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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Moved and Exhausted

  • Three U-haul loads
  • One truck and trailer (#1 son, with a servant's heart)
  • One truck with movers for grand piano/master bedroom furniture (thanks to son #2 who provided this service)
  • Three muscle brawny sons (#1, #2 and #4 - #3 was vacationing in Colorado, poor guy)
  • One grey hair hubby (the love my life and put up with me through all this)
  • Lost ten nails, bruised and calloused hands and knees
  • 24 hour time schedule
  • One true friend - one who gets in the trenches with you and allows you to climb out - Angie arrived to help me finish the packing and clean from top to bottom until late on Friday night
  • One daughter-in-law making two meals and helping with unpacking kitchen
  • One organized gifted mother helping one morning
  • One daughter who shampooed the stairs 
  • and
  • 286 BOXES LATER (e-Mom wins the count - now I must say she had the advantage because she is boxing at the same time moving from Washington to Arizona, to her new empty-nest season of life, Lisa came in second, a fellow Dallas neighbor, a similar Texas mind)
The Wright Family is Moved

Thank you all for your prayers and wonderful words of encouragement through this unplanned change.  When I would get tired and discouraged I would read an email or comment and the load was lifted.  I loved the guessing and laughed as the number kept climbing.  I so wished it had of been under a hundred.  Now I am sure I will be purging more as I continue to unpack all these boxes.

Google image

In May we found out we had no choice and we would be moving.  The needed and desired list for this move

  1. Cheaper rent - we are still needing to get back on our feet after our financial collapse three years ago
  2. A large enough house to house a grand piano and large master bedroom furniture - all treasured possessions
  3. Desired a big enough dining room to hold our family 12 seat table for family meals
  4. Desired a larger yard for Benjamin - move up from postage size yard to postage and half?
  5. Desired neighborhood in the high school district for our son for the fall
  6. Needed the house available the first of July
  7. Needed old landlord to give us through June to find house
God Heard Our Prayers and Exceeded Them
  • This house was the only house available that didn't require selling our furniture - Large Den/Large Dining Room
  • Beyond My dreams - the largest Master Bedroom we have ever had - a true retreat
  • Large Yard - garden beds at the back of yard - moved to 2 postage size lot - no longer can I see the neighbor iron in their house or hear them sneeze - YEA!! Room for Benjamin to play
  • Lower rent
  • Landlord said - Yes Decorate - and it needs a lot of TLC - we arrived to a very dirty house
  • My Designer mind is going into overload with ideas
  • In the right neighborhood for the high school for our son
  • Feels like home - I think I will adjust faster than last time - I am learning
  • Pressure from feeling like I was living in a glass house is gone  (we were not allowed to have backyard toys, decorate or anything other than live in house - even pictures on the walls were to be at a minimum, very restricted living for three years)
Summer will be spent - painting/settling in and calling this new dwelling home for a few more years.
Hugs to the greatest followers a blogger can have!!!

Be by to see you all soon....still recovering and unpacking.

39 Joining in with more words:

Vee said...

So good to know that you have arrived in this wonderful new home. May it be just what your family needs to rest and recoup after all that you've been dealing with for the last several years.

Don't worry about getting right back to blogging. We all know that you need more time.

Oh my! THAT many boxes. Congrats to your winner! (Does she get the boxes you don't want?)

Karen said...

Janette, girl if I could have just been in TX, I would have helped. Might not have held out to the end, but could have cooked up some meals for you & your bunch. I've thought of you often. I can already detect a different tone of voice, it does something to a girl when she can feather her nest like she would like too. Have fun! (after you unpack 286 boxes)

Mary said...

God is so kind, he met and went beyond your hearts desires for this house, that will become your home.

I know unpacking is work, but somehow it's more fun than the packing - organizing and finding the perfect place for each piece. I always love how old stuff looks new in a new place.

Enjoy settling in.


JillAileenJones said...

WOW!! I am sure we probably had close to that with our boxes too. I just checked yesterday to make sure I hadn't missed any posts from you lately and I hadn't so I knew that you must still be in the moving stages. So glad that it went well and that you get to decorate this home!!! That is so neat, God does hear and care about our needs and wants. :)
Glad you got to enjoy the game, another family from our church whose 2 year old they just found out has a brain tumor and is at children's recovering from surgery last week, Callie is her name if you think of it to pray for them, anyways, someone treated them to get to go to the game too. So they were there as well.
Hope you have a great week. When you get settled maybe we could get together. I am mailing your thing finally so in a few days you should have it. Enjoy dear friend.
Love ya

Farm Girl said...

I have been praying for you and looking for a update. I am so excited all that God has done and I am so glad you get to live in this house. I can't wait to see all that the Lord is going to be doing in this new house. I love that you have garden beds. That is so cool and a large master bedroom.
God is so good.

moreofhim said...

I'm so glad you got moved with so much help. I haven't moved for years but still remember the stress and work of it all.

I'm SO happy that you have a home that you can really enjoy now. God is so good to provide, isn't he?

You are in my prayers!!

Blessings - Julie

Debbie said...

Oh Janette I was soo perky to come on here and see that you had posted. I knew you had to have been soo busy with the move, but I was anxious to hear how it all went. Praise God that it sounds like He has moved you to a much better place. I am glad you will get to put those decorator talents to use, and for the extra room for Benjamin and your trasured furniture etc. It all just sounds wonderful. WOW soo many boxes. I wish I had counted ours as it did seem like a lot. Wish I lived close enough to come by and help out (even if it would be just to offer support and suggestions etc.) I love bouncing deco ideas off of my sisters and girl friend. ENJOY this home that the Lord has provided for you. You know He had a purpose for moving you right where He did, and I am anxious to hear what He had in mind. Lots of love!! Debbie

Lisa said...

