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Saturday, October 10, 2015

How Do You Hit a Curve Ball?

I am not a softball or baseball player.  In fact, I am not sure I even attended many baseball games until I got married and started having ball players!   I was the mom on the bench yelling and cheering them on, yet not totally clued in on all the rules.  My sons and daughter have played pitcher, catcher, infield, outfield and first base.  Although my husband played in high school and my father-in-law was a semi-professional baseball player, my own knowledge can be summed up in the last sentence about the positions my children played.

HOWEVER, one term I do know is the curve ball.  Since three of my children were pitchers and my late father-in-law got his spoken name of  "Lefty" because he pitched left-handed, I know this term means you are trying to catch your opponent batter off guard.

Out of all six of my children, there is one child that has been dealt more curve balls than anyone in our life... it is my daughter.  Some of these curve balls were thrown at her by the opponent to knock her out of the game of life.  Other curve balls were ones she allowed by making some wrong choices and then others are just the fact we live in broken world.  BUT, MAY I SAY....................THEY  HAVE NEVER TAKEN HER OUT OF THE GAME OF LIFE!

I just need to list some of the more recent "life-changing, possibly-take-you-out-of-the-game" curve balls she has hit out of the ball park for a home run.

The same day that her "Knight in shining armor" proposed to her, her father (my hubby) lost his job.  We were jumping with joy over her engagement while wondering how we were going to be able to pay bills.  How would we pay for a wedding?  Our financial struggles had already put us on a roller coaster for a few years and we were sinking again.  That unemployment journey took one year to complete before my husband got a regular job.  Did she run and pout about us not being able to throw our one and only daughter the wedding of her dreams?

NO!, she looked straight at that curve ball and decided, "you just watch me!" and proceeded to hit it straight out of the ball park, by paying for her own dream wedding.

Score - Pure Victory 1 - Opponent 0

The next curveball came with excitement, but meant she would have to alter how she hit the ball. Their honeymoon brought pregnancy and Baby David was born nine months later.  Housing had to change during the pregnancy to handle a baby.  The one room apartment wouldn't work for a growing child.

Score - Pure Victory 2 - Opponent 0

Just as they were walking in the joy of parenting and she was working to bring in extra income, they decided to buy a house.  This would be the house with the backyard where the active David would play.   This would be the house she would decorate and hewn in her homemaking skills.  The process was long...a few foul balls along the way put them living with friends for months before they entered their home.

Score - Pure Victory 3 - Opponent 0

As the young family started to see how newlyweds and a new baby made a family, they discovered they were to be parents again of, not one new baby, but TWINS!  As Pooh would say - "Oh My!"  She giggled and laughed, while chasing around a toddler, and trying to see how they could financially make it without her bringing in an income.

TWINS were born!!!

Score - Pure Victory 4 - Opponent 0

She hit it out of the ball park.  There hasn't ever been the joy I have felt from being her mom like I have felt as I have watched her mother three children under the age of 2! She laughs, she plays, she just flat out enjoys those boys!!  Not one time have I felt she couldn't do this.  Not only is she doing this....she makes it look easy.  When the twins were only a month old, she knew living off of one income with a mortgage was going to be a challenge, so she started her own furniture business.  Her garage is full of sawdust and wood.  The jobs have been pouring in.  Babies on her hips and she keeps going.

Score - Pure Victory 5 - Opponent 0

Then the next curve ball came this week.  She called.  We need to sell the house and do it fast.  As much as they had tried to avoid this coming...............it came.  She stands up to bat.  Will she bunt...and try to make it to first base only?  Will she just let it strike her out and walk back to the dug- out feeling defeated?  Will she stand strong and hit the ball out of the ball park?

The sale of her home means they will downsize drastically. She will sell much of her furniture.  Their life....temporarily will take them on a different walk.  She will move to an unfamiliar city.  She will have to take this adjustment and move forward for her husband and her boys.

