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Monday, February 6, 2012

Second Time Around is Always Better

Let's just go around that tree one more time...maybe things will change.  They did!

Off to the doctor, again, for verification of my clean bill of health.  I took all my notes...all my journaling of my blood pressure, what I ate, my exercise and sleep.  Even with all the proof, my blood pressure still skyrocketed, but I didn't waver and bounced into the room for my final exam.

She started down the check list...good, good, good!!!  Then with excitement in her voice, "you lost four pounds in two weeks!"  "Okay, lets see what is going on here...something isn't quite right", she mumbled to herself.  I felt she was questioning my recording.  She gently started to discuss my diet.   I thought I had been good. I was so cautious of what I ate because I had to record it and turn it in...you know like school!!! I hadn't cheated on the test, and it had been a very stressful week, which was apparent in my food selection.

The enemy of my weight and possible blood pressure is an All Time TEXAS favorite.
I had been honest and told her these are my weakness. Now if you need to de-stress, isn't this the answer...chips and salsa?   Why couldn't  I just said, "get behind me Satan" and move on.  Each bite is increasing my waist line and the salt is not good for blood pressure.

My diet showed too much of this also...more comfort food.

Yes the dreaded carbs.  She smiled, "now you can have one, but not two at a meal!  Did you hear me say you don't have to give up tostadas?"  I nodded.  Just don't eat too many and don't eat them at night.

"Janette, do you see that you are skipping meals?"  I nodded like a student in elementary school.  "Okay, if you skip meals you get fat", she grinned. Well the scales has testified to that fact.  "Please eat three meals.  You have also left out a very important food group. I don't see it at all in five days.", she encouraged.  She was showing me the way to better health and a skinner body.  My week had been chaotic and I hadn't put salads on the table, not like me, but I still am not eating enough of this wonderful anti-cancerous, blood pressure lowering food group.

"Add these to your diet...and I would prefer for them to be at night.  You need your greens.  Now don't eat too much spinach raw...it is better for you cooked."  Oh I didn't know that one, I was only eating it raw. She explained why and that most vegetable are better raw.

I kept thanking her for making me keep the journal, therefore, opening my eyes to something I just didn't want to see.  She continued my check-up and then we talked.  Yes we talked.

She said, "thanks for telling me thank-you and that I am being helpful.  I want to see you healthy.  Remember I am the one that has to give so much bad news to people, and it is so nice to not have to.  I am grateful you appreciate it.  Let's keep you healthy, let's keep the blood pressure down, and let's get you to losing weight."

As we discussed my mood swings each month she suggested chaste tree...an herb, not a drug.  She then giggled, "now there is one side affect" as she placed her hand on my knee, "it will make you fertile."  I laughed out loud reminding her of my age and even my husband's age, as if she didn't know.  Since I know the story of Abraham and Sarah, and so does she, she is a Jew, I don't plan on seeing it happen again this side of the Bible.  So she reminded me to be careful...which just made my husband laugh.  Cautious we will be....our grown kids would die!!! Funny, I really think it is funny, that in reality that would truly be a miracle. I am not for calling God's blessings (children) a curse, but we will also use wisdom.

So my husband has a new adventure ahead.  His wife is going to loose her moodiness and weight.  Sounds like a time for a planned "second" honeymoon, don't you think???  Are you eating enough greens?  Since some are picking colors for the year, maybe mine should be green!

28 Joining in with more words:

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Slowing down on the carbs and increasing the greens has helped the mood around here!! (not just mine!! LOL) Seems that this regime is helpful to the male of the species, too.

Congratulations on your decision and be careful with that Chaste. ;) blessings ~ Tanna

Ma said...

I was sooo good about eating my greens with I was pregnant, but boy have I fell off the wagon big time with that! I am a carbaholic, too:(

Marla and Steve said...

Oh how I love chips and salsa but I rarely eat them these days. Bread, bring it on! I know, I know, some habits are hard to break. I am really good about eating right most of the time, but put a piece of chocolate or cake in front of me and I'm fighting all willpower.

I eat spinach in scrambled eggs. I get the organic and it stays fresh for several days. I use only olive oil. Put a dab in a pan, cook spinach, throw in eggs and it's very tasty. My dog loves it too. That's my favorite way to eat spinach but I've even thrown it on top of homemade pizza and that's pretty good also.

So when should we expect the good news :)

Debbie said...

Good morning! Great advice! Luckily for me I LOVE LOVE LOVE most greens and add them in whenever and wherever I can...now if I'd just cut out more carbs too....sigh. Have a good day Janette!

Mary said...

does mold on chocolate count...wait, i don't think i have ever seen mold on chocolate...never stays around long enough.

i gave my son a peanut butter cup, one of his favs. it was still on his desk a week later. i almost snagged it...he is so good at pacing himself.

did not come from me... lol

Vee said...

All the best with all the changes. I didn't know that about spinach either. I'll have to continue eating it raw because cooked is not an option. Carbs are my trouble...always and forever. Ugh. Where's the protein?

Nancy said...

As my mother would have said "Now you have gone to meddling" .....hahaha I am feeling so convicted...Fun aside, I am so proud of you for taking these steps to a healthier life style..and I am routing for you all the way......

Angela said...

Glad everything went well, although I still hate that feeling that you're in school and are about to fail the test. I have a hard time getting in the greens, too.

Angela said...
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NanaNor's said...

