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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Evidence is Everywhere

My businesses have taught me a lot about how people live.  Entering clients homes hired as their interior designer or to maintain their home, allowed me to see we all don't live the same.  Many homes were camera ready for a magazine shoot, while others were marked with evidence of activity. Some homes told the family's stories, while others announced, "Adults Only".   Each type of home has taught me something.  Organized homes can bring a sense of calm, when there is a balance.   Fully lived in homes seemed to say, "life is more important than items."

So if you happen to drop into my house, I can guarantee you it won't be camera ready, but you will be welcomed in anyway, because the evidence is seen everywhere of our life.

The pieces I so strategically arranged on my newly painted coffee table...............

Will probably be found where I recovered them
Yes, someone decided he could decorate better than Grand Mommy and she later found them

That is right...lined up on Grand Mommy's purse

Forget the well organized kitchen cabinets

He loves the plastic cabinet and spends play time sorting through and stacking cups.  Well organized "NO!" cabinets aren't worth the price of missed memories.

Even the bathroom leaves behind evidence that this is a Grand Mommy's house, where she allows her sons and grandsons to be creative more than clean.

Someone left behind their art tools.

And just who needs, "All Toys Put Back Where They Belong?"

These cars just warmed my heart, left behind after a day of play at Grand Mommy's house, lined up on my stereo speakers.

Sushi on the floor, proves that a special night with my youngest breaks all house rules. 

Life is just too short for possessions to own us.  Life is too short to spend so much time saying, "No!" in order to keep a camera ready house.

So, now you are warned.  My door is always open, come on it!

I won't apologize anymore for our lived in space..............because Memories
Are More Valuable than An Impressive Home, full of things that will rot.

I pray my home always shows evidence of those who come through and enjoy life!!
That is the story I want to tell, more than camera ready.

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Debbie said...

Good morning! Well I LOVE it and couldn't agree more. My dear mom was just the opposite...you could have eaten off her kitchen floor, and every tiny little knick knack had it's exact spot and every decorative pillow was plumped just the right way lol, but I NEVER felt comfortable there with my kids. It was a constant NO NO and DON'T TOUCH! lol. I swore I wouldn't be that way with my grands. I am pretty meticulous [most apples don't fall from their trees, lol] but when the grands are there they do as they like. I remove whatever might break and cause them harm and the rest is a free for all. There are 5 shelves FULL of toys and honestly I haven't gone through them and put them piece by piece together back the "right" way since they were all here for a sleep over a month ago. They are all at least back on the shelves but that's where it ends. The old Deb would have practically had a heart attack over that. I TOO love finding little things they leave behind though. Little cars parked in funny places, and little action figures popping up in cupboards and behind doors. LOVE it! Some of those grands are already long past that stage and I KNOW how fast it goes. Enjoy it all grandmommy! I have a feeling we'd be totally at home in each others houses. Have a good week!

Nancy said...

What a great post and I agree 100%. I've always had a 'kid' cabinet in my kitchen with my kids and now my grandkids and I always love checking to see what they have put in the cabinet. I've always felt like the memories were more important than things too....I hope you have a great day...

Farm Girl said...

Even though, I admit to wanting a house that looks like it stepped out of House Beautiful, I have had to give up that dream. People like to live and be comfortable. I always wanted a home rather than a house. You can tell my house has been lived in and will continue to be that way. I want our grand children to feel loved and welcomed, and not feel like a visitor. That is what my kids say about their Grandma, "we were never welcomed." So I think this is a great post and a good reminder. It is a nice view point from you visiting homes. I love your top picture. I love all of those lovely faces and pictures of life. Have a lovely week.

Lisa said...

Those sweet moments with your littles really are the stuff of life! I'm sure in years to come they will remember the fun times spent at your house and the love they felt. A home is where we make and keep memories, otherwise it's just a house.
Great post Friend!

Lisa said...

I forgot to tell you how much I love your coffee table!!!!!

Vee said...

Yup, things will rot and memories are forever. Love it! Love your new header, too.

Maryann said...

I couldn't agree with you more, I love a house that has evidences of life being lived. The memories you make are more precious than any possessions. Blessings to you...BTW love the new header

Christine said...

I love those little surprises.
When our grands go home, I usually find books in the bathroom, along with tiny pieces tucked away in odd places.
I agree, those cars are precious.

Sandy said...

A lived in home is a home filled with love. Such an endearing insight into what your home life is all about...and no surprise.

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

You are so right, Janette. Our hearts should never be burdened with appearances, but filled with love, family, and friends. A place that is photo perfect is a house, not a home. And yes, a home can be organized, as long as it isn't sterile. Wonderful post, as always.

Pom Pom said...

Great photos, J!
One of our grands went through a phase of undoing knobs and handles and then "placing them" in obscure spots. YIKES!
I bet it's very interesting seeing how people live. I'm nosy. I'd love it!

podso said...

You certainly have it right. A house is a home, not a show piece. And as you find little evidences of the boys' visits, I'm sure you smile. I remember my mom saying how she didn't want to wash the sliding glass door after her grands left, as their hand prints were there. I love your painted coffee table and your new header collage!

Sharon said...

YES! Sometimes rules just confine creativity, fun, and camaraderie! You have learned valuable wisdom - being a Grand Mommy (and Mommy, and friend) with a HOME, instead of a "don't-touch-anything" showcase house, is WAY more important!


Rebecca said...

Yours is MY kind of place :)
No explanations necessary where there is love.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

OOh DEAR FRIEND I have so missed these visits! You sure would feel comfortable at our home - after you step through hay chaff n dog hair, then push assorted critters off the furniture... I would love to have you here to sit n chat! Your gorgeous family keeps growing! Benjamin too!!! You are blessed and have a talent for helping the rest of us count our blessings too!

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