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Sunday, May 18, 2014

In the Span of Nine Months

Nine months seems to be ringing in my ears. 

 In the span of nine months my daughter and daughter-in-law gave birth to my two grandsons.

In the span of nine months, Benjamin will have completed his first year at a charter school and promoted to third grade.

My husband has now been employed in the span of nine months.

Summer is on the way and I am still adjusting to my new roles.  I have been working two to three jobs for over a year.  The temporary has become permanent.  As my friends and I quote to each other on a regular basis, "Our expectations of what we thought life would be at this season are what is tripping us up.  Our reality isn't close to what we thought it would be like."  We are learning to let go of the expectations and embrace the new permanent, that we all thought would be temporary.  I am encouraged by women's strengths to adjust and move forward.  They have all experienced the span of nine months, during their birthing years of their own, now grown children.  They are now embracing the birth of this new season of life.

Benjamin has accomplished many things in the span of nine months.  He has adjusted well to all the changes. We have had some ups and downs, but growth has come from all of them. My favorite time of each day is seeing his yellow backpack come bouncing down the ramp to greet me in the pick up line. I am so grateful I am able to pick him up each day and hear all about the day.

In a span of nine months Benjamin gave his first violin recital. He played solo, duets and in the ensemble pieces.  His older brother helped him achieve this goal.  He has excelled in violin.

Promoted from Wolfe to Bear in Boy Scouts.
He played a sport our family knows nothing about...soccer.  We have been a baseball, softball and basketball family.  Benjamin has expanded our life...in more ways than one.

In the span of nine months - school.  He will be out for the summer the first week of June.

He grew up!  He adjusted this year and so am I.  He also took care of his ducks, then through tears he released them to a better life.  We took them to a near by pond, and yes, we all have secretly gone over there to check on them.  Our 18-year-old son even drove over there himself to see if they were okay. I heard one little boy say he liked the duck with the "pony tail", he didn't know we had placed the ducks there.

LIFE!  So many curves balls...so many chances for growth...even in the span of nine months.

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podso said...

What a wonderful post. It is filled with hope and gratitude for what has happened in nine months. I know what you mean about life throwing curves and is not what we thought it would be. Maybe every generation feels that way, I wonder … your little boy certainly has grown this year and I love what all you wrote and showed about him. He looks to have transitioned well, and you helped in that I know. To God be the glory for it all.

Lisa said...

You have had such a full year! Have you caught your breath yet? LOL Benjamin has blossomed right before our eyes. He is such a sweet boy. Thank you for sharing him with us! And thanks for an update on the ducks.;)

Sally Bishop said...

In the sea of time I am but a buoy, tossed about but remaining upright. Happy to see you are doing well and enjoying all the excitement going on around you. Logan finished his junior year at UT with great success, he was selected as a Beckman Scholar which answers A LOT of questions for this next year. I have fallen into the 'sewing hole' and having a great time.

Debbie said...

Oh I love reading about every thing that has been blessed by God and grown and changed in these last nine months. Yes, that quote you and your friends use can be echoed by me as well...THIS is NOT what I expected these years to be like, and yet we are all moving forward and counting our blessings every where we look. Soo glad Benjamin has done soo well and had such a good year! God is good ALL the time. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Dawn said...

It was so nice catching up. It sounds like all is going well.
Blessings, Dawn

Pom Pom said...

Aw! Ben's a good boy!

Vee said...

Oh I love that Benjamin plays the violin and soccer! It has been quite a ride for you all. Hope that you don't mind my praying that life settles down to a dull roar for a while now for you.

Sandy said...

Loved reading about all the wonderful things happening in the span of nine months! So proud of all of Benjamin's accomplishments...and his mommy's. I don't know of anyone who has had more ups and downs than you and yours but it's so good to hear of all God has done.
xx oo

Lea said...

Isn't it the truth! Life can change so drastically in a 9 month period. I think it's best if we do not expect anything and then we're not as easily disappointed when things don't go the way we had thought they would. Easier said than done for sure!

I always enjoy stopping by and reading your words of inspiration.

Happy week Jeanette!!!

Maryann said...

So wonderful to hear of God's faithfulness in your life and your family, your posts are always encouraging to me. Your little Benjamin is growing up fast, he must be such a joy to you.

Sue said...

Loving this wonderful heartfelt post, you should see me smiling all the way through. I just have a problem Janette, Benjamin is growing up way to fast, tell him to slow down. I am amazed at how big tall he is getting, and so proud of all his achievements this year. Please tell him for me.
God is good, All the time, I believe He loves to hear our thankful hearts, and praises to Him for his goodness.
Blessings, to your precious family.
Hugs, Sue

Christine said...

The quote made me stop and pause to reread it again and again.
I needed your post today.
I had expectations of what my life would look like, in this season. But it's nothing like my expectation!
Your words are healing.

Benjamin is really something! He just charges through life. I enjoy watching him grow.
(love the duck story!)

Rebecca said...

Benjamin is a very busy (and talented) child!

And TELL me about changes!

By the grace of God, we're still standing, right?!?

Sharon said...

You have had a rather whirlwind 9 months, Janette! So much has happened. And God has been good. You always have a way of pointing me toward His faithfulness, and this post speaks volumes to my heart.


Sonja Goodson said...

Without a doubt... you have had a whirlwind in the last 9 months, so many changes, and yet... here you are, stronger than ever!

Benjamin is going to keep you young!! Love the pictures of him...

Here's to the next 9 months being the very best yet!

Debbie said...

You and your friends speak the same words my friends and I do. It's the expectations that trip me up. I am trying to not just accept God's different plan but look for surprises instead of disappointments. (Not saying I'm there... saying that I am EARNESTLY trying.)

And I'm so glad that your wonderful Benjamin will be home for the summer soon. My prayer for you is that your time is full of all sorts of the stuff that not only makes memories but restores the soul.

Kathryn Ross said...

Blessings, Janette! So many milestones in your hectic family life - and so many reasons to thank God for His care and superintendence to meet all your needs, even when it might not be just what you'd expect in this "season" . . .

Congrats on your new grandbabies - what a full household you have within which to rejoice!

Marcy said...

i love your photos and your words...i don't stop by here often enough....

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Lady you ALWAYS hit a home run with me! I feel like I've visited with a dear friend who's soul n mine share so much! Jack will adore seeing Ben play violin as he's asked to play that in school. Right now he plays guitar in private lessons alongside his Dad as our schools don't start orchestra 'til 4th grade. Lotsa love and CONGRATULATIONS to YOU and Ben for MAKING it such a great nine months!

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