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Monday, July 26, 2010

Still Politics - Hometown History Lesson

What was she thinking?  This is one of my favorite stories in Texas History. This event is probably why Texas women get their reputation as being “Strong Women”.

During the days of the Texas Republic, back when we were our own nation, Samuel Houston was President.  The Capital of this Republic resided in Austin against the desires of Sam Houston.  Houston, not being a man full of humility, wanted the capital in the city named in his honor.

Austin was just a small city near the Colorado River.  Houston wasn’t impressed. He decided to send a military dispatch to the capital to retrieve the archives.  Angela Ederly, an innkeeper, discovered the wagons being loaded with the archives.  She rushed to the town cannon, placed at Congress and Sixth Street to sound the alarm.  She set off the cannon, blowing a hole in the Land Office, while arousing the citizens.  The citizens continued to chase down Sam Houston’s men.

The archives were returned for safe keeping under the watchful eye of Angela Ederly. Her tenacity and short temper are credited for the capital remaining in Austin, Texas.
When I hear of the different underhanded schemes that still penetrate through our government today, I remember 1894 and the Sarah Palin of her day.  There is truly nothing new under the sun.

What fascinating history do you know from your home town?  Have you ever tried being a tourist in your own city?

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Deborah Ann said...

Fascinating tid bit of history!

My hometown (Manitowoc) means "Home of the Great Spirit." The indian chief here was known as a man of peace. We have some pretty fascinating history here too...

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