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Monday, October 15, 2012

Zigged Instead of Zagged

You know the saying..."you zigged when you should have zagged?"  That sums up our Sunday.  We were already pushing the time clock...two baseball games, church and I had to work at my part time/part time job.  However, it was a beautiful day for baseball,  as we all loaded ourselves into the car to head to familiar sports field.  Our family is a sports family.  Our oldest started T-ball at age 7, (he is now 29) and we haven't stopped yet.  At one time I must of have had a lapse of sanity, because we had four in baseball/softball at one time!  We have also warmed the seats inside while four played high school basketball.

Therefore, we know the rules.  We know that foul balls shatter windshields.  We know that you watch where you park your car.  We not only know this as a general rule, but past experience of a shattered windshield taught us this isn't a wife's tale.

Hubby started watching the foul balls come off the bats.  Our son was pitching and the batter just couldn't get a hold of a good hit.  He was fouling   My husband looks around with an uneasy concern on where we had parked both of our cars.  He grabs the keys to move our cars into foul ball territory  safety.  He returns to the bleachers proudly  confident that our windshields wouldn't show evident of our Sunday adventures.

He could't believe it as he watches the ball soar over all our heads....yes, straight at his car!  We all stood stunned. The stands cleared out as everyone grabbed their keys to move their cars even further away....mine included.

  • Praise...it is only a windshield, not an injury to anyone
  • He saved other's cars from it happening to theirs
  • It leaves this sports family with another sports "tale"
  • Life is just too short to sweat the little things
  • We all got our exercise walking from the car to the field
Now we did win that game.  I headed out to my job, then returned to the ball field.  The next game ended in a tie.....and this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some things you just can't patch!

What can I say?  You just have to find the humor in all of it!

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Vee said...

You have told it so lightly and brightly that I'm finding the humor. If I had told the story, folks might not have seen the funny side. Yup. I've seen windshields get nailed a few times myself. (Never mine, though and never after anyone moved the car hoping not to get hit.)

Debbie said...

Oh Janette I am laughing for sure, haha...Yes, I have seen this happen a few times. Goes with the territory of sports parents...there are certain hazards. Glad no one was hurt. Hopefully insurance will cover it all. I have seen the ball hit people before and then it is a nightmare. Glad you enjoyed the games and worked work in between. I miss the days of baseball...enjoy!

Brenda Lazzaro Yoder, said...

What an example you are, friend, in sharing the humor and good side of this half-full or half-empty cup. I'm sure this is not what you needed. Thankful you are all safe. Thank you for helping us see the good in these bumps of daily life.

Sandy said...

Your ability to see the good side of things instead of the bad is a true gift, Janette. Glad no one was hurt!

Lorraine said...

Oh, wow... there was no getting away from that one it seems. You sure do have a great outlook! :)

Pom Pom said...

Yikes! It sounds like a very sporty day!
I'm glad the ball didn't hit a person!
Tell us more about your work, please!

Maryann said...

Oh no, I know this isn't really funny but you do have a way with words that make me smile. Yes another tale to tell. Love your "half full" attitude

Christine said...

Oh My goodness!
If it were golf you could say, you had a hole in one

Debbie said...

Once again, I wish that I lived closer to you because I'm absolutely positive that we would be the best of in real life friends. I love your attitude and outlook.

(I did, however, say "OH NO!" aloud when my eyes hit the picture of the car.)

I've been away from the computer (again) with the girls home, but don't think for a second that just because I neglected blog time I did the same with our prayer time. That said, you were not forsaken last week.

Also wanted you to know that I loved the previous post on perseverance. I want to study that proverb that you quoted now.

Favorite statement of all? That you kept on dreaming. I'm guilty of not dreaming so much any more.

Farm Girl said...

Oh well, at least you all had fun right? Some days are just like that.

Rebecca said...

What can you say? "When it rains, it pours!"

myletterstoemily said...

oh, i just sighed really big for you! always
putting a happy tail on a tale that would
have undone someone else!

love your sweet outlook and praying for
some really good news to swamp you!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Memories are made of this stuff. We rarely recall the routines of life, but these things stick forever.

The ARE the good 'ole days :)

Kathryn Ross said...

Milady! Joy to you - so wonderful to be checking back into Blogland after my weeks away - writing curriculum one day and teaching it to a basement classroom of homeschoolers the next! Barely time for breathing during the weeks and my weekends have been swamped! Hope you caught my first of two posts up this week - with pics of all my adventures!

You've had your own adventures, I see - new windshield on the way? And, plumbing the depths with striking devotional writing. Always so inspiring from your heart. Sounds like all is way out your way - may you know His continued blessings!

Catherine said...

Dear Janette, I had a feeling this post was headed towards your hubby's windshield!
You are so right you have to find the humor and not sweat the "small" stuff.
Blessings my dearest. Catherine xo

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

My, my. What are the odds? Ever thought of buying a lottery ticket? Me either. God told me in various ways, I'd be struck by lightening before ever winning any money. All I needed was to trust Him.

What a great story, well written and full of humor. At that point, what else could you do? Tears won't help anything.

Hope the skin underneath that worn fabric survived better than it did!

Blessings to you, my friend!

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