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Friday, November 5, 2010

My Story in a Quilt

Linking up with Dayle for "Airing of the Quilts," I wanted to show off my quilt from my grandmother.

Throughout my Mommy Piggy Tale posts, I spoke about the clothes my mother or I made. By saving pieces of the leftover material through the years, I collected  a large memory scrap box.

During my early teen years, I would spend a week at my grandmother's farm.
She would set up this massive wooden quilting frame in her small den.
After a full day at her job, she would return home to show me how to quilt.
When I graduated from high school and was filling my hope chest, she gathered all the scraps from my clothes and hand-pieced and hand- 
quilted me this memory maker.  I can remember so many of the outfits contained in this design.
 My life story is stitched within a quilt... lovingly sewn by the hands of my grandmother.

Her labor of love has so much more meaning today than even yesterday.
I recently announced that I would be a first-time grandmother.
My thoughts went to dreaming of all the things I would do with this little one.
The memories we would make together.
What I would make for my first grandchild.
God had other plans and my first grandchild is in heaven today.
We rejoiced and now we mourn, but knowing we will see that child one day is a healing balm.

Just like wrapping up in a quilt... God brings comfort.
Recently my friend's mother-in-law went to be with the Lord and they draped her casket in one of the quilts she had made for her granddaughter... wrapping her in comfort.
I look forward to the day I hold my grandchild and maybe, just maybe, one of my future grandchildren will
sit beside me to learn from my hands.

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Val said...

What a touching thing to do - the draping of the casket, I mean.

My mother-in-law is a wonderful, wonderful quilter, and has graciously taught me how to quilt since we first met eight years ago. We use the quilt that she made us for our wedding gift every single day, and love it. There's something so personal and so very warm about the love that goes into a quilt.

Cindy said...

I enjoyed this post. My grandmother was so special to me and I have similar memories. I have been blessed with several quilts from my side of the family and also my husband's and look forward to passing them on to our kids.

(p.s. I'm having a cookbook giveaway at my blog if you're interested.)

Anonymous said...

Janette, My deepest sympathy in your loss. That's a lovely and meaningful memory quilt from your grandmother. I know it must bring you comfort. Carrying you each in my heart and prayers.

Kay K said...

Love your quilt and yes those quilts get more precious as time goes on

Debbie said...

Oh Janette I am not quite sure where to start...First I am soo sorry to hear about your loss. We too lost a grandbaby that way so I know first hand how hard it is. But your right of course, I know I will meet them in heaven one day. And as for your quilt. I LOVE it...but I really LOVE the story behind it. What a truly wonderful thing to have. And how your grandmother taught you is even better. What wonderful memories for you. Those grandbabies will come...I just know they will...and you will be the best Grandma ever. Big hugs to you!! Debbie

Anonymous said...

Love this memory. I'm so sorry about the loss of your grandchild.

I smiled at your comment about a Texas accent. No, not me but I wish I did. :)

Farm Girl said...

Oh Janette, I am so sorry, I will be praying for your family. I am thankful you posted about your quilt today. I know today you will be in my thoughts. I wish I could just come over to Texas and bring you some tea and hold your hand.
May God hold you today in the palm of His hand.

Theresa said...

So sorry Janette. Praying for peace for you all.

I love the idea of memory quilts. What a treasure.

Joy said...

I love your quilt. The quilts that I have that were made from scraps of clothing from our family are the most special. So sorry to hear about the loss of your precious grandchild.

Sonja said...


This is like a benediction and a beautiful tribute, to both of those precious ones you will hold close to you again one day. Precious words.

Love you!

LDH said...

Hi Janette! SO nice to meet you and visit your lovely blog!

What a precious quilt you have. Such pretty colors filled with pieces from your past!

Thanks so much for stopping by my place and leaving your comment!

Kindly, ldh

Dayle said...

Janette, this post really touched my heart. What a beautiful memory quilt. I think quilt stories are as wonderful as the quilts themselves. I'm so sorry about your grandchild, but that makes heaven all the more sweeter.

I'm so glad you linked up today.

e-Mom said...

Quilting is such an art... my MIL is a quilter and loves to make new ones for family at Christmas. I admit, I'm a sewer, but I've never learned to quilt...

This one on the bed is gorgeous! I'm sure it contains many fond memories and triggers lots of stories.

Hugs, e-Mom

myletterstoemily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JillAileenJones said...

Ok, I am so sorry-I feel terrible. Yesterday when I to on to read your blog it apparently didn't understand what you were posting because I read your posts backwards. I had read the quilt one first and then the grandbaby one because I had missed it from the day before. So when I read that I didn't get it but I didn't think your speaking of that grandbaby because I didn't read that post first so I thought you had lost a grandbaby before this and now you were to be a grandma to this one. I am so truly sorry.
I sorry for hurting you and your family during this terrible time. I have two babies in Heaven as well and I would not wish that on anyone.
You all will be in my thoughts and prayers. Again I am truly sorry and I hope you will forgive me for not understanding.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

No Jill...you are fine..you are a precious person!! Hugs sent to you and yours!

myletterstoemily said...

oh janette,

i feel so terrible that i completely missed
that one very important sentence. please
forgive me for rushing through.

please erase my previous comment and
in its place receive my prayer for your


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Truly fine...both of you women are sooooooooooo precious and couldn't hurt a fly...I know your hearts!
Thanks for the prayers!!!

