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Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Heart Just Expanded as the "I Do's" Were Said

As I described this day to a friend, her mouth dropped in unbelief.  Her comment was, "well, that girl and your son didn't miss a beat did they."  She was so right. There wasn't a "t" left uncrossed or an "i" not dotted.  This mother's heart was blessed beyond her dreams.  The surreal movie continued.

We awoke to a rehearsal for the evening ceremonies, which would take place out on the veranda, overlooking the Tuscany Valley.  After rehearsal, we enjoyed a Tuscany Brunch out in the sun room.  Our daughter-in-law was wearing a rhinestone-studded shirt (that spelled out"BRIDE") for the day.  She had time to put the final details into the ceremony, then relax by the pool before going to her room to have her make-up and hair done by a local salon.

My first surprise started as I was informed I would need to leave the Villa to go into the city for my hair and make-up!  My daughter-in-law had arranged for her mother, her sister and me to enjoy this wonderful wedding luxury.  Along with the thrill of having someone pamper me for the morning, she also told us two photographers would be following along.  There was a team of photographers for the entire wedding day.  Their main photographer had brought a group to Italy for photo shoots and had arranged for them to come to the wedding to do photo shoots before returning the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

So the two moms and one sister got to giggling as we were driven into town, with a car following us with photographers.  The salon was just wonderful. The photographers took our pictures from beginning to end. They were having fun as they treated us like models.  We laughed as they continued to pose us and flash pictures.  The Italian stylist just played right along with the whole event.  What a joy! How exciting!  What a memory maker, as these two women, with combined 10 children between us, were swept away into this ultra-pampered world.

We returned to the Villa ready for the event of the evening.  We both jostled about, trying to not sweat or go to the pool, but we would need to treat ourselves as China Dolls to keep our makeup and hair fresh and ready.

The afternoon passed quickly as we all watched for details that needed to be finished.  I checked the decor for the wedding...as my daughter-in-law had asked me to be her second pair of eyes.  My son rushed around to check behind me to make sure everything was perfect for his Bride.

The sun began to set.  My camera was put down for the day as the photographers took every picture you can imagine.  There are even tons of just Benjamin and me, posed at different places in the Villa...and no, I haven't seen them yet.  I watched as my sons all got dressed.  I pinned the sunflowers on each of their shirts and lastly, the one on the groom's lapel.  A kiss on his cheek couldn't say all my heart wanted to say.

The Bride's Dad told me to go to the room where his daughter was...she would want me to join them.  As a mother-of-the-groom you never know what is your part.  Unless the new daughter-in-law leads the way, you wait cautiously, so as not to step on anyone's toes.  She opened her arms for me to be apart of all that was going on.  The photographers caught each moment.  She asked if I wanted to put on her garter... I DID!!  The cameras clicked.  She picked up the necklace she was to wear and turned to ask if I wanted to place it around her neck?  I DID!  The cameras continued clicking.  They clicked for all the mother-daughter pictures as well, as I enjoyed the exchange between the two.  She had included us both!!!!!!!!!!  We both were taken in the moments.

I returned to the room with my son, all his brothers, my hubby and the groom's new father-in-law.  All the males were ready to go.  Before the door was opened, I stopped them.  Before allowing him to start toward the ceremony, we all gathered around him to pray.  His father-in-law listened in with total agreement.  The Wright family did what the Wright family does....pray!  We haven't done everything right. We have missed it more times than not, but in the end, we still bow our heads in prayer.

Our son asked his Dad to DANCE... yes, DANCE with him down the aisle, and that's what they did.  There weren't attendants, but each parent had their part.  The mothers would light the candles that would glow in a spiral around the Bride and Groom.  Both Fathers would bring in their children...the Bride and Groom to the center of the spiral.  The mothers would enter the ceremony again by lighting the candle for their child as each child (the Bride and Groom) lit the unity candle.

Each guest's chair had a sack on the chair with a picture of the guest. Inside the sack was a candle for the ceremony, a pamphlet telling about the ceremony and a wooden balsa-wood plane that would be used when the Bride and Groom left.  I saw the sack... I didn't read the sack.  The script on the sack would leave the final stamp of "excellence of honor" for the parents, which I would discover while in Rome the following day.

The ceremony was followed by appetizers in the manicured gardens around the Villa.  The wedding dinner was served out back on the veranda, with it's breathtaking sunset view of the Tuscany Valley.  Following the dinner was the cake cutting and dance for the evening.

The DANCE!!!  My son and I had picked this song. If you have time listen, if not, just visualize a son and mother dancing.  He instructed me "Don't cry!"  Well, you can just forget that.  There I was dancing with my son...the one I would dance around the house with as a child, and hadn't danced with in years, and this mother whose heart was so full....................the tears just fell.  He looked me in my eyes and said, "Mother, all of this is a gift from Katie and me.  Please don't tell me you are paying me back.  It is a gift."  The tears just came streaming down as I received the gift.  Yes, the gift came from my heavenly Father, but it came through the hands of my son and daughter-in-law.  I held on to my son as I we danced with ongoing conversation.  If there were others in the room, I didn't notice them. Just like the time I held him in my arms for the first time...it was just us two. He had given me the most precious gift...HIMSELF.  He had honored his mother with excellence.  They both had carved a place in my heart so deep that, for years, I will be telling the story.

The last bow would be tied on the following day.  For this day, it ended with Benjamin and I retiring early, while the wedding party celebrated into the morning hours.                                                                                      My head hit the pillow in complete joy!

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podso said...

Your daughter in law is an amazing woman filled with grace! What a beautiful story; I'm sure your heart is still overflowing!

