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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why I Am Afraid of a Salon

google image...hair designs.
In May, I started a 31-day-to-a-cuter you...trying to revive my extremely-needed, painted, 50-year-old barn...ie. me! (click to see past post)

The years of neglect and advancing age had caught up to this old mule..."well, she ain't what she use to be" could be echoed in my house. Strolling towards the new me....exercise, clothes, make-up and hair...the train left the track and went down a side road of moving.  Needless to say, everything was de-railed.

So, trying to hop back on the train and pick up something other than the real paint brushes being used in my new home, I decided to address one of my biggest procrastinations...the much-needed attention area of...... myself.
I know you are now wondering if I even possess the female gene...I do, but here is why I hate going and having my hair done.

  1. I never know what would  look good on me or what I want.  So I arrive early enough to explain that I have no idea what I want and that any resemblance of my past cut is gone.  Since every time I find someone I like, she moves or something. This means this new stylist doesn't have a clue either and she hands me the BOOKS.
Channel -Bird's Nest - the hair cut name...google image
  1. Now if those pictures aren't scary enough for a 50-year-old, home school mom...well, wanting to cover up their half clothed bodies is.
  2. My next big scare is the price....I mean it costs the amount of a car payment...totally insane in my book, and I just think about everything else I could get for that price.....I am a cheapskate when it comes to my hair.
  3. Getting there on time... having someone to keep my little one....traffic...well, that isn't relaxing...I will address the road rage on the way to my appointment in my next post.

I had to eat most of my excuses because the pictures from the circus told it all....my hair looked horrible.  My precious daughter calls and says she will pay for 1/2 as my Mother's Day gift and she gives me the name of a stylist and salon to go to....one she uses.

I arrive wiping off tears.....tears caused by an individual's road rage... addressed in a separate post. 

I sat down to a very quiet stylist, pulled out my picture and sheepishly said,  "Will this work on me? Am I too old for this cut?"  "No, the cut is fine but forget getting your hair that color." is her informative answer.  "I didn't pick it for the color, I picked it for the cut"...yelled my nervous, internal conversation.

She starts to work...I look up at the mirror...as 3 to 4 inches are following to the ground... and I see the sign:


I have neither...only my debit card.  While she is starting my coloring, I get the courage to explain I will have to go get cash at the ATM after she is finished.....silence!!!

All of a sudden she speaks, "you have the most WICKED grey hair I have ever seen! I have dealt with grey hair for years and I'm a teacher and have NEVER seen this in the books. Hey!  Come over here and see her grey hair!!"  Now I am feeling like an alien!!! The description of my grey hair is that it is striped.  Yes, STRIPED.  It is grey, black, grey, black....like a zebra all the way down my hair strand! Who knew?

An hour and 1/2 later, I come out looking great, with my zebra-striped grey hairs colored. There is an extra bounce in my step until...................... I hear what I owe and go into sticker shock while running to the car to the ATM.

Every person in Denton, Texas was lined up at the ATM!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Each car had multiple people using the ATM....can you say nervous?

I get back to the salon with the amount of a small loan in cash to give my stylist, who is outside waiting to go home!!!!!!!!!!!  She says thank-you and leaves.  The guilt starts crawling in over the money spent. I call my hubby...who reassures me that it is all worth it. He knows me...I am not a spender, and he also knew what my hair looked like.  He wants his wife to look nice, so he calms my fears.

Now you know part of my story on why getting myself back in some type of order is such an ordeal.  I have to admit...I love my hair, I feel pretty and in the long run, no one in my household is going to go to bed hungry...but I still will try to find a cheaper place next time and save the difference for more blinds in the house.

Step one of painting my barn and getting back on track has been accomplished.  Now further work is needed and I am encouraged to start my workouts (inside, thank-you at 108 degrees) tomorrow. There comes a time to take time out and make oneself feel and look better....I think my time is now.

If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in a library?  ~Lily Tomlin

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Farm Girl said...

That is such great post and I am so glad you like your hair, I was so afraid the lady would mess it up. Really zebra stripes? I think that is really cool.
I will tell you the truth, my gal has done my hair for 20 years, but I had to make some changes and so I quit getting my hair done. I am saving a boatload of money each month.:) But the barn is in serious need of painting, the old girl is very gray and my hair is getting long and longer.
The last few months I grab scissors when my hair gets into my eyes and give it a whack. I don't know how long I can keep this up, but as I keep telling my husband, do you know how much wool I can buy for what I paid to get my hair done? I kept it in three colors.
It is a hard thing to do to spend the money.
Did you get that hair cut in the picture of Meg Ryan? I bet it is very cute.

