put in some accents of red to cheer me up while I am doing that weekly chore.

How about you? Do you have some things you are planning on this month?  So, here it goes for my once-a-month goals...we will see what twists and turns happen.

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Anita @ Cedar Hill Ranch said...

Oh my lots of projects in my future, but my goal today is to get my hair done. I enjoyed my time with my family, but I am glad to have the house to myself for a few hours today now that the kids are back in school.

Vee said...

Good plans all, now be sure to let us know how it works out. I am trying the technique of drinking water whenever I feel like reaching for something more than I need to eat. I'll let you know how that's working, too. Ohhhh, a little get-away to a friend's. Now I really hope that you'll do that!

Deborah Ann said...

You have some great things on your New Year wishlist! I need to lose some weight too. One potluck too many...

Happy New Year Janette!

Christine said...

I'm an emotional eater also.
My trick is to have a bowl of carrots and celery, all ready to eat, out on the counter.
That's what I reach for when I'm frustrated, excited or any other emotion.

Good goals! You go girl!

Sandy said...

Well, your fourth and fifth goals sound like fun, the others, not so much.
I have only three new goals right now and they are to make time for being creative on a daily basis and, like you, planning a once a month time out for girlfriends, and going for a good long walk at least four times a week.

Canadagirl said...

I love how you are only making goals for this month. Bite size pieces are so wise to take. I need to sit down and write (blog) my monthly goals. You have inspired me again! [o=

Blessings and ((HUGS))

Karen said...

OH girl.. that all sounds great..and Ilove that you are not setting things in stone . i have a bad habit of doing that ,then when things dont get done I feel disappointed or unacomplished..
I just started a Gluten free diet..so I want to learn some new recipes for Gluten free.. I want to walk more this year.. God has given me the place to do it,,and yet..... :( I need to find a new doctor.. I have not gotten astablished since we moved so I need to do that too..thanks for the reminder..
Love ya friend..and I look forward to pictures of you laundry room when you get it done..

Sharon said...

OK, grrr...yes, I'm overdue for my little "visit" too. So I suppose I have to make that call...

Things have been so discombobulated lately that I haven't set any goals. And I don't tend to be a goal-setter anyway - (maybe that's why I don't seem to get much of anything done!!)

OK, I'll pick one thing. I really need to get going on a talk that I've been planning on writing for a long time. It's bugging me how much I've been procrastinating. So, that's my goal - just get started on it!

GOD BLESS - good luck this month. I'll be checking in...

blessedmom's simple home said...

I like the idea of goals better than resolutions, and making them for the month sounds far more doable than for the year. I think I'm going to write down some too :)

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

Yours sound like some of the same projects I have on my Sally List - the "take care of me" part of the list! Good luck with yours!


I like the balance in your goals. And that you are taking care of yourself.


Debbie said...

I really don't know how I missed this post...

If we are being honest here I guess I need to do some confessing too. I have squeeled off my diet BADLY again. I am set to go back to Jenny Craig on Friday and I am downright scared to climb on that scale. I just never seem to know how to just sit tight. I am either gaining or losing....sigh.....I don't know if I can even write about it anymore as I am just such a joke in this area. I don't know anything else to do but just keep working at it. I am DEFINITELY an emotional eater...have known it for years....but the problem is it doesn't matter what the emotion is, I eat...Happy? better eat....Sad?...better eat....Bored?...better eat...Stressed? Definitely eat...I eat socially, by myself, just for fun. I just flat out LOVE to eat, I love to cook, bake and entertain...sigh. Sooo, AGAIN I begin the January diet. I keep thinking someday, somehow I will get this under control with His help. I do OK, (even great) for a while, but eventually, I am back to my old ways. Soo that one is on my list. So is fixing these knees...OH, and my closet is just a joke. My list doesn't sound very fun huh? I love your idea of once a month. Going to see your girlfriend sounds wonderful. Wish you could come see me. I think painting the walls sounds good too. I will watching for the pics of this project. Sorry I wrote a book..haha. Hope you had a good day!

Debbie said...

Oh, and btw, I LOVE your new header...Mine was SUPER easy to do, but I have NO idea how you did yours...OK, that might be it now. HUGS

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Love your new header! And, what a wonderful list, maybe I need to make one such as this. :o) Hoping that you are able to follow through most of them, especially the really fun ones. So good to drop by and catch up with you. Blessings!

Theresa said...

I love your goals. I am an emotional eater too, and a hormonal one- LOL!

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

Jeanette - Well, I guess I will stick with the old GOAL -
Laughter! :)

Happy New Year to you - Marsha

Sally said...

I'm pretty annual about my annual exam, scheduled for this next Monday. Pull up those panties and get 'er done. I'm still mulling over 2012.

ღ soraya ღ said...

nice post thanks for sharing! blessings soraya

Nancy said...

You've made us think about goals instead of resolutions and that's very good.....I am like Sandy, I like the fun ones but know I have to deal with the others as well....It seems the more I try to do something about my weight the more it comes on....Just for today, I think I will be like Miss Ohara and say "I'll think about that tomorrow"....Please remind me or I might forget all together....you know head in the sand..

Have a great day, friend

Carol said...

What great ideas! I can relate to the gym thing from last year.
I really like the look of your new header.
Happy New Year!

Debbie said...

Hi Ho Hi Ho! Yes, I'm humming it now. I can't think of a negative thing about that, though. It's a happy song.

Love your plans for the month. My mom, sister, and I used to map out monthly objectives and share and compare. We had stopped for a couple of years, but we started it again yesterday. The beginning of my month will be taken up with getting a certain intern to her new place. After that, it looks a lot like yours!

We're in this together.
It must be a "50 thang..."

Connie Arnold said...

Fun way to share your goals! Happy New Year, Janette!

e-Mom said...

Hi Janette,

Thanks for stopping by! I've been quietly reading your seasoned wisdom here through Google Reader. :~D

We enjoyed some good times with our son over Christmas (which I wrote about in Facebook).

Lots of videos came our way from our daughter... with a cute clip of our grandson rolling over (also posted in FB).

Re Pinterest: So much fun! I find many things to repin by searching for different foods/topics of interest. (See search box in upper left corner.)

Also, I follow over 700 pinboards, so there's always lots to enjoy and repin in my image stream! It's also fun to browse around Amazon.com for kitchen gadgets.

Trusting you are well. I'll be blogging at Chrysalis again in a week or so.

Blessings, e-Mom ღ

Maryann said...

I like the idea of monthly goals, seems less daunting. One of my goals is to get moving, you know the excercise thing...I have a lake where I work that is very walkable (1 mile to walk around it) now I just need to get out there and do it! Your other goals sound much like mine. Ready set go!

Sarah (Nikki) said...

Jeanette...I love love love your goals. I'm heading to the gym too after the kids go back to school....and creativity...and me fun...yes to that!!! That annual doc appointment...I'm cheering for you b/c it's been way too long time for me too. Have a great rest of the week....your goals are the best....

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

I just might steal your goals. Wow, a decorated laundry room! It would make going in there much more enjoyable! Great idea!

I like your other goals as well, Janette. You have inspired me. I'll jump on the same band wagon!

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