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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Does Your Design Say About You?

I have been busy shopping.
Yes, shopping.
Although I wished that shopping was for myself, it is not!

Shopping for a client, as I help to pull her vision into reality, has keep me hopping.
As I was looking for pieces for this home I enjoyed taking a test.
Now I must say, I have NEVER enjoyed test, however, this test was fun.

The test ask you questions, then through the questions they show you your decorating style and what it says about you.  Now that was fun to see.
My lifestyle chooses said the following and then  gave me my decorating style.
It was pretty right on.  In fact, I had just told a friend, I would love a red sofa, and guess what it suggested for my den?  RED SOFA!!

I found out that I am a Transitional -Traditional style of design.
The comments were - You are self-assured, and balanced, passion and  purpose.  You are devoted to your family and friends, and enjoy entertaining at home.
You have a sense of history, yet you embrace the present.  You exude with warmth with traditional values.
Organization and structure are important to you.

All of that from just taking a design style test.  I was shocked at how much information they could pull from my answers.
Go here and take the fun test yourself...see how accurate or off, it might be for you.
You might find some new decorating ideas for your home.

Well I am off to work!  Part is fun and part is just hard work!  Isn't that what life is all about?

18 Joining in with more words:

Angela said...

Here's what it said about me: You are a blend of Eclectic & Cottage
You are independent with a broad range of interests. An artistic original, you are creative, intelligent and capable. You break with conformity.

You are casual and informal. You eschew anything that conveys "stuffy" and instead collect items full of charming character. While you have an interest in outdoor activities, your home is a haven.

I would say that is pretty right on:)

Debbie said...

You may know this already, but I have been searching for Debbie for about two years now. I think I have found her. I have taken test after test, but none of them seem to pinpoint me.

I'm going to try this one and see what it says.

(I'm pretty sure it is not going to tell me to put a waverly print sofa and burgundy chairs in the living room because that's what is in there now, and I loathe them.)

Debbie said...

It was dead on in most ways! It did use the word "self assured" which is definitely not correct, and it actually used the word BALANCE in there.

Great quiz. The best one I have ever done.

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Wow! I'm going to have to check this out, Janette, cause it sure got you right!!!! blessings and hugs ~ tanna

Pom Pom said...

Interesting! The older I get, the cozier are my preferences. I do love Traditional Home, though!

Debbie said...

the minute I started reading this I thought to myself, Oh I WANT to take this test...so glad you posted the link. I am off to check it out! I will let you know...lol

Vee said...

I took the first part of the test and came out the same as you, though I know we have different decorating styles. They didn't give quite enough options, but I always think taking those kinds of tests is fun. Thanks! Have fun with your client and your shopping.

Sue said...

Hello Dear janette, I must take this test, a red sofa would certainly brighten my den, I think I have been in drab way to long! Give sweet Benjamin a big hug for me! We must talk soon!

Cindy said...

I was Cottage/Eclectic. :)

Sandy said...

I was casual/informal with traditional values, and that my home is a haven. I think that's very accurate except that I also like cottage style and that wasn't included. Fun test. Thanks.

podso said...

I might be with you on the T-T mode. Though granddaughter said to me today, Grandma is everything in your house old?

Maryann said...

I was transitional/cottage which is pretty accurate, although I'd add in a little eclectic, fun test

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I turned out to be cottage/eclectic. I think that was a fit. ;) blessings ~ tanna

Debbie Petras said...

I am commenting before taking the test but that will be my next step. I love tests like this. I have had the experience of starting from scratch and working with a designer years ago. It was fun but my husband also had his own opinions and expressed them. So our home was a combination of what we both liked and agreed upon. But I did love it! Now I am so thankful I have a few items left to use to decorate our humble abode. It makes all the difference plus a large does of love. That is what truly makes a house a home.

Love you and I'm praying,

Debbie Petras said...

I took the test. I am transitional and cottage. How fun!

Catherine said...

Dear Janette, This is what the test said about me:,

You are a blend of Transitional & Traditional

You are self-assured, and balance passion and purpose. You are devoted to your family and friends, and enjoy entertaining at home.

You have a sense of history, yet you embrace the present; you exude warmth with traditional values. Organization and structure are important to you.

Thank you it was fun.

I hope all is well.
Blessings dear. Catherine xo

Christine said...

I use to take all those quiz's in the old magazines. This reminds me of that time.

Heading off to find my STYLE!

Sue Anne McKinney said...

Mine said blend of transitional and cottage! YES, that is me.
love these kind of 'tests'!

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