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Friday, July 23, 2010


My learning curve in this blogging world is going slow.  I keep thinking I need to stop and learn what I am doing.
All of that is to say....I have received some awards and didn't know what to do
I want to first say...Thanks so much, I am truly humbled and would like to say Thank-you 
I am sure I won't get all this right.....so Please Grace!!!

The first award is from Ginger at Support Blog for Moms of Boys

Thank you Ginger....she is the one responsible for my blog button. She has a wonderful blog for making things and doing activities with your children.  She is a doll.

The second award is from Jill @Pathway to Purpose
The award was the Versatile Blogger Award also.  Jill's blog is a precious blog on life and the ups and downs.  She will begin home schooling for her first time next year with one of her four children.  I was honored to send her some books for the beginning of this journey.

The third award is from Denise @Full Nest who is also journaling her youth in 15 post.
She shares life with a house full of children.
She gave me the Versatile Blogger Award

Seems like a theme is going here!!
The last thank you goes to e-mom at Chrysalis...again the Versatile Blogger Award.
Her blog is a wonderful Christian learning blog...majoring on marriage.  Her teachings are deep and provoke thought.  Her encouragement in marriage is timeless.

Thanks to all the above blogs for my awards.
Seven things about myself
1) I wanted to go to New York and dance on Broadway...didn't happen, God had bigger plans
2) I dreamed of having a dance studio...also didn't happen, and no regrets
3) I was called a "river rat" in high school because we had to drive across the river to school
4)  I now dream of owning some land and a house for my grandkids to escape to from the city
5)  I love New York...it is my happy place
6)  I love History and All Jewish History
7)  I hope I have  lots and lots of grandkids...I never get tired of little ones!!!

Please visit any of the blogs listed on my sidebar...these are all worthy of this blog award.  Many are seasoned bloggers.  All are trust worthy blogs.
Thanks again...sorry if I didn't do this right

5 Joining in with more words:

Theresa said...

Well Janette if you ever go back to New York let me know. I'd love to meet up!

Sonja said...


The awards reflect that others are being blessed! Keep it up... I am one of the blessed!



Barbie said...

Congratulations on your awards!

Debbie said...

Oh gosh, this reminds that I'm slow on thanking people for blog awards. I'm not surprised that you've won many. Congrats!

e-Mom said...

New York... YES! I know you love to dance, but I didn't know you wanted to dance in NYC. Very cool. We saw "Fosse" in the spring of 2001 on Broadway... a tribute to the choreographer. (e.g. Cabaret.) Outrageously good.

Congratulations again on all your bloggy awards. Wow!

Blessings, e-Mom

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