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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Know Where I Was

( I am on the right in both bottom pictures, my sister and I are in jumpsuits made by our mom, red and black)

The summer of 1969 was the first memorable vacation for our family of six, meaning the traditional vacation of going in a car to visit unknown places of adventure. This was the years of the "woody"station wagon, luggage carrier on top, seats that face each other in the far back. Our family headed for Colorado. Adventures of memorable events flood my mind as I walk back through that summer. My brother was a baby, so our necessary luggage would be more than could be safely stored inside the car. My father, an engineer, who has never been known for not tying down items to the max, had a vacation of challenges. You have seen it! That's right, while traveling to our next destination, my father, one of those vacation drivers who doesn't enjoy t slowly moving toward a point, but how fast can you make it there with the fewest stops, was charging forward. I am sure his head strong determination was caused by a car load of four kids. While moving forward on our timed schedule my Dad heard someone honking at him. Not knowing what he could have possible done to aggravate the other driver he finally decided to give into the demands. Sure enough, the unthinkable had happened…the suitcase had left its designated position and proceed to fly through the air leaving our vacation clothes, more importantly the baby items, thrown along the road! Collecting our possession we set out to continue our eventful vacation.

We went to Colorado from our home in Texas. Us kids would bug my Dad every night for a hotel that had a swimming pool, there were few in that day. I am sure my parents just "sighed" over the fact that swimming in a pool was bigger deal than seeing the whole state of Colorado. One evening we stopped for the day. We were all settling down for the night when the baby's pacifier couldn't be found. We couldn't find it anywhere and there wasn't going to be any sleep for the rest of us unless one was found. In those days stores closed down…I mean shut their doors by five and you waited until the next day. Driving all over the unfamiliar city, my poor determined Dad searched until he found a pacifier which calmed my brother for the evening.

We would visit snow on the top of the mountains in Colorado while dressed in our summer shorts. The wonder of Carlsbad Caverns is still engrained in my head along with the Great Sand dunes. New Mexico and Colorado were beautiful states. Colorado would become a favorite vacation spot as well as my Dad's favorite place to hunt through the years.

Haven't you been asked, "where were you when….happened?" Well I remember where I was on this historical event. At this point in history we all set before the black and white television in the hotel on our vacation (televisions didn't always come with rooms either) we stared at the screen. July 20, 1969 we watched and heard these words through the snowy picture on the television, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." as Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon. So when asked if I know where I was when man stepped on the moon, I can resound with a yes!!!

Third Grade

This year brought the beginning of Girl Scouts, slumber parties and a birthday party with girls!!! One of the girl's daughters would later be a flower girl in my own wedding. Still involved in church and my parents worked with the youth.

(I am center right with a head band on the second roll)

These are the last recorded writings from my mother in my baby book. I am sure life became fuller as mine has as a mother.

Teacher Mrs. Weber – "She is doing very well, pushes herself and often expects too much from herself. Celebrated her birthday with a big party, lots of fun. Received "handwriting" and "all around" awards at the end of the school year."

I still have many of my class mates' school pictures. We seem to look much older than my children did when they were in third grade.

Life still simple, mother a stay-at-home mom would continue to create a warm and enjoyable environment for her children. My Dad would work a night job to pay for all that was required and later allow him to own his own business.

Television consisted of Monday night "Gunsmoke" and a few cartoons on Saturday morning before chores. I remember news reports about the Vietnam War with pictures in black and white.  We went to bed early.  We had six people in a house that was 1100 square feet with only one bathroom and I never thought it was small.

Continuing down memory lane with Mommy's Piggy Tales, where we are recording our youth.


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Debbie said...

I LOVE trips down memory lane. So mamy similiar memories...I remember hearing those famous words too, though I don't remember what grade I was in. I do remember Gunsmoke being a favorite of my parents too though. I remember Disney's Wonderful World of Color and my mother making us go to bed before the Dean Martin show, haha..And back in those days, a swimming pool at a motel was HUGE...we lived for it. haha Life really was much simplier huh? Have a good day...HUGS, Debbie

Denise said...

I love all your pictures! Your family vacation sounds wonderful.

Ginny Marie said...

My parents have told me that I was six months old when a man walked on the moon, and we were vacationing in Texas, of all places! My mom and I were asleep, and my dad was watching the moon walk by himself on TV. Mom wasn't feeling good, and they soon discovered why...she was pregnant with my sister!

Andrea said...

I so enjoyed going on this journey with you!! I think it's so important to relay these stories...so they live on! Thank you for that! Thanks for stopping by a dash of parsley!

Andrea said...

Oh, and I live in Colorado :)

Debbie said...

Janette, I'm enjoying this series of yours. Getting to know you is wonderful. I had to laugh at how you kids wanted your parents to stop at a motel that had a pool. It sounded like our family too. Did you ever stay at a place where you could put a dime in and the bed would vibrate? LOL.

I think it's great that you still have those papers your mother accumulated with notes about your school year. Treasure them.

I too remember that historical day; a man on the moon. I'll be staying tuned for more to come.

Hugs and love,

gianna said...

Our house is tiny like yours was and we have 6 people, too. Okay, we can do it! I am not going to worry about it! I may have grown up in a different decade than you, but our family vacations were the same type. Although I don't remember a suitcase falling off the roof of our car. That had to be interesting!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter looks just like your mom in that picture!


Donette said...

Funny how things seem so much bigger when we are children. I thought we had a large house and an enormous yard, but when I last drove past the home I grew up in, I noticed how small it was and the yard was pretty typical.

Staying at a hotel with a pool was always the highlight of my vacations, too!

Sewn With Grace said...

So enjoyed reading your post and looking at the pictures. Your memory is amazing to me. I feel like I can't remember much about my childhood, and then there are days where the weirdest detail will come to mind. Have a wonderful weekend!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

I just love these stories. I know where I was when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon too. We were getting ready to leave on vacation, and my dad decided to wait another day to go, because he wanted to watch that historical event. I remember watching at home, and wishing we could just "leave today!"
No such luck, we left the next morning.

Stephanie said...

Omigosh! You look soooo much like your mom, Janette! And I can see your mom in your kids! Wow.

Wedding week. Would appreciate prayers, sweet friend.

Cameron said...

Can I first say that I started singing "Summer of '69" by Bryan Adams in my head when I started reading this post...

I think it's awesome that you remember where you were when man first walked on the moon!! I was negative-15 years old when this happened, so I don't remember. I do, however, remember where I was when September 11 happened, when we elected our first black President & when I heard about the Gulf oil spill...

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