Vee said...

Glad that it all turned out well. Are we going to see a picture? I hope so! That haircut of Meg R*yan's looks so cute. Is that what you have minus the color?

I think we need to learn to speak up when things are not going quite as we'd like. To be used as a "show and tell" wouldn't go over with me so it would be reflected in her tip with an explanation why, especially if I wasn't planning on returning. She should have asked if you minded at the very least.

(I feel the same way about having my hair done. I have yet to receive what I think I've requested and I am old and have been to the hairdresser's many times.)

Theresa said...

Ugh, I can so relate to getting your hair done. When I was in my early 20s I went to the most upscale salons where I would sit and not say a word and let the masters do their work- LOL. Now I couldn't afford it and would never want to do that!
I just had a major haircut (8 inches which I will donate) but the good thing is my sister-in-law came over to do it :) She also colors my hair. We use Henna to avoid the chemicals. It works well although it stinks.
Have a great weekend :)

Nancy said...

What no picture? I couldn't wait to get to the end of that wonderful post and see your gorgeous hair....We need a picture......

You are such a wonderful story teller....I always enjoy your posts so much....They really keep your attention...

Hugs and blessings,

Canadagirl said...

I can relate to this post. This year I am focusing on getting healthy, in shape, and some pretty clothes (second hand of course...you can't change a tightwad. [o=) I did the hair colour thing last year but I don't feel like I can keep it up anymore. So I will learn to appreciate the grey that shows my wisdom years Proverbs 16:31.

You sound like you are ready for a date night with your sweetie. [o=

Blessings and ((HUGS))!

Crown of Beauty said...

Janette, it is 1 oclock in the morning over here in this part of Asia, and someone (me!) is reading this funny blog post. I know it is a serious matter, but the way you wrote it with all those humorous comments has me giggling here all by myself at such an unholy hour.

I am very sure the new hairstyle looks very good on you.

For hairstyling, you should come here. We have great hair salons, and your $20 would go a long long way here.

But yes, I am sure your new hairstyle has made your hubby happy too.

Post a picture soon I hope.


NanaNor's said...

Janette, I do hope you took a photo when you got home from the salon so you would be able to show the next gal what you wanted. I hate fussing with hair and color.
So glad you ended up with a cut you like; as for zebra stripes-I have all sorts of weird colors in my hair and also one side is so much thicker than the other.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Noreen

Shanda said...

Question: why is there no picture of the finished product? I want to see it while it is fresh and done by her???? If you're like me..it never looks the same when I do it.
I love this post. I am the same way: cheap, hate going at all and wait too long, never know what I want. Plus, I hate making small talk with strangers. I fight going to the hairdressers.
Kudos to you for going. I know you are beautiful

Mary said...

okay, i am waiting on the picture...come on, you must post a photo of your hair!!

the guy that cuts my hair makes sure he wears closed toed shoes every time he cuts my hair. it is very wirey and since it's short it's like splinters if you get it in your feet. i am not kidding you one bit!!!

picture please!!


Debbie said...

