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Saturday, May 31, 2014

I Sent Out My Fleece

Stiffly dragging my feet and fighting back tears, I entered into the school.  Trying to stifle all of my anxious thoughts, my body tensed and my smile was forced.  Trying to act excited for Benjamin's new possibilities, I prayed silently, "Oh God please let me hear your voice.".  I sent out my fleece as we toured his charter public school environment. This transition would be the end of my 25 years of home educating my children.

Benjamin heard the violins as we passed the music classroom. He looked up with a grin, "I want to take violin lessons!".  The administrator explained that a parent volunteered to give violin lessons for the school. Benjamin looked excited. I smiled back.

"Here is our small 2nd grade class room.  We have two other full size 2nd grade classes, but this one will only have 11 or 12 students."  I whispered my fleece, "Lord,  if this is you, can he please have the small class room?"

"Lord, if this is you, may he take violin lessons?"

She cheerfully assured us of the school and all the teachers.  He would have to come back to be evaluated, since he had been home educated.  There weren't any words I could say to convince her that I had educated him well, as I had done with all my children.  They weren't sure about home schooling.

Benjamin talked on the way home with excited anticipation. I silently cried in my seat, my back turned to him so he couldn't see... my husband gently patting my arm.  This was going to stretch me and I continued to cry out to God.  Days later, Benjamin and I would both be in the car again, meaning he couldn't see my face, when he explained how he wanted to cry the day we took him to visit the school.  I reassured him that things would be okay.  I was stepping out in faith with my reassuring words.

My prayer through last summer was for a Godly teacher and success with his testing. The administrator's answer concerning his test, "We think he can do 2nd grade work."  My fleece was before the Lord and now I walked it out in faith.

He was one of only a handful of all the 2nd graders to win the Academic Excellence Award.  My home education had paid off and he wasn't at a disadvantage.

His class - 11 students and one awesome Christian teacher!

He excelled in violin, winning the highest awards.

The total confirmation came at the end of the full school year.  His violin teacher was also a Christian, as were the majority of teachers and administrators.  Many of the teachers were members of our church and they knew his older siblings.   I heard about his violin teacher's personal struggle and someone told me she was a singer, along with her two sisters.  I looked her up on YouTube and I listened to this song.  My soul rejoiced over the answered prayers for this first year.  There were some days that were very rocky...even to the point of wanting to pull him out. However, we persevered and the fruit was well worth it.  God was faithful, even had he not answered even one of my fleeces. He still is God... and I praise Him for answering this mother's heart's cry.

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Rebecca said...

That was SOME fleece :)
(Why DO we worry or fret?)
Thanks for the specifics. My faith was built hearing about how God answered your prayers so specifically and beautifully.

BTW, I responded in my comment section re. the books your mentioned ... I've never figured out if a person gets my replies or not.....but I read Gift from the Sea just about every year and am going to look up the other one. Thanks!

Cindy said...

I agree with Rebecca. Awesome.

Sandy said...

I also agree! Just awesome! I was in tears just reading how wonderfully The Lord worked out every thing you asked.
Big hugs!
And tell your little guy everyone thinks he is awesome too!

Farm Girl said...

I am so thankful that the Lord heard your prayers and answered is such and amazing way. God is always good.

Pom Pom said...

Yay! I am all for homeschooling. I don't doubt for a minute he was VERY well prepared. Good for him! What a cutie! Good job, good mama.

Debbie said...

I am just so happy that Benjamin did soo well and God answered your prayers in such a meaningful and complete way. He loves us and wants only our best. Why do we ever fear He doesn't? And yet I know I do sometimes. ENJOY your time off with him this summer, and may God continue to richly bless him in every way! HUGS

BARBIE said...

God is so faithful to the cry of our hearts. Benjamin did so well. Congratulations mama, you done good!

podso said...

What a wonderful confirmation. Just like our loving heavenly Father to give that to you!

Vee said...

Amen. God is so good to steer us where we need to go. I am glad for Benjamin's opportunity to be a part of this school where he had Christian teachers. I can only imagine how fearful you were. Your putting on a good face and even Benjamin's putting on a good face says it all. (My opinion of the public schools of this country is not as charitable and my grands attend one. The influence of godly teachers is 60 to 1... not good. Not good at all.)

Christine said...

Joining you in celebration and yes, praising God! God is good!

This is such a powerful post about Faith and Prayer.

Again, you wrote with word pictures and touched my heart.

Have a great summer knowing that Benjamin has blossomed.

Sonja Goodson said...

Sounds like both Benjamin and his mom have graduated with honors from this year!!


Strong work, Momma.


Debbie Petras said...

God is so good! It sounds like you both had a great year. It's hard to let go of control but I love hearing stories like yours Janette.

Love you,

Lea said...

Oh, this makes my heart smile! I'm so thankful that Benjamin had such an awesome year and left such great "footprints" on the year. Sounds like the Lord has great things in store for him. Happy, happy for you!

Sharon said...

God is still God...

Oh yes, Janette. This was such a wonderful post. Both to hear of your struggles, and to hear of the many ways God met you in them. Sounds like Ben (and you) have adapted to this, and that God is going to do great things in this venue, too.

He walks where we go, doesn't He?!


Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

Wow. Thank you, Janette, for sharing your testimony and wisdom.
God is faithful and He is good.

Maryann said...

What a wonderful report of God's faithfulness, not only did Benjamin have a successful year but God specifically answered the requests of your heart. Keep looking to Him, this post has really blessed me

Sue Anne McKinney said...

Beautiful blog post and beautiful song!

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