Sandy said...

I'm sorry to learn of the sad
news about your grandchild.
May the Spirit of the Lord
bring a comfort and peace that
passes all understanding to all
of you.
The quilt is beautiful and I
know the memories are too.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

What a wonderful post, Janette! I love quilts!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Janette - so sorry about that precious grandchild. I will be praying for all of you and that God will adminster a healing balm to your hearts.

Sydney said...

The Lord's thoughts are much higher than ours, in that is our comfort. I pray that the Lord is healing the heart of the mother of that precious one. May this experience bring her closer to HIM.

The story behind the quilt and the quilt itself is beautiful.

May His peace be with you.

Karen said...

Janette, thinking of you and your family. The quilt is beautiful with such wonderful memories - but, isn't Heaven getting sweeter all the time? The comfort it brings knowing we will see those who have gone before us.

Yaya Yarns said...

My grandmother was VERY precious to me and I miss her and granddaddy great. They both taught me so many things that I still to this day use and apply to my daily life.

I have one granddaughter who is two, though she has a little brother on the way, I do look forward to and already enjoy making memories together!

I enjoyed your precious story, and look forward with you to hold a special little on in my arms one day that I never got to hold this side of heaven.


Quilting is something I've never gotten into, but I crochet and make tie blankets. However, I admire those who quilt and am amazed at the beautiful handiwork. It is especially fascinating to me to see a quilt with memories and meaning. Your grandmother's quilt is just beautiful and I'm positive there is much love stitched into it. God bless, Dr. Bobbi

Jo said...

What a wonderful story - that is why quilts are so special, you can look at a small piece of fabric and you can remember the wonderful history behind it. Thankyou for sharing.

Lea said...

I love, love quilts and think the draping of a casket with one is extra special. We used a pall cloth on my Mom's casket and I liked it so much better than a bouquet of flowers.

I hope you will be blessed with many more grandchildren in the years ahead.

Blessings to you!

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

What a great post.
I have a hope chest filled with shirts and things from my girls. My mom wants to do the same kind of quilt.

Love it!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Beautiful post, beautiful idea. I really need to practice my sewing more....

myletterstoemily said...

dear janette,

last night i was praying for my oldest
daughter, the married one, because she
and her husband are going through a
hard time. i asked the Lord if a baby
would heal her heartache.

then i remembered your sweet one and
asked Him to cover your hearts with
His wings and renew your HOPE. He
is the giver of life and renewer of HOPE.

somehow, now that i have let you down
and seen your grace, i feel even more
closely knit to your heart.

"for the Lord is good and His love endures
forever; His faithfulness continues
through all generations." psalm 100:5


Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Let me down Lea...never, not possible...you are an inspiration..and love you so!!!

Trisha said...

Oh, my prayers are with you and your family friend. I know this heartache well. May your heart be encouraged and may you be a great encourager! Remember the wonderful hope we have in Him! Hugs and love to you, dear friend.

Trisha said...

Not family friend, but family, friend.

Too, Janette, when I miscarried, I sought such comfort from His Word and wrote down those Scriptures to meditate on. Perhaps that might be helpful and encouraging. My heart aches with you.

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

The quilt is wonderful, especially with all of the memories attached. I'm so sorry about your family's loss. I'll be praying.

Carol said...

What a treasure in the quilt you have!

di said...

What a wonderful story to share. I love how your quilt is made from all of those special scraps and knowing all of the love that went into the making of it by your grandmother. I am so sorry to hear of your loss, too, and placing the quilt on top of the casket is so special. I am new to your blog, thanks to the Airing of the Quilts link party and I'm glad that I visited you. :-)

AwaydownSouth said...

Thank you for your comment. I have been thinking about you lately. I love memory quilts like this! I hope you continue to find God’s comfort over the loss of your loved ones.

A Gardner's Cottage said...

I always love the story behind the quilt. I am so glad you have such wonderful memories. I am new to your blog (I came by because of the quilt party Dayle is having). I am so sorry about your grandbaby.

Have a blessed week end.


Anonymous said...

I'm so very sorry about the loss of your grandbaby. My family has experienced that painful loss, and my heart goes out to you. My sister's niece, our little angel Ava, went to be with the Lord just a few weeks before her due date. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

This quilt is such a priceless heirloom, created with fabric from clothes you wore and stitched together by your grandmother -- it's quilts like this one that almost give me goosebumps, there's so much history and memories woven into every strand! I posted about a similar quilt that's created with fabric from clothing that my mother & her siblings wore as children.

Amanda said...

Janette my friend, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your precious little grandchild. I didn't know you were going to be a grandmother (I must have missed that post). I pray for the comfort and peace of our Lord to surround you and your family.

I love your quilt and all the memories stitched together. What a beautiful idea.

love and hugs xoxo

Debbie said...

Oh Janette, how sorry I am about your loss. I'm sure it is a difficult time for your son and his wife. I love the idea though of the quilt. And yes, you will see that little baby in heaven one day but in the meantime, the loss is very real.

Love you,

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