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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Heroes in the Body of Christ

There are just times that words can't express our gratitude.  When we step back in such admiration for our loving God, we can only bow in worship, while saying, "Bravo, Bravo God!"

Watching the Body of Christ be the Body of Christ has been one of the most precious lessons our family has learned through our financial struggles.  Today, I just wanted to show you one of the many   dear friends who has blessed our family through his talent and giving heart.  This man has stood beside us more than once and this time, he took care of our precious four-year-old son.
This is Dr. L.D. Jennings, who has helped to heal our four-year-old's leg.  His talented staff reflects the wonderful, giving nature of our long-time friend.  He entered my husband's life in college, he stood as a groomsman in our wedding and has been at the end of more than one emergency call.  He always extends his talent and resources to bless our family.  He is a lifetime Texas Longhorn fan, who has given us his tickets to many games for our enjoyment.  He has blessed us with time in his lake-front condo to celebrate our 30th Wedding Anniversary.  The list goes on and on and he has fulfilled so many scriptures as a true friend and a brother. My husband doesn't have a brother, so this man has been one in every sense of the word.
"A man that has friends must show himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother." Proverbs 18:24
Benjamin laughing as Stacy uses her "tickle machine" to cut off his "camo" cast.
"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matt. 5:16
Carey gently placing Ben's leg in position to take an x-ray on the "fancy camera".
"Give and it will be given to you, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over will be put into your bosom, For with the same measure it will be measured back to you." Luke 6:38
                                        Benjamin surrounded by his "angels". Bless them all!!
Isn't the Body of Christ beautiful?  When we all use what God has given us to bless others, then the world sees the love of our Father.  I also thank so many of you for your prayers, your emails, and unspoken gifts that have blessed us beyond measure.  My humble heart can only cry out, "Bravo, Bravo God!"
Leg brace for only one more month...God is good!!!

29 Joining in with more words:

Carol said...

What blessings! It touches my heart to see God demonstrating His love for me through others! As does seeing that others love Him so much that they allow Him to use them!
Beautiful, beautiful, Janette!

Anonymous said...

AMEN! God is so good. Have a blessed Sunday Janette.

Anonymous said...

I love it that you have honored this wonderful man on your blog. It's so important that we lift up the people in our life as he has lifted up you and yours.

Lea said...

Isn't it wonderful to be a part of God's family! Thanks for such a lovely post and hats off to your husband's very special friend that seems to definitely have his priorities in order. Abundant blessings to you!

Sandy said...

What a dear and caring group
of people to care for your
little guy and ease your
concerns during the process.
Yay! Only one more month and
the cast comes off. Great
Sweet blessings,

Rebecca said...

How blessed you are...How beautiful, the Body of Christ.

Debbie said...

What a wonderful post and wonderful friend. I just LOVE stories like this, and I am soo glad you took the time to post it. Your little guy is just soo adorable. He is almost done now too. YAY...Have a wonderful Sunday. HUGS

Farm Girl said...

God is so good to give us friends.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a blessed day Janette

So, I Begin this Journey...... said...

Hello friend!
Oh what a great post..... as you mentioned in your comment on my recent post...... nothing else comes to mind but God!
Good to hear from you!


LisaShaw said...

Hi Janette,

Did I some how miss you in the body of Christ online? I can see you have a precious heart/spirit in the LORD! Loved the message you shared here about your precious, handsome little boy Benjamin and those precious people the LORD has used to bless your family.

GOD is so faithful!!!

Thank you for visiting Jackie's post on my blog and leaving such a powerfully true comment! One I walk with myself!

I look forward to knowing you better in Christ. Praying for your family now...

Blessings and love in Christ,

Debbie said...

The world needs more Dr. Jennings!

I love to see examples like this. Benjamin looks too cute. I'm sure having the cast off is so much easier for him and ...you Mom. :)

Love you,

Sue said...

OH! Janette, I am blessed beyond words by this post, well almost, I am so touched by reading of how this man chooses to be a doer of the Word,and not just a hearer. His face just shines with the love of the Lord. and I am so happy that Benjamin is doing so well, I plan to take some pictures and post for him to see of the baby donkey.
Thank you for all of your sweet words of encouragement.

Paula said...

This post just makes me want to cry tears of joy. Through tear filled eyes, I say thank you to our Lord, for bringing friends like Dr. Jennings into your life and mine. You can almost see wings and a halo if you look hard enough. (((hugs))) and pass the kleenex!

JillAileenJones said...

We are all called to be the body of Christ this way-so glad that he allows himself to be used by God to bless your family to which I am sure he too is blessed. When I truly open up and allow God to use me in the way He calls-I am always blessed beyond measure usually more than the one I set out to do something for.
So sweet of you to let him know how much he has meant to your family over the years as well.
Precious photos of your little guy too-such a sweet smile. Loved them.
Hope you had a blessed Sunday.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

So many blessings! I am so happy for you and that cutie pie!!! Heal and have FUN!

Trisha said...

What a blessing, Janette! It is wonderful how God provides for us through the body of Christ.

Sydney said...

God is such a loving Father. He gives us more than we can ever think ask or imagine. He has surrounded you with such loving and caring people..what a blessing!

Praise the Lord, that your son will not be in that cast for much longer:)

Ginny Marie said...

How wonderful that you have a great team to look over your son! I'm sure that eased your mind so much when seeing your little one go through all that!

Sonja said...

God sends us such special people to share life with. What a neat guy! And isn't it wonderful to have someone you really trust to turn to when you have a medical need!

Benjamin is healing so quickly, well... it seems quick to me... it may seem a lot longer to you! Kids do have such a beautiful way of healing fast. By Christmas he will be hopping all over the place!

e-Mom said...

Aw, a beautiful post!!! Good to have friends in high places. This doctor friend of yours sounds like GOLD!

Love the idea of a "tickle machine." I'm happy your son is on the mend!

partialemptynester said...

Awww, gotta love that guy, what a sweetheart!

Stacy said...

Yeah...the cast is off! And yes, yes, what a gift we have been given through the body of Christ as each person uses the gifts God has given them for His purposes, honor and glory....the whole body is blessed.

So thrilled for your sweet boy!

I echo your heart...Bravo, Bravo...God!

Much love,

Janet - AKA: Latte Lady said...

Oh, little sweetie! What good friends you have.




Jo said...

What a brave boy

Karen said...

What a great post..and how blessed you are to have good people in your life..and you can always tell the ones that GOD PUT IN OUR LIVES for that season of time..I have had that happen to me a few times too,,and i was always so grateful to him, just as you are now..

PS.. my husband just started a new job...praise God.. he was unemployed for quite a while,, and with NO unemployment.. it was very hard..but God held our hand through it all..and I just ask god not to let go,
Have a blessed day friend.. talk to ya soon

Diana said...

What a praise and blessing! It's so awesome to see God's love in action through others.

myletterstoemily said...

what a precious and generous doctor to
care for such a sweet boy, who DOES
have his cast off! that's awesome.

i bet his little leg is to tiny but will catch
up in no time.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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