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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Best School Year – Sophomore Year

Sophomore year just has to be the best year of high school, or at least it is in my memory. You are no longer the "fish" and you have yet to become the "snob" of your senior year. FREEDOM seems to describe my 10th grade of high school. Continuing on my journey to post my youth with Mommy Piggy Tales.
The school year 1976 to 1977!

The first year of Steppers..now check out those guns in my house...wonder why the boys were  afraid of my dad?
With hand-sewn and custom designed uniforms, the "Steppers" would make their debut the fall of 1977. We were allowed a limited number of football, assembly and basketball appearances the first year. We were small but determined and I had found my niche. I would cherish, and in some ways "mother" these girls. With our volunteer sponsor, we would bring a new tradition to the old establishment. Our first football appearance was a hoe-down with hay bales. My "older brother" (future husband) would attend this game and help to get the hay on the field. He would stay in the stands with my friend Kathy, whom he called "string bean". Watching with "older brother" pride, he would watch me step onto the field. (Now remind you he had dated a UT twirler and was then dating a UT cheerleader, as he finished up his senior year at UT)

I would continue to ride the bus to school (until I got my license) and was only allowed to drive to school if there was a reason for me to be early or late. Having a car at school meant you could leave for lunch. We were allowed to leave on our own or with other drivers…this became the objective of the day... to see how you could get away for lunch. Since my parents only allotted me enough money for the school lunches, I would save a day or two of my lunch money in order to be able to eat out.

School meant classes and something you had to do. My grades would remain high, allowing me to continue in leadership over the drill team. PE requirements would be obtained through drill team preparation classes that I would lead. Other than taking tennis my freshman year, I never took another PE class, other than dance.

My father would continue to coach the church basketball teams. My future husband would continue to play and the all the guys would make regular visits to our house. I established some very dear friendships with different guys on the teams. Youth would continue with Bible Study, Revivals, All-Night Lock-ins and Sunday School. This was the time when most churches felt if the kids were at the church building, they were less likely to be involved in drugs. Youth leaders were hired to fill the calendar with activities and an old personage was turned into the youth building.

January would bring my license and age "16"!!! Now when you finally get your license, your whole world changes!!!!!!!!! My father, in his engineering mind, made sure his first born daughter knew all there was to know about a car. I was required to know how to change oil, change my own tire (neither of which I have ever done in 33 years of driving) and learn to drive a standard. The family car that I would speed  uh, drive around town in was a 1977 Honda Civic, which would carry me 50 miles on a gallon of gas. So, the fear I had in junior high of never driving didn't come true. Figuring out excuses to go somewhere became a full time job. I fell in love with driving and just chilling out behind the wheel of my little "can" orange car. At church the guys were known for taking my car and turning it sideways in between two parked cars!!!

Wednesday night at church, I would receive an "older brother" birthday talk from my husband-to-be.  It was not unusual to spend the time between church supper and the service sitting beside him while he played the church piano.  This Wednesday night, I would sit on the piano bench while he sang and then listen as he offered his "grown-up" advice to his future wife on her "16" birthday.

Age 16 also allowed me to legally date, (yes I did sneak out on a date one time…and got caught) which didn't matter much since, I would only date about a half a dozen times before seriously dating my husband to be, even though I would spend time with different guys through the year. This was the age that you swore the whole world of girls had countless offers each week and you were the only one who stayed home…some things don't change. I would fill in my weekends shopping on Saturday with my dating girlfriends and finding different options for group entertainment. Movies would be a big departure for those of us who weren't being asked out.

My family would start to deal with some of the same struggles as other families during this time...my sibling would chose to become involved with alcohol and drugs.  Her decision would bring strain on our family, at the same time it would challenge my faith.  I would learn to take what I believed and make it my own through times of prayer for my family's struggle and Bible reading.  This struggle would continue until after I married.

Summer between my sophomore and junior year would bring a mission trip and DRILL TEAM CAMP!!! Life was just great!!! New adventures every day and just the joy of growing into a young adult brought me continued fulfillment.  Even with struggles at home God would continue to give me a place of refuge in Him and other outlets.

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Ginny Marie said...