Oh Janette how I can relate to this post...I guess most of us gal's in their 50's can...We WANT to be modern and in style, the hair is graying, (and the roots show within 4 weeks if you are as bad as me!) no one ever stays at a place very long so even if you DO happen to find someone that is kind of good and doesn't charge a fortune, they leave soon, there is sooo many other places we'd rather spend our money, AND the prices are just downright ridiculous!! I soooo lucked out 4 years ago I have yet to truly believe my good fortune. My neice (mel's best friend Jessica) works at an exclusive REALLY REALLY expensive top of the line hair salon in Newport Beach (where only the truly rich go trust me ~ even my car in the parking lot looks out of place, haha) and is in on all the latest cut trends, classes, colors etc. etc. and is able to charge whatever she choses to her own customers...and this wonderful girl is sooo talented that I couldn't be more pleased with what she does to my hair....I LOVE it (for the first time in years...) and here is the truly unbelievable part....she colors my hair ALL over (I am totally grey ~ started going grey in my 20's) and adds both high and low lights, cuts it and styles it ALL for 50 dollars (I do tip on top of this of course)....now her non family members are charged probably around 3 or 4 hundred (or more depending on length) for the same thing!! I even experimented with extensions since she was willing to put them in (I just had a few going on the sides to add thickness) without charging me anything besides the price of the hair which she of course bought for me at her cost. It takes forever to put those things in and then there is maintence involved and I felt guilty having her doing it (and while they did look good, they bugged me sometimes)as I know she charges hundreds to do it for other customers, so I took them out....She has done MANY brides on their big day, (including Mel's and ALL of her bridesmaids) and really has more customers than she knows what to do with. What a business IF (and it's a big IF)you are good. She does her mother and my mother for free...How grateful I am for this...Hair has always been a biggie to me for some reason. I am sooo glad you liked yours. We need to see a pic. If you take a GOOD pic of it you can show it to a gal who might not charge as much in the future. If it weren't for my neice, I'd probably have to color my own with what they charge now and this economy...and trust me from years ago when I did, it was a not a good look for me. I don't paint very well. Sooo sorry I wrote a book. Hope you are having a good week-end. ENJOY that new do! HUGS

Sonja said...

oh I am laughing out loud over this one! I have done my own hair for years, cuz every time I went and had it done, I came home crying, for the way I looked and the money spent. I love the Meg Ryan cut and you really owe us a picture of how cute you look...

GOOD FOR YOU!!! It's one of the things that we have to get right, our hair... I think I probably would be shocked at myself with a different color or style... might even love it, I've been frosted blonde for so long that I'm sure I hold the record.

Post a picture! :)


Carol said...

I'll bet you look great. It's true though, you so OWE us a picture now!
I've kinda been working on a makeover myself since turning 50 this year. It's really a good idea.

Sally said...

I feel your pain on this subject but have no words of wisdom to impart. I would like to suggest that "What Not to Wear" gives excellent advice on dressing your body, as it is now, to it's best advantage. I have followed their suggestions and am VERY pleased at how I have trained my eye to look for the right cut of clothes for my figure. I'm cheap, a great second hand/sale shopper, it takes a bit longer to change over the wardrobe but it can be done on any pocketbook. Good luck!


This is a great and funny post that speaks to so many of our fears.

In Seattle, I traded housekeeping with my sylist. Saved us both piles of money.

Here,(Chicago), I stopped coloring my hair and only color my brows ($5) and walk to the cutest little shop where the young girl, LIKES ME and cuts my hair well.

THANK GOD. (literally)

So glad you like your hair.


camp and cottage living said...

I bet your Meg Ryan haircut looks adorable.
Why is hair always an issue with us? We never seem to like what we were given. My hair is what I call "mousey brown". So I told my hairdresser I wanted highlight that were just a little lighter so it wouldn't leave a grow out issue. She took it upon herself to go really light with the high lights. I either had to keep spending 100. buck every visit or put up with dark roots now.It's something I wrestle with every time I lok in the mirror!!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh I love this post! I agree though you need to show us a picture of your cute new hair style!

Maryann said...

I changed hair dressers with my last cut and I had the same issues with price, I called several places, trying to find some resonable price for a cut and color.(I would set up the appt then cancel, I mean, I had trouble dropping that kind of money for someone my sons age to do my hair, it just didn't seem right.) The place I was going to was cheap but the girl was so distracted thaat when she cut my hair it never looked the same way twice.
I did finally relent, at my husband's insistance, but still had a real hard time when it came to paying.
I think hair is one thing you have to get right. You got a way with words, enjoyed this post, I agree everyone else..so where's the picture?

Christine said...

I do believe we are of Kindred
I have even resorted cutting my own hair. Which I will never do again.

Christine said...

PS - I agree with everyone else about a picture!

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

Love this post! I am with you on the first year in the 50's business. Most of it I don't mind but my "if money was no object" splurge would definitely be a top notch visit to the hair dresser once a month but for me that would mean 75 - 100 dollars and I just can't justify it. I tried the budget places and really paid the price in a bad haircut so I compromise...I color at home one month and go professional the next. It's still expensive but like the commercial says, "This old grey mare is worth it!"
I'm with everyone else...where's the picture? I'm sure it's adorable!

Karen said...

