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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Reflecting Back

I know it is December.
                    I know I am running late.
                                                      I know life keeps jogging along as I am skipping, enjoying the slower pace....or trying to.

I can't go into December without reflecting back on three years ago.  Three years ago my oldest and his wife were still going through treatments in order to conceive their first child.  Many of you prayed for them.  Three years ago they opened their home and heart to a little boy name Joshua, my first grandson.  The day they announced their desire to adopt him, we were celebrating the engagements of two of our other children.  Three new family members were to be added to our family.

I also hear the voice of a friend of mine from decades again say, "whenever I call your house it is like calling the Lucy Show!"  So began the fast pace Lucy Show of the Wright household.

Since that day of announcing the adoption of our first grandson and the weddings of two of our children, we have now added two in-laws, and SIX, yes I said SIX grandsons!

Such a testimony of God's work in all of our lives.  We just never know.  We only see in part, yet He sees the whole.
Our first ever kids table!!!

Today I wanted to reflect and rejoice.  Things still go up and down.  Many of my daily struggles are the same, but somewhere in the midst of struggles there are six little boys that smile at Grand Mommy.  When they warm my heart with a smile, I remember God isn't finished yet!!!

In the business of feeding the twins, and chasing two,  two year olds, I didn't get a picture of my daughter and her family. Thanks for your prayers.  They move this week.  They will be an hour and half drive away. Their new home will be an adjustment for all, as she steps up to bat.

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Lisa said...

Those boys are so precious Janette! Grand babies are the best aren't they?

Farm Girl said...

I totally sit and wonder with you and I hope you can catch your breath!! God is so good as He has multiplied your family. He does give the increase.
I love seeing your kids table and all of the happy pictures you posted today. I will keep you in my prayer about the move.
I hope you have a lovely December.

Sharon said...

I think the practice of reflecting back is a very good thing. For when we take the time to do that, we see the hand of God at work. Your family has gone through some mighty changes in that time!! It's been a joy to *walk the journey* with you! And yes, life will always have its ups and downs, but looking at that kids' table puts it all in perspective! As for your daughter and her upcoming move, I know it will be difficult. But, that girl of yours is a champ - and not only will she step up to bat, she's gonna hit it out of the park!


podso said...

I know a family with only girls for several generations. Love seeing your 6 boys! What a blessing from the Lord!

Pom Pom said...

Yay! God is so gracious! You have a pack of wonderful cutie boys!

Debbie said...

Oh I remember well your prayers for grandbabies and God sure answered that desire of your heart didn't He? How blessed you are....and what a wonderful grandmother they all have! An hour and half away is about what my youngest son is. He is probably closer to an hour and fifteen minutes, but still pretty close. And honestly it is not bad. How I wish they were closer then that though as it makes some things difficult. But we still see them ALL the time, and getting together for the big things, birthday's, Christmas, parties etc., really are no problem at all even with my son having 4 kids. Now my daughter being 1000 miles away is a completely different story and honestly I can tell you I STILL struggle with this, but it is what it is and God helps me to deal with it as best I can. Sooo glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. We are doing our big christmass gathering this sat! Yikes! And I am definitely not ready so better get off of here. Blessings to you!

Lea said...

Jeanette, how blessed all those cuties are to have you as their Grand Mommy. Yes, we can make all the plans we want but the Lord always has the last say doesn't HE. And, aren't we glad as His plans are always so much better than our own. Blessings to your daughter as she calls a new place home. All the best!!!!!

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Life is a crazy mix, isn't it? Sorrow and joy, fun and struggle. It's faith and family that keeps us grounded and going. You have a beautiful family, Janette, and are truly blessed in that regard. It's all in God's hands, and like a good Father, he has the details all laid out, planned, and under his control. Happy holidays, Janette! (Meaning Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that!)

Thoughts for the day said...

wow that is a lot of grand babies you are one busy grandma.
Hey you used to be a reader on my blog and I lost all my readers so I thought I would tell you if you have missed seeing it, re-subscribe to it.

Debbie Petras said...

I well remember praying for your son and daughter-in-law when they were struggling with infertility! How good is our God? Did you ever think life would be as it is for you right now? What a blessing to have so many little ones added to your family. So happy for you Janette!

Love you,

Leslie said...

Love you so much and sorry I don't stop in more often. Visits with you soothe my soul. Merry Christmas!
Leslie@ Farm Fresh Fun

Vee said...

Ah and another post that I missed! Well it's good to find it as it helps me to put the couples together in the family photo. =D

Sue said...

I"m late I'm late as usual to your party! But oh what a good one it was!The smiles prove it!!! You should have seen me smiling alllll the way through this post! God loves to hear His children sing praises of how Good He is to them!!

There is no need for me to ask how your Christmas was, as I know it was full of many continued blessings, You are like me our posting as become so few and far between, we are both so busy with life, you with your wonderful growing family, and me , well just busy!!~LOL

I know one day we will be able to sit down and catch up,

Please tell Master Benjamin, we now have over 50 new lambs, on the farm, and of how often I think of him and you!

I have always measured my true friends by this.. That when I see them we pick up right where we left off, and we always do!

Wishing you and your sweet family the most blessed and joyous New Year!
Hugs from me to you both!

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