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Monday, August 25, 2014

We Are Off to the Races!

We made it! Everyone got out the door on time, dressed, feed and pictures taken. 
The race begins.  Football, Awanas, Lego Club, jobs, and Senior events.

I looked down and realize, I too, am running out the starting gate.
Time to sign up for classes, fill my calendar with webinars, go to networking meetings, and learn all the technology for my business.  My web site is up, but not finished yet.
Oh my!, summer is gone.
I am also planning for next summer.
If you fail to plan you plan to fail and I have just had about enough of failing.

I want to go to Colorado next summer...Durango.  I want to ride the train, I want to hike, I want to refresh in the outdoors and take my guys along.
So today I am going to mark out time each day to work on my business!
I am also going to carve out time to play with my grandsons.
First on the list is to take Joshua to see the trains near us.

We are running the race that is set before us.
It looks so different than what I imagined, but each step becomes more familiar.

Benjamin's teacher is the husband of a children's pastor.  The administrator of his school home schooled with me years ago.  This charter school is a blessing to this now-ex-home-school mom.

There is an excitement in the air.  Time to get my running shoes on. Time to make my list. Time to watch what the Lord does this year.  Time to pull the weeds that have started to strangle my garden, but physically and spiritual.  Time for a new crop and harvest.

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Vee said...

Gosh and I was hoping you could slow down. =D

Farm Girl said...

We are having the best years of our lives. Yours sounds all great!!

Pom Pom said...

Yay for a planned trip to Colorado! You've got a great year in store. I just know it!

podso said...

What a clever post! I love the way you took pictures of their shoes and the date (with chalk on the sidewalk). And then used the metaphor! I hope you do get to take some deep breaths midst all your plans and projects and ideas!

camp and cottage living said...

I love your ability to remain optimistic with all the new challenges and changes presented to you in your life!

Maryann said...

Who says life slows down when you hit a certain age (isn't that what they say??) It hasn't been my experience but I thought that life would look different at this age. (more leisurely, less schedules etc) Love the photos of the shoes and dates, such a clever way of marking a milestone. Sounds like you have a plateful. Colorado sounds like a wonderful plan

Sue Anne McKinney said...

It sounds like you have a fresh breath inside of you and you are ready for FALL!!! I can't wait for you to experience Durango. :)

Rebecca said...

I applaud your plan...admire your spunk.

Sandy said...

Out of all the comments I have to say I agree with Rebecca! With your plan and your spunk...and Jesus by your side, there will be no more failing. But, I wouldn't say you have had failures anyway, just detours!
Your boys are soooo handsome as they head out to school.
xx oo

Sonja Goodson said...

New chapters Janette, and they are going to be good!


Sharon said...

Oh, those busy days begin!! Janette, here's to a wonderful school year - full of adventures and fun and business success.

You, my friend, are running your race so well!


Debbie said...

I am really excited that Benjamin has a male teacher and one that shares the faith. To have the administrator be a kindred home schooling soul is gravy on the taters. I know that your heart will ALWAYS be at home with your Benjamin, but I am grateful for a great God who provides.

I loved this part:
"If you fail to plan you plan to fail and I have just had about enough of failing."

I've had enough of the failing too. Really just E N O U G H. I want some of the spunk and spirit that drives you because I have lost mine. Praying for that ever elusive courage that Lucy and Ethel and Butch and Sundance have.

In an aside, I have tried to follow your blog on facebook and very specifically Simply Your Decor, but I still don't get updates. I do not know why I must be so cyber blonde. It's frustrating and annoying.

Almost as annoying as this ramble must be to you.

Lisa said...

My goodness! Benjamin is getting so big! Before you know it he will be a senior.;)

Debbie Petras said...

I think it will be an exciting year for you and your family, my friend. I'm looking forward to reading all about it.

Blessings and love,

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