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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Poggibonsi, Greve, Vinyard and Dive Dining - Oh My!

The movie script would continue to unfold with the rising of the sun on Friday morning.  Anxious to not miss any opportunity, we bounced out of bed to discover Poggibonsi before our planned itinerary for the day.

The three of us strolled down the hill into the city of Poggibonsi (pronounced Pojji Bonsi).  Everywhere you look, there is history and beauty.  We walked through a vineyard and olive trees.  All the scriptures I know by heart concerning the vineyards and olive plants just flowed through my thoughts.  The Roman Civilization history I taught my children for so many years seemed to remind me that each stone I walked on was prepared so God could send His son into this Civilization for us. I started to grasp at a different level the scriptures and history I have enjoyed through the years.

We hurried back to aboard a large, custom touring bus with the rest of the wedding guests.  The two moms overlooked the arrivals as the young adults filled up the seats.  All were yelling, "is everyone here?"  Both moms noticed that their "firstborns" weren't on board.  Her firstborn is a doctor and mine, a business owner.  They walked onto the bus as if to say, "we are older than all of you... and married!  We will get here when we want to get here!"  My daughter-in-law's mother has a joyous and contagious laugh and she looked across at me with the comment, "we are always a mom."

  • First Stop - The Castle of Monteriggioni

Fortified walls!  WOW!  We walked along the top of the walls looking out over the countryside.  I thought of Masada, Jericho...so many fortified cities mentioned throughout all of history.  We were now standing on the top of the walls' lookout, while also looking down into the tiny, yet beautiful city within.

  • Second stop would be two small cities in the state of Tuscany
The local butcher shop, the statues in the courtyard, the tunnels... made you feel like you had just entered a time machine.  You couldn't believe it was 2013 and yet it seemed you had stepped back in time.  So peaceful and charming.  Our guide would walk with us and just share life while telling us interesting tidbits. He shared that 65% of all tourists to this area are Americans.  On the bus he mentions all the movies made here.  I knew many of them...one I especially enjoyed was Letters to Juliet.

  • Our final stop was at an Organic Vineyard and Farm
  •  The owner shared about his life and passion.  He taught us on wines and his prized Balsamic Vinegar.  We toured the barrel rooms, where he stores both the wine and the vinegar.  The Balsamic Vinegar had been aging for 30 years.  He also shared his passion for the essential oils he produces on his farm.
  • My passions were stirred with the gardens, balsamic vinegar and essential oils.
  • We were able to see over 75% of the Tuscany Valley from this vantage point
  • We entered into his little house for an evening meal.  Here, he would teach us through each course...  The organic garlic, the fresh vegetables, the homemade pasta, the wine and vinegar.
  • We finished the meal with vanilla ice cream, drizzled with 30-year-old Balsamic Vinegar... unreal!!
  • The man's passion and way of life was expressed so elegantly, leaving me desiring the same

Our second day ended.  Truly our dreams were being played out in this script, as we rested peacefully under the open windows of the cool, Poggibonsi night air.
Day Three - Florence....please someone pinch me...this is just too surreal!

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Vee said...

(Thank you for telling me how the town is pronounced...I love knowing that kind of thing and can read without stumbling about. I'm weird like that.)

Oh what fun to be with all your family and all the bride's family celebrating. As a history lover, I know that you relished those places and made a lot of great connections to the things you already knew.

Balsamic vinegar on vanilla ice cream? Gelato? I can NOT imagine. Very cool!

Pom Pom said...

Wow! Such gorgeous scenery! What a memory!

Sonja Goodson said...

So not only do you get this amazing trip... you also get the best of the best tours and inside living in Italy. I am LOVING seeing it through your eyes Janette, and can just imagine what a thrill each day was. You will never forget it!!

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. And god truly blessed you with this trip!

Lea said...

What a wonderful opportunity, these destination weddings are really "the be all do all" especially with a location such as this. It's such fun to share in your fun and excitement!

Debbie said...

WOW....honestly those pictures are like postcards, and you were actually there! I am loving this. A wedding is already a once in a life time memory, but you add on this location and now you REALLY have some memories. Looking forward to the seeing the rest.

Christine said...

To walk, see, dine, sleep and live, unreal!
Your son and daughter-in-law have out done themselves.
What memories your family will have!

And you aren't done sharing!

Farm Girl said...

This is just wonderful and so cool. I am amazed at how old every thing looks and I have always read about the golden light and I can see it in your photos.
What an incredible experience.

Sandy said...

I'm enjoying this so much, Janette. I feel as if I was right there with you. The pictures are just great.I'm just so happy for you and your family.

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Oh my, Tuscany, and Florence! Pinch me! I want to go! Wow, Janette. What a treat!

Angel said...

Sounds divine, Janette! Thank you for sharing the details and all the lovely pics.

Balsamic vinegar over vanilla ice cream? That would be interesting. Somehow, I have a feeling if I tried it here it wouldn't be quite the same though. :) I'll have to take your word for it.

Sharon said...

This is the best trip!! I am having so much fun touring the sights with you. I am so thrilled that your family was able to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

God's beauty is all over this world, isn't it?!

MORE - I want MORE!


podso said...

I'm catching up on your amazing trip and tears are filling my eyes. What a memory you all have made. God is so good!

Maryann said...

Wonderful photos, beautiful country, such memories. Can't wait to hear about Florence.
I am a fan of the reduced balsamic on grilled fruits as well...surprisingly yummy

Debbie Petras said...

I read this post yesterday on another computer and couldn't comment. So here I am to say I'm enjoying all of your photos and details about this amazing trip. Wow; isn't our God just awesome. Little did you realize that you'd be on such an adventure and to celebrate the wedding of your son and now daughter. Love it and ...you.


Anonymous said...

It's been a while I know and i am sorry and dropping in to see how you are doing I dropped my month nearly to the ground -- WOW weeeeeeeeee -- totally a dream and what a huge adventure.. blessed you.. Oh so thrilled out of my mind for you .. from knowing all the things you have gone through in the pass.. Oh what a JOY---..
Glad I popped in.. wonderful photos too...Thanks for sharing..

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