I don't know the end of the story.  She and I have both cried.  I would say there have been some strikes...not three, and a few foul balls, from both of us.  Yet, she stands strong holding on to the source who has ALWAYS....YES.., ALWAYS BROUGHT HER THROUGH TO COMPLETE VICTORY!!!  Her Saviour and Lord.  As we drove around looking at houses for her, she joined me in singing Praise to the Lord.  You see, We will not be overtaken, we will not be overcome............. because the truth is... the Lord is swinging the bat!

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Elizabeth Dianne said...

You crafted this post into a very interesting story--Your daughter sounds like a true victor through our Lord Jesus. I am already praying that God leads them to the exact right place for them--and I hope that she has room to build her amazing furniture. God bless you all during this time.

Lisa said...

Janette your daughter is an amazing young woman who has perfected the art of making lemonade out of lemons! She has a beautiful can-do spirit that I'm sure will cause her to triumph in every circumstance life brings her way. Blessings to her and her beautiful family!

Lea said...

Well, it's no surprise to me as she had such an awesome example in her Momma. Blessings abundant to her and her precious family. Yes, she will be the victor!

Christine said...

We all can learn from her. Taking all those curve balls is not easy but with God, anything is possible.
All your faithful, Prayer Warriors, will be on their knees!

PS Is she moving far away? Will you be able to see those precious babies often?

Sonja Goodson said...

The a far from the tree... she has watched your trials and learned from the same God who is teaching all of us. Bless her heart!!! She is a real champ and I feel so proud of her attitude. Tell me more when you have time for an email...

Hugs to you both!!! :)

Sonja Goodson said...

Try 'apple doesn't fall far from the tree'... whaaaat is wrong with this computer!!??!!

Betty Draper said...

I love this post...so encouraging. After being accepted with New Tribes Mission we were at our last youth camp. An older missionary, been on the field for 40 some years was listening to our excitement as we told what we thought God was directed us to do. He said to us, I will give you one strike because your kids will be teens by the time you get overseas. He gave us another strike because of our age, we were early 40's, then he gave us a half strike because of the mission board we were going with. I walked away from the conversation in tears. My husband came later to our cabin and said, lets just give ourselves the last half strike, we are out, God will have to do something since the professionals struck us out. Well 25 years later and two countries later we are still with New Tribes and never been sorry for striking out. God gets all the glory for the adventure He has taken us on.
When times got hard and there were lots of hard times living in a third world country we would think back to when we struck out. Your daughter is such a testimony to all who watch her life and how she takes each blow it gives and comes back stronger then she was before. Real strength comes after being tested. Great post.

Farm Girl said...

I know this is going to be such a hard blessing for you all. Yes, I said blessing. When my daughter and her hubby moved, I had only my trust in the Lord, and His promises. Now Two years later, her husband has never been without a job, she has written about 12 books now, she is expecting her fifth in November, and her kids are just thriving. Without Grandma. We Face time but to see how God has become their God, their Deliever, He has stretched her, and I am so proud of her. I don't know though, how to make it any easier on you, but it is important and God does have the best plan for them. I am going to spend 10 days with her in November though when the baby comes. :)

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Oh yes, those nasty curve balls have gotten to all of us at one time or another. Your daughter sounds like an amazing young woman (just like her momma.) I'll be praying for God's answer to this curve. You know, God usually gives back ten fold what he takes away - in time. It is our job to wait, in faith.

Vee said...

Amen! He leads and she follows. Wonderful blessings are on the way. Just stand back and see where The Lord leads. Praying for all...

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

I like Lea's comment! She has learned much from you and has your love and support as she leans on the Lord. Looking forward to the next inning (I totally do not know baseball, so that comment might not make sense) :)

Sharon said...

Your precious daughter! Not only has she dealt with some crazy curveballs, she's also negotiated a few nasty fastballs, too. She is an inspiration to me. I know she's had her *moments* along this journey, as have you and all of us, but her "never give up" spirit encourages me to no end!

Can't wait to hear how God wields the *bat* with her - and I'll be on the sidelines cheering the homer that they hit!!


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