Hi Janette, Good job girl! Wow, you would have thought hubby and I were from Texas yesterday during the game...all we had to eat was chips and layered dip. I know that the salt also affects our weight. I love to juice in the summer but right now vege juice doesn't sound as appealing. Keep it up girl and you'll be on a second honeymoon for sure.
Hugs, Noreen

Susan (My Place to Yours) said...

So happy you had both good test results and an honest, caring doctor! Hang tough with the changes. You'll be glad you did!

Christine said...

What a great Doctor. To take the time and explain things to you. I need her!

Greens, yes I eat my greens but didn't know about the spinach. I heard a doctor say one time, make the salad be the main part of your meal.
So that is what I have done. Small portions of meat and starches.

Keep going! And thank your Doctor for me, too!

Sonja said...

I'm convicted about the greens too! I don't eat enough of them. I made cabbage last week and the house smelled terrible for 2 days. I do know the darker the better, and I make myself eat salad, but not often enough. I feel smug when I put a teeny piece of green pepper and parsley on my veggie pizza... they're green...

You have a good doctor, the fact that she talks it through and helps you to see it will be a big help in changing some habits. But chips and hot sauce??? HOW ON EARTH DO WE DO THAT??? For you and I, our blood runs both UT orange, and very salsa red, being true Texans!! :)

I'm proud of you, keep up the good work.


Sandy said...

When I went through menopause I used chaste tree (also called vitex) and motherwort. These two herbs kept me in balance and got me through without hormones. I also did not get pregnant!
I love all greens, especially collards and broccoli. I eat a big salad for lunch every day and usually collards or kale at most dinners. Just love my veggies.
I think when we eat well at all meals we can afford to have a few sweet desserts and snacks. Don't know anyone who doesn't love chips and salsa! Especially homemade.
Congrats on the weight loss.

Farm Girl said...

Wow!!! This morning I had a light turn on for me. Every single morning I make my husband a green salad for lunch. Every morning. What do I eat for lunch, yogurt and a banana. Every day.
So today I thought why not fix myself duh. So I did. So now twice someone has mentioned no carbs at night, Why?
But hey, cool you lost 4 pounds anyway. That is great.
Are you a little afraid of taking something that might make you fertile? :) That cracks me up.
Well I am glad you got a clean bill of health and you have such a caring doctor.

Maryann said...

Glad to hereabout the good doctors report..I never heard about cooked spinach being better for you than raw.
I don't do well with the greens either, especially in the winter,
I go more to the comfort foods when it's cold and they usually aren't green!
Have a great day

Debbie said...

One thing I can say for myself: I am a living, breathing, green leafy eating machine. Broccoli, asparagus, and brussels sprouts are my three favorite veggies.

But waaaa... I do NOT like cooked spinach. I can only stomach it raw.

I love the fact that she went over your journal with you.

And I need to look into that herb for the mood swings.


Sarah Jane said...

Definitely time for a second honeymoon! I'm always in favor of keeping the romance. =)

I too need to stop the carbs and eat more greens. I'm hoping to do a cleanse to give my "new" womb a boost and head start. Back to green smoothies and salads for both of us... definitely not as comforting as breads and pasta. But I know our bodies will thank us!

Vickie said...

Sounds like you've got a really great doctor, Janette. She really cares about her patients. How helpful that food journaling was, too. I guess I need to do that. I love raw spinach - I sure didn't know it was better for you cooked!

Sonja said...

p.s... for pete's sake! I just saw Debbie's comments and I have to change my comment! I DO love asparagus and artichokes and brussel sprouts, I forgot all about them, I like them so much I don't even think of them as vegetables!! :) and what about avocados?? Are we sure that's a fruit cuz it sure is green! And I love them!

Pom Pom said...

Hi sweet Janette!
Oh, I loved reading all about your check up and thank you for sharing your doctor's advice. I do not like cooked spinach very much. Do you?
Chips and salsa are so yummy.
I hope you are feeling fine!

Kathryn Ross said...

Janette - Good news on a fairly good report - except for those greens. Nut isn't that always the problem. Carbs are so much easier to eat - and tastier, too! I'm doing soup again this week - had sugar at the superbowl arty last night for the first time in a month and had an immediate reaction - then my immune system was compromised and by the time I went to bed that cold that everyone else has had started settling in on me. I was perfectly fine - til the cupcake and brownie. Oh - middle age . . .


Carol said...

That is good news. And interesting information, too.
We do cook spinach, but eat it raw more often.

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...


I love to look at green ... on painted walls, on my plate...not quite as much.

but you are right - we can all do better.

Blessings to you - marsha

e-Mom said...

LOL, my color for the year is green too.... luckily we love salads in the summer heat here in AZ. And walking every day for the past 6 mos has been fantastic! More weight to lose, but going in the right direction--like you.

So pleased you're on the road to good health.

Hugs, e-Mom

Rebecca said...

Congratulations on your weight loss - howEVER it happened! Never knew that about spinach...I KNEW that about carbs! Just wish it wasn't so.
We walk the same path, my friend. Be strong!

Petra said...

You inspire me to switch from cheese and chocolate to green and greener. Will I pull it off? So help me God, I hope so. Blessings!

Cindy said...

I'm going to the Dr. tomorrow and she will say many of the same things--but, I'm ready for it!
Thanks, I thought I was the only food blogger dealing with these issues.

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