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Thursday, April 30, 2015

No Longer a Drought

I briskly walked toward the water as the cool breeze blew my hair from my face.  I was breathing it all in, soaking in the sun, smelling the freshness of the the moisture from the recent rain.

Rain, rain, rain, we have been having much needed rain.  We have been in a drought.  A drought that left boat docks dry, bridges expanding over dry land instead of lakes, fear of lack of water supply and economy hurt by lack of summer activities, that kind of drought.  Drought that you believed would only be resolved from years of rainy season.  Then came the spring of 2015.

We were starting to wonder when the sun would shine again, yet, we knew we needed this precious rain.  As I continued to joyfully move toward the water I let the Lord speak to my soul.  It was a continued lesson He has been working in my heart.

It is so easy to get stuck.  Stuck in the mud would the right term around here.  Stuck mentally, stuck physically and stuck spiritually.  Lessons you thought you had learned you see are being repeated again, you haven't mastered it yet.  God gentle speaks.  He easily reminded me how last summer the drought made many wonder if the lakes would ever be full again....................and yet, the rains came and they are now FULL!!!

Oh daughter of such little faith.

As I drove through what had been all my life just a small, sleepy town in Texas, the message had already started to play. " It just takes ME and things can change.  I can rise up who I want, and where I want and how I want.", seemed to say the gentle voice of the Lord in my spirit.  The sign on the side of the road reminded me how God has taken this small town and put her on the map, because some people said "Yes" to His vision.
Their world has changed and so has this small sleepy town.
Even the college has become known throughout the country.  Baylor's new football stadium rises up over the skyline of Waco.
Things have changed.

I visited the store in September.  We were able to park in the front parking lot, and no one was in the store.  Not anymore!!!   You now have to park next door to the store.  On a Monday afternoon the shoppers were filing in and out in one long line.  Everyone was taking pictures of the store and the salesgirls needed to assist everyone were double from our first visit.

Stuck sometimes makes you mentally feel things will never change.  Now there is change in our home....more babies on the way, but there are other struggles that seem to be in drought.

Then there is God...............and Rain...........and visions and dreams met..........and change.

Reflecting on my renewed soul thoughts as I reluctantly strolled back to my car from the lake, I thanked God for His gentle rebuke.   I resolved  to plan time at the lakes this year and enjoy the abundance that His rain has provided.  May I say "yes" to changes that need to be made, to get out of  my own drought.  May I not fight the RAIN!  God can change everything in just a wink of an eye.

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Pom Pom said...

Yay for rain and the washing of His grace, right? Baylor is good, good, good from what I hear here in Colorado.
That lake looks like summer! Woo hoo!

podso said...

A good lesson, to take time to enjoy and be thankful, even for endless rain. God knows best. Beautiful pictures!

Vee said...

Oh, yes, He can! And nothing is too far gone for Him to change. So glad that you corner is coming out of the drought. I imagine many things have changed in Waco since I was last there forty years ago! LOL

Sonja Goodson said...

I love this blog Janette, on so many levels. I also am seeing the beauty of our lake coming back and the grenery thriving all around us. I know you are right about Waco and how is is on the map in a new way, I'm thinking Chip & Joanna must be blown away by all of this, as we all are. SO jealous that you went there, I'm going too before too long. I spent all day yesterday roaming around Canton, under a white cloud filled Texas sky!
Mostly... I love your understanding that God can and does change things... He is never through, and we can always look forward with hope!!

Happy Spring!

Christine said...

We know we aren't in control.
Look at the beauty of the water surrounded by the trees.
Yes, God is in control at all times.

Christine said...

Love that show!
Such a darling couple!!

Farm Girl said...

Wonderful words today Janette!
On so many levels.

Lea said...

Great post Jeanette and what fun to go to Chip and Joanna's place. They are so cute and I do love their show.

We need constant reminders of who is in charge and I should not need to be reminded anymore.

Wishing you a great weekend!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Yes, Joanna Gains testimony is crazy inspiring, isn't it? Janette, I am right beside you on getting the same lessons... and still needing them again. May we each "get" our lessons and embrace God's plans for our future. blessings ~ tanna

Sue said...

OH! how this spoke to me, Janette, I find it so amazing that while going through the many droughts in my own life and wondering if or when would they end, the God of All, is an on time God! Pushing me a little more each time to wait, and trust Him! Thanks for the reminder, Dear One!
And just look at that handsome Benjamin standing there so dressed up, my what a handsome young man! Please tell him hello from me, and that I think of you both so often.

Debbie Petras said...

I love this post Janette! Nothing is impossible for our God, that's for sure. I can't believe you were able to visit Joanna's store and no line. Good for you. It is amazing how a little town that was known for a cult tragedy is now being rebuilt by someone who listened to the Lord and followed through. It's a great lesson for me. I'm glad you got the rain. We had some rain this morning but not as much as you. But I'll take whatever we get and be thankful for a roof that doesn't leak.

Love you,

Bevie Sams said...

Hi Janette, it's been way too long since I last visited your awesome blog. I promise to come more often...blessings and keep the faith my dear..love ya!!!

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