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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Welcome Surprise

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It came as a surprise.
Turning our end of month, humdrum routine into a much needed and welcome break. it came.
The spring like Texas temperatures, the ones allowing me to enjoy my sun roof, dropped and took a change.
The text started coming through the phones to report..........NO SCHOOL!

I breathed in deep.
I didn't know how bad I needed this break.
This break STOPPED everything.  No running around, no lessons, no school, no games.....................no WORK.

We turned on the fire and slept in late and relaxed.  It was all ice...so no playing outside.
We just enjoyed and I seemed to rest...much needed rest.

Two days at home and then back to school to have another SURPRISE.
Back to school, back to lessons, back to work to have another drop in temperatures, this time with SNOW!!

Friday, around lunch, snow started falling.

What beautiful snow!  What peaceful Snow!!  What a wonderful, at home, relax and playful weekend.  The text to come  pick up kids from school, the canceled events were posted.  We again enjoyed the break.

Our pregnant daughter-in-law took the picture as the whole family enjoyed the powder snow.

I love this one, he is wearing his mother's gloves.  We don't get much snow so most families don't have gloves for their kids. These pink gloves made this a priceless picture of my first grandson Joshua.

My son-in-law won my heart again by taking Grandson David out to play.
Our pregnant daughter watched with her camera.

This is our active David, who cried and cried when he had to go inside.

Our grandsons enjoyed.  Roads kept me from enjoying the snow with them. Their parents bundled them up and their Dads, just like my hubby had done for them, and was doing with Ben, played in the snow with their boys.  I am so proud of these men, who made memories.

Changes, unexpected changes, even if it is the weather, can breathe new life into a weary soul.
As I looked out over the white horizon I looked up and said, "Thanks Heavenly Father, I needed to see your beautiful handiwork."  Spring is now just around the corner and again, I will enjoy His handiwork in the new life as it springs forth.

BREATHE............as we move toward the celebration of His Resurrection.

Weather is on......................more snow on it's way....another break?

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Pom Pom said...

Beautiful, J! How wonderful! Bless your sweet soft heart!

Vee said...

Sounds as if another break would be wonderful! Such cute pics of the dads and grands having fun.

Farm Girl said...

I love those pictures and how very nice to get snow.

Maryann said...

I love the creative use of the storage box as a sled....that's a southern thing isn't it...lol.(something we would do here) You've got some great photo's and I'll agree the snow did give us a much needed break from running around...now I'm ready for spring.

Debbie said...

Fun post....don't know what I like better. The snow, the break, the kid time with their dads, or the REST. All good. Hope you get another one!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

They will remember these moments. Precious family, Janette!! God is so good. blessings ~ tanna

Rei L said...

I randomly came across your blog a few months ago and have been following here and there. I've definitely enjoyed my snow days from work, too, not realizing how much I needed the break!mand no I'm in the middle of another one (that I actua hoped for, this time)!
Glad to see y'all are enjoying the snow! Stay safe and warm!

Rebecca said...

Sure wish I could find the same pleasure in the snow as you found :)

Seriously, I'm happy for you and your family. It was fun seeing the children enjoying it so much!

Personally, I am SO ready for spring-like weather. THAT will be my reprieve!

podso said...

I don't know what we'd do if we didn't get snow or ice days once or twice a year. Such a wonderful break and time of slowing down. Congratulations on the twins coming--identical boys--how fun! Imagine all your grand boys under 2 are teenagers!

Angela said...

I guess you got another break today;) Love all the snow pictures!

Nancy said...

God definitely knows when we need a break and I am always surprised at how He send one.....So glad you had a few days to rest. The pictures of your family playing in the snow are beautiful....

Lea said...

Cute, cute pics and so glad it was a welcome break for you. I'm so ready for Spring but we did enjoy the snow and ice. I was very productive while confined to the house. :o))
Happy week!

Debbie Petras said...

I love snow when I am indoors in front of the fireplace. Ha, ha. But really it can be such fun especially when you it's such a rarity.

Sharon said...

We had snow last weekend, and it was so pretty! It's one of my very favorite things about living here in the mountains! Looks like your family took full advantage of the beauty and fun, too!

Good to see you visit Blog Land - miss you!


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