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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tip Toe Through the..........

If my title has you singing, then you are showing your age.  Who can't remember that tune and the ukulele playing hit of the early 70's?

Texas isn't known for Tulips, but that is just where we were going to go tip-toe through the tulips.

Before I tell you about my adventure I need to express how nice it is to receive something you didn't even know you needed, or wanted or ...............................  There are just some deep soul needs that are so stuffed away that I  don't even know they were there, until one need was met.

Last fall I returned to FB, I am not a big FB fan, so I reluctantly entered this social media to promote my business.   While looking through my feed I noticed that a friend, from decades ago, was moving to our area.  Through messaging we re-hooked up.  They bought a house our son remolded...our son was a pre-teen the last time they had been around him.  Reunion was sweet.

We had shared belly time...meaning both were pregnant at the same time, decades ago.  Those babies were born just weeks of each other.  Today the four of them are in their 20's.

So starts the adventure.  We now live just 20 minutes away from each other.  The years that separated us have fallen away, as we venture into our new season of friendship.  We are having soooooooooooooooooo much fun.   That is where my soul need comes into play.  I didn't even know I had a need so deeply hidden until we went out to.............................tip-toe through the Texas Tulips.

An advertisement caught my eye sharing the first year opening of a Tulip Farm just north of my home.  I called my friend to see if she wanted out of the house for an adventure.  As we drove up to the field we both gasp over  the beauty.  This Texas Tulip Farm was started by a family from the Netherlands.  Their accent greeted us as we stepped out of our car into a whole new world.

Baskets waited to be filled with fresh tulips.  Now aren't they just the bees knees?  Yes, there were also bees out among the flowers. As we picked up the baskets we kept reminding each other we couldn't afford to totally fill our baskets, even though the baskets made the little girl in me want to skip.

The rolls of beauty were overwhelming.  We kept pinching ourselves to remind us that we were truly in Texas, not Holland.  It was easy to let your mind think differently as the owners rode around on their bikes and spoke to each other in their native language.

Donna opened her arms to the beauty.  A beauty that Only  God could create!!  We were speechless at times as we soaked it all in.  Refreshing our spirits and our souls.  We also talked and talked and talked.  When you stand in His handiwork you Praise Him.

Who knew?  Who would have believed that after 18 years our paths would cross again, in a very different season of life?  Who would have believed that we would both be up for adventures that would meet a deep level soul need?  Only God knew and He knew just when to deliver His gift.

 As uncommon as a field of tulips in Texas can be, which just takes your breath away, so is a God who loves His children so much that He can reunite friends for a new adventure.

Donna and I have decided to make a list of adventures to come.  A visit to a Lavender Farm, a day of learning to make cheese, and a trip to a small town for a restaurant mentioned in Where Women Create Business, have started our list.  We have already made  a trip to a wonderful spice store.  I will be sharing more, as we venture out and enjoy the goodness of our God.  As life goes forward and changes, what a nice gift to have a friend from earlier days join you for the ride.

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Sonja Goodson said...

How wonderful for both of you! Don't forget to pick blueberries and maybe even peaches this summer. This was a good 'heart' posting!!

Love you!

Pom Pom said...

How GREAT! I love the tulips!

Vee said...

Wow! It rivals the tulip fields in Washington state. Two dollars and fifty cents per stem?! Is that pricey? How fun to have an old, dear friend return to your life! A true blessing of The Lord.

Sassy Granny ... said...

Washington State is also know for bulb flowers. Right now the daffodils, tulips & hyacinths are stunning. Our fields look very much like those you've posted.

In recent years I've connected with some old friends of mine as well. Facebook is a great vehicle for such things. It also allows me to stay in touch with the great people/friends we met while living 10 years in Arizona.

So glad you're keeping on keeping on!


Sue said...

Only God knew and He knew just when to deliver His gift.Need I say more? This has me rejoicing with you of this renewed friendship, many blessings to you both as you take this journey, please keep sharing,

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

So fun and so special to have this friendship renewed. Your adventures sound delightful!

podso said...

Love this story! And how nice that Donna is up for adventures like you are. The tulip farm is amazing! What a beautiful experience for you.

Farm Girl said...

What a fun day and I would love to go to a tulip farm like that. They are just lovely. What great fun things you have planned.

Rebecca said...

What a great idea - a list of adventures!

Sharon said...

What a wonderful reunion! Isn't it amazing how God orchestrates these things in our lives?! The tulips were beautiful (Tiny Tim would be so proud!). And I can't wait to read and see more about your upcoming adventures!


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

God is SOOOOO GOOD. An amazing story of His gifts... friendship and flowers... who would have ever imagined a Texas tulip field?! Beautiful post, Janette. blessings and hugs ~ tanna

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