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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Womanhood - The Fine Line

This painting hangs on display in our local library.  The title is "Womanhood - The Fine Line".  It caught my eye and then caught my heart.  Here is where I am at this season of life...as we all are many times in our life.  The balancing act.  I can relate to this picture in more ways than I can express in words.  This painting truly says more than a thousand words can say.

Last Friday my Savior met our family's needs in the most miraculous chain of events.  We went from the total pit of hopelessness, not seeing anyway out of our situation, to breathing life back into our situation.  In a blaze, that only God can orchestra, our lives were forever changed.  I still can't find the words....so I haven't blogged yet...but it will be coming.

My Balancing Act
Fear and Faith
Strength and Gentleness
Courage and Surrender
Independence yet Dependent
Working and yet Resting
Quiet and yet Shouting
Tears of Joy, in the midst of the Pain
Hurt and yet Healed
Disappointed and yet Amazed

I will be back to tell the story.  As one friend said, "it is going to be raw", but it is my story.  My testimony in the middle of one of the largest testing periods of my life.  May all the Glory go to the one, who showed me what a mighty God I serve.

19 Joining in with more words:

Sonja said...

ok now you've got me going.. I can't WAIT to hear about it!!!


Ember said...

:0) So looking forward to reading all about it! x

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Your poem... awesome! I want to print it out and stick to my fridge to re-read often. Looking forward to your story

podso said...

It will be good for you to write out what God has done. I am thrilled to hear the good news, and that is an amazing piece of art; as you said, it speaks volumes. I know you are at an overwhelming period in life ... God will get you through it and may His grace be abundant today!

Debbie said...

Well I am downright anxious over here to hear what God has done! Soo looking forward!

Farm Girl said...

I can't what to hear how our Mighty God was on your behalf.
I love that painting too.
Look forward to hearing all about it.

Vee said...

That painting is gripping!

Your story has gripped me and I will try to be patient as I wait for you to be ready to tell it.

It may be raw, but it sounds so good.

Sandy said...

I am already rejoicing and I don't even know what has happened yet! I can hardly wait to hear how the Lord is glorified and your needs met!!

Christine said...

I'm sure it will be amazing and full of God (goodness).
You are such a faithful servant and God does miracles. This will be worth waiting for!

(Giggling with happiness for you)

Sharon said...

Janette - talk about a cliffhanger!!

Can't wait to hear what happened - and how God did HIS thing once again!


Cindy said...

I won't give away anything, but Brad and I still get teary-eyed over God's goodness and provision for your family. Can't wait to have you share it with everyone!

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Praising and praying... love to you... blessings ~ tanna

Pom Pom said...

Wow! Indeed, what a mighty God we serve!
Feeling thankful!

Lea Culp said...

Oh, I'm "plum" excited over this and cannot hear your testimony unto the Lord over it. Blessings!

Sally Bishop said...

"Womanhood - The Fine Line" gives evidence to how 'a picture is worth a thousand words'; moving and poignant. Giving praise that the dawn has broken on your dark night.

Anonymous said...

totally thrilled and hurry on back to share.. I am all ears.. with an open heart..and doing the Happy dance!!!

Debbie said...

I shared your story with my two favorite girl people (Mom and Denise). There wasn't a dry eye in the circle. We praised God together for what He did, has done, and will do.

Could that picture be any better? It isn't a straight line we walk, even a tightrope. It's exactly that: An up and down balancing act.

Struggling here for balance to be honest but I am reminding myself daily that with God, all things are possible for me, even walking in the up and down with balance.

Rebecca said...

What a cliff-hanger post, Janette! You can bet I"ll be back to see. Already I'm praising God...

myletterstoemily said...

oh janette! i am on the edge of my
chair to hear what the Lord has done
. . . besides the three grandbabies,
that is! that is a miracle i'm still
rejoicing over!!!!

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