I had to take the bus to school, too, only we had to take the city bus! It was mostly filled with high school kids, anyway, but we had to pay the bus driver each time we got on. We had a closed campus, and couldn't go elsewhere during the school day, so driving didn't make much of a difference. Yet we all wanted to drive to school anyway! That's just part of being a teen.

I just love your photos and your memories!

Debbie said...

I don't know how I missed this post...I love your memories of high school. I didn't drive until I was 18...long story...my parents were struggling with just about everything when I was that age. They eventually ended up divoriced. As one of the older ones of 6 kids I was often times overlooked. I think it is neat you knew your husband way back then. My husband played on a state winning football team and went to Nebraska on a full football scholarship and yet I have NEVER seen him play. I would have loved that. Enjoyed this post as I do all of yours. Hope all is well. HUGS to you, Debbie

Eos Mom said...

Sounds like a really great year! Friends, family, activities, hanging with your future husband--great stuff!

myletterstoemily said...

i just love your highschool memories.
they remind me of many of mine.

you look too cute in your drill team
outfit. those were the days . . .

also, in addition to all the stuff your
dad made you do with the car, i had
to rotate all my tires to be prepared
for a flat tire.

i have NEVER had a flat car and that
is such irony.

Olivia said...

Great stories! How wonderful that you were so close to your husband-to-be back then! And I happen to think that your first car was pretty great!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Thanks Olivia...and that car had to be returned to my parents after we got married...my first car was bought for me by my husband...oh, in 11th grade you will see what I did to that car
Thanks for stopping by!!

Gwen Toliver said...

Mmmm... most vivid memory of my sophomore year. The worst grade I ever got - and it was Geometry class. Glad your year's memories are much better! :)

Rebecca said...

I continue to enjoy your recollections of high school life (and marvel at your ability to fill in some of the details). I guess I'm a little farther from MY high school years and have had so many intervening experiences, that sometimes H.S. seems like a blur!

You have been blessed indeed, Janette!

Diana said...

Yes, I am certainly enjoying your posts and reflections of earlier days!! Blessings!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

How fun! I was raised also to know about oil and tire changes. Too bad they didn't remind me to keep checking the GAS as that's the only reason I was stopped along the road... ;-0 Driving too much on my scant waitressing tip money and ran outta gas in my Toyota tercel!
BTW - admit it, you're neva eva gonna come visit my funny farm after my last post, are you?! ;-P

Help! Mama Remote... said...

WOW! A car in your sophmore year too! I really think it's cool when people have went to highschool with whom the married.

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

This was the family car I was allowed to use!! My husband bought my first car...and he wasn't in high school with me...he was at the University...seven years older!!!
Thanks for stopping by!

Sandy said...

I've enjoyed reading about
all your memories, Janette.
Sounds like you had a very
blessed upbringing.

e-Mom said...

How do you remember all that? I have fuzzy recollections, but certainly not in the detail you do! What fun to be able to watch the "movie" of your life.

My Dad was an engineer too... taught me all the things about a car like yours did. PTL for caring Dads! I didn't get my driver's lisence until I was 17 though. I was afraid to!

BTW, I was a cheerleader my junior year, and like you, I have loved dance all my life.

Have a blessed weekend, Janette!


Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I wrote one comment, but hadn't signed in yet, and while doing so, lost my comment :-) I am computer illiterate! Anyway, I love your photos, especially the one of your old Honda. My friend drove one like that.
I also remember our youth group packed with activities, just like yours. Those are such great memories.

So, I Begin this Journey...... said...

What fun memories!!
I love looking at the "old school" photos too!

I've been thinking about having a quilt made for my daughter with t-shirts that hold memories {gymnastics, field hockey, and some I've kept from when she was a baby in China} and when it's completed....I will present it to her on high school graduation night- something "homey" to take along to college.

Wow...to go back for just one day in high school.... well, maybe not! lol

gianna said...

Oooh, sounds like so much fun. You had the romantic story that I wanted. I Love my husband, but we had a routine college love story. I would have LOVED to have a story like yours. The only funny part of our dating story (that I can remember right now) is that when he proposed, I was COMPLETELY arguing with him.
I would like to bring the whole world's attention that high mileage per gallon vehicles is not all that new of a concept!

Anonymous said...

Good fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.

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