Pom Pom said...

You are so wise to savor every holy moment!

Debbie Petras said...

Wow; how does it feel to have paparazzi following your every move? :)

What an amazing experience this trip has been for you. I loved the song that you danced with your son. I can almost picture the scenes in my head. I am so happy for you and your family. Treasured memories!

Love you,

Sonja Goodson said...

You have been given the most special heart gift, it will be with you always, and with your son and daughter in law as well. If you had the scripted the whole journey to Italy, it would neve have been this good! LOOOOOVE THIS!!! :)

Debbie said...

Oh Janette how I LOVE reading about all of this...it has moved to me tears of joy. As mom's we know don't we how much prayer, effort, love, work, tears, joy, etc. etc. goes into the raising of a child. And to have that child grow to a man and bless you like this, well it just doesn't get any better does it? I can just picture this whole thing in my mind, and what a treasured memory it will be for you always! And just think of all those photo's you will have to mark the event! (can't wait to see some of them!) And the song? Never heard it, but still weeping over here...loved it! And your new DIL sounds like your cup is now truly overflowing! Soo happy for you all!

Angel said...

Well, Janette, you got me all sniffly on this one. That song is precious and so are the memories you made with your son. Blessings!

Farm Girl said...

Such a lovely story and God is just so good. You are so blessed.

Sharon said...

I am also crying at this beautiful story. Sounds like everything was just perfect. And, the newlyweds are just precious - how wonderful for you to have been so welcomed and included in every step of the way!

Tears of joy for you!


Christine said...

Oh boy... the tears are DRIPPING down my cheeks!
OK, I'm composed, I think.

Whew! What a wedding and what a moment that you had while dancing with your son. God is awesome! I can't say this loud enough.

You are right, it's movie! You got to be a major character, but it was real.

What a joy it is to read about this
prayer answered, life lifting, honoring, loving wedding.

Have your feet touched the ground yet?

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Bawling like a baby right here. What an amazing daughter in love, Janette. What an amazing God. Oh, praises!! blessings ~ tanna

Sandy said...

Wow, wow, wow...just in tears again. So unreal. The Lord has blessed you over and over, hasn't He? And you do so deserve all of this, Janette. I just can't tell you how elated I am for you!
Blessings & Love~

Vee said...

Your son is so blessed! Such wonderful women in his life. This post blessed me so. Can nit wait to see the photos!

Lea said...

Oh, my goodness, Jeanette, what a compliment this is to you and your husband. You have obviously raised a son to honor and cherish his parents. And, to have a daughter in law that shared in this willingly is so, so precious! They are certainly off to a great start and I know the Lord is smiling. I can't wait to see pictures of this special union. I'm so happy for you!

LeeAnn@Encouragement Is Contagious said...

Oh my this had me in tears, especially the paragraph dancing with your son and the song. It sounds like you have been given a very special daughter-in-law. She and your son showed such honor to you parents in such special and heartfelt ways. And Tuscany, Italyyyyyyyy!!! Wow!! I cannot wait to see the wedding photos that I hope you will share later.

So happy for them and you all.
♥Lee Ann

Sue said...

Congratulations, and best wishes to the bride and groom, what a beautiful couple they are. I love the way both families have joined in fellowship and unity, God must be so pleased.
One word and phrase comes to mind, "PERFECTION" as only God can give. My eyes are washed with tears of joy this morning as i read this and your two previous posts.

When God does something He does it beyond our thoughts and imagination, can you imagine what He has planned for us in heaven, and for our future here on earth. satan tries so many times to bring discouragement through trials and tribulations, but our God always comes back and thumps him on his heels, and shows him and us just Who HE is and who always has the final say.

I loved the story of you girls riding and the Paparazi chasing behind you, you all now know how those celebrities feel! LOL
Yes, I did listen to the song, I bet you weren't the only one shedding tears, this moment of you and your son dancing, will be forever etched in both your hearts. Janette you are truly a wonderful example of what God intended mothers to be like.
I am priviled to know you.
Please give my love and a big hug to master Benjamin.

Carol OurSearsKitHome said...

Thank you so much for sharing these posts. Every one of them speaks to the glory of God. You raised you children well, as is evidenced by your son's beautiful heart, and he seems to have chosen well, and wisely, a wife who mirrors what has been modeled for him in a godly mother.
The blessings you are sharing just overwhelm and bless me!

Debbie said...

I've been away from reading so need to go back to pick up where I left off. I cheated and read this one first, and when I got to the part with the dance, I started to cry. This is just beautiful, and I can picture it in my head. I haven't even clicked for the song yet. I'll be a blubbering mess listening to it. I just know it.

I love every bit of this and am now going backwards so as not to miss anything.

Maryann said...

This post had me in tears....again. What a wonderful son and DIL you have. Your heart has to be full, what wonderful memories to treasure.
I kept thinking about your son telling you this was a gift, that there was nothing you had to pay back...what a wonderful illustration of what salvation is to us...a gift from our heavenly Father that does not need to be paid for by us
This is such a beautiful story Janette, it as blessed me so

Nancy said...

I read with tears and anticipation each word of your post....What a joy to read of not only the beauty of the occasion but a son who loves his parents so much that he wanted to bring honor to them in this one of the most important days of his life...God has blessed you abundantly in ways that can only be dreamed about....

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

I have tears just reading about it. You are indeed richly blessed, Janette! (And you look wonderful in the pictures!)

Sue Anne McKinney said...

Just had so much fun catching up on your blog!!! Such a wonderful story. You are blessed!

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