Glad you like it...but it is upsetting to me that you were treated in this way. NO professionalism. This is what I sooo long for when I go to a salon. My hair stylist just moved and after having the most wonderful one in LA and finally finding one after moving here, I am devastated. Got to start the whole hunt over again. The atmosphere to the salon ranks right up there with the cut for me. Hope you and I both can find one. Hope to see the new-do!

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

I loved this story. I've been in your place, felt great except for the price, and then before I knew it, it was time to do it all again. Gave up on the color a long time ago, and just go natural. Thank goodness my gray just looks like highlights at the moment....

JillAileenJones said...

Oh, that was really not nice, to post this and not post your picture too. lol I want to see this cute new hair cut. I love to go to Salons to get my hair washed, but the hair cut never comes out the way I want it too and the last time I went and had it colored it cost and arm and leg. So I usually run to Sally's and buy a color to put on it and since I have so much grey it soaks it up and it always comes out a dark brown no matter what color I put on it and I dislike it for about a week until it calms down some. Oh the issues of being a woman-lol! I was feeling your stress while sitting there reading that sign and thinking "oh no" what is she going to do, I would have started crying I think! lol You must post a picture of your cute self in your new hair cut. I want to see. Thanks for the giggle today. Making me motivated to do something with my hair too, the problem is I live in the 80's it always seems to morf back to that time period no matter what I do. Sigh.

Catherine said...

Dear Janette, I so relate to your story!!! I just had my hair cut. It was always in a bun!! Headache! I too did not want to spend the money. I went with my daughter. She made the appointment and said you are sprucing up!! I am glad she did. I am now stressing about keeping it this way. The cost! But I am trying to do it for my self esteem, to revitalize myself. I relate. I bet you look great. It does put a bounce in the step. Thank you for visiting. I look forward to visiting again soon. Blessings, Catherine xo

A multi-dimensional life said...

Hahaha....I can relate! I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates going to the hair salon! I especially relate to the stress of trying to get there on time. Looking forward to some helpful tips for dealing with road rage!!! :)

Trisha said...

New hairdo or not, I think you are absolutely beautiful!!

What a great story and a great memory, my friend. So glad the haircut turned out well. Yay!!

Make me a Mary said...

Oh, my gosh! This is hilarous!!! Love, love love! And follow, follow, follow!

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh so hard. Thanks for that! I have been on a search for the perfect haircut for years. Maybe there's hope for me.

Debbie said...

Yay for barn painting! I know exactly what you mean, too.

As for me and the salon, I'm very, very blessed. I go to a tiny little shop in the back yard of a friend. (Think Steel Magnolias) She charges me eight bucks for a cut (I give her ten.) She charges me 25 for a highlight. (I give her 30). She generally does what I ask her to do, and she generally does a good job, although my last cut was a little less than her usual. It didn't turn me into the unknown blogger or anything.

I get the whole salon thing, though, and am glad you dove in and got your head wet with this one.

Zebra striped gray?

Sharon said...

Oh, Janette - I feel your pain!

I love how you made me laugh about an experience that I think ALL of us women can relate to! I'm currently getting my (very) gray hair colored. Only one problem, though. My hairdresser only works every other week, so I get my hair done once a month. By the time I crawl into there on that 4th week, I look more like Pepe Le Pew than anything. It's amazing the styles I've come up with to hide that stripe - men and their comb-overs have NOTHING on me!

Can't wait to read the next post - I think I caught a glimpse of Janette (Meg)...

Petra said...

One of my female genes is defective, actually two of them. I neither like shopping nor going to a hair salon. But don't tell anyone.

I too like the Meg Ryan hairstyle. I might have to try it on for size one of these days.


Debbie said...

First of all, I loved the Meg Ryan haircut. But she is so adorable!

You are too funny! But girlfriend, I can identify (especially with the ATM and getting cash bit). It's amazing how expensive it is to get a haircut and highlights and lowlights or whatever.

I'm sure you look great though and it seems your hubby agrees.

I found a photo of a haircut I loved and posted it on Facebook. Everyone seemed to think it was a good one for me. So, I brought it in to a salon and she cut my hair. I don't think I look anything like the photo I brought in and she cut it too short. However, my husband loved it. As for me, it takes too long to have to fuss with lots of layers. They take forever to blow dry. I'd rather put it back in a pony when I had longer hair.

Hugs to you,

Pieces of Sunshine said...

Interesting story....I have been cutting my own uncoloured/greyish hair (and everyone else's in the family) for years now and can relate.

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