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Saturday, March 28, 2015

You Want to Smile?

I just felt this complimented my last blog post and besides, it makes you smile.

This is the staff and teachers from my Benjamin's school.  As much I didn't want to stop home schooling my youngest, God had other plans.  One of those plans was to bring a woman, whom I had home schooled with, to be the administrator of the school.  With her came her walk with the Lord and leadership that has allowed me to "let it go" on home schooling Benjamin. She is the one in the black and white dress leading the group.   The man who sings will be Benjamin's math teacher next year.  The tall man in the back with glasses is Benjamin's history/science teacher, who spent his winter vacation ministering in Africa.  This is a charter public school....not private.

The students had a talent show in our church last night and the show was finished with this performance.  I stood...clapping...yelling....joy over flowing...as this piece ended the evening.  I also stood and applauded at what an awesome God we serve!   To watch people walk in their gifts from God and their callings from God.........................well as I have stated before, it was a BRAVO GOD moment.

I hope you take time to watch and be uplifted as we Shake it Off and Let it Go!!!

Both links are the same time. I have warned you, get ready to sing, to smile and enjoy life!! Too fun!



5 Joining in with more words:

podso said...

It's a tough decision that you made but it's so good you have confirmation and peace! God does that for us doesn't He!

Christine said...

My toes were tapping, too.
I agree with Podso, your decision for Benjamin and you is good. God is good!

Farm Girl said...

How wonderful that God has given you such a wonderful group of people to be in Benjamin's life and in yours. God be praised!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

AWEsome! So happy. For me now after the video and you n Benjamin the whole school year! <3

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

I couldn't get the link to work for me, but your description gave me an small inkling how moving the video is. God's work is so amazing. He takes the very thing we feel is the worst thing for us, and turns it into the very best. Good example of how we should let go and trust Him with everything.

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