This home sounds perfect for you and your family! Thank you Jesus! I know you are exhausted. Bless your heart. I'm glad everything went well! I know you will make this house a beautiful home for your family. Can't wait to hear all your ideas!

Sonja said...

oh I am so glad you are THERE! Once the final cleaning of the old place is done and all your stuff is at the new place... you can deal with it. Wouldn't it be funny if this turns out to be so much better? Just like what God does for us, isn't it?


no spring chicken said...

Hurray!! Go God! It's amazing how all of our worries are turned to praise. I'm still praying you through the scrubbing, unpacking and decorating. But it will be such a pleasure knowing that you are happy where you are...

Blessings, Debbie

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

PTL!! So glad you got moved in ok and all went well.
Sounds like you are going to be a busy beaver but in a fun way.
Can't wait to see it all.. hope you blog all about it!!

Cherie Hill said...

You know, the Lord's Promises prove He is forever faithful! I would say in your situation that He did FAR more than you could ever hope for or imagine under the circumstances. (Ephesians 3:7) Praying He continues to bless you beyond measure!

Maryann said...

Wow, what a testimony to God's provision!

And all those "young" backs to help with the move.

I know there is a lot of work ahead, praying God will give you strength, endurance, grace and a sense of humor as you start making this your home.

Theresa said...

Praise God for answered prayer in regards to your move! I know you are busy but can't wait to hear more about your new home and maybe some pictures :)

Anonymous said...

God has truly blessed you and your family. I pray that you all will be very happy in this new home!

Trisha said...

Isn't God so good? He gave you something so much better than you had, and I'm praising Him with you!! What grace it is that your eyes are open to all of His gifts and that, even in the midst of such changes and a major adjustment, you are so thankful!! I'm so happy for you!

Sandy said...

Oh, hooray! You are there! Have
fun decorating and settling into
your new nest! I know you'll make
it beautiful. So glad little
Benjamin has a yard to play in.
Take your time in getting back to
your blog. We will all be here when
you return.

Carol said...

So glad to know that the move is accomplished! God is so faithful.
Your testimony is so encouraging.
God bless your settling in !

Christine said...

This home sounds perfect. Can you hear me clapping and jumping up and down? Thank you God!

So many things to be thankful about.

Don't you just love nesting?
Have fun!

Will you be posting pictures so we can dream with you?

Lori said...

So glad to hear your move is done and so many prayers were answered. I'm confident you will make it "home" in no time at all!

Take time to recover!

Sally said...

It feels so good when the move is finally made. I'm so glad the new place is perfect. Blessings.

A multi-dimensional life said...

What an amazing God we have, who knows exactly what we need and provides...and exceeds! I'm so glad you are in!

I hope you will also receive the restoration you need after the big move. Enjoy the un-packing process!

I've missed you, buddy!
I'm continuing to lift you all up daily!

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

So glad the worst is over for you, and I pray your strength and encouragment holds out with the settling in - I know it will. God is good to us, and He obviously gave you a miracle, I join you in thanking Him for all of His goodness.

Canadagirl said...

I am soooooooooooo glad the Lord blessed you beyond what you had hoped for. ((happy dance)) I pray blessings on your making wonderful family memories in your new home. And have FUN decorating. [o= You deserve it and enjoy every bit of it.

Blessings and ((HUGS))

Shanda said...

I always feel unpacking and setting up home takes about 4 months from the time Imove im until I am 'done'. So I pray God gives you strength and patience. And a lot of help.
And I'm praising God with you that he answered your prayers in so many ways.

Rebecca said...

This is some of the most specific answers to prayer I've seen for awhile! I'm very excited to have heard more about the specifics of your new home.

Rejoicing with you that you're on "this side" of the move. I'm sure you're very, VERY busy (and sometimes overwhelmed?) by the details of it all.

God who has carried you "thus" far will carry you the rest of the way!

Oh. I'm completely (and righteously) jealous of that grand piano, girl! THAT'S what I want a picture of. ♥

Lorie said...

Yay! So happy for you.

Crickit said...

Janette- Wow! What an answer to prayer. So happy for you and your fam that you found such an awesome house!

Hope the unpacking goes quickly!

Anonymous said...

So happy that it's going well in your new home. Just yesterday I was thinking about you and wondering how many boxes after all. ;) That's A LOT of boxes!! Whew.

103 degrees huh? Wow! Get that A/C crankin'! The only way to go in our Florida summers. No, wait, in our Florida year-round. hehehe

Congrats to the winner!!

Diana Ferguson said...

Wow! You've been busy, too, these last few weeks!!!!

Try to enjoy the weekend.

Nancy said...

I am so glad you have the move behind you and I am not surprised God went above and beyond your prayer requests....He is awesome and I am sure He has lots more blessings for you.....

Have fun decorating and making the new house your home......

Debbie said...

Oh Janette, I'm so happy to read this! I love the way that God came in and answered prayer after prayer after prayer.

He is faithful!
He is so faithful!

I will be anxious to see how you decorate your new place and make it home.

Sorry to be late getting here with congrats. I've been out of blogland.

Sue said...

What a wonderful testimony to the faithfulness, of our God, Janette. Loved this praise post.
Enjoyed reading some of your previous post, Congrats to Lisa.
Now get some most deserved R&R!!

Sharon said...

Oh Janette - I have missed you so much! It's great that you're finally moved. And how wonderfully God has already blessed you! I just know that He has a perfect purpose for you and your new neighborhood.

So, 286 wins, huh?? WOW! I'm just admiring your fortitude in counting them.

Welcome to your new home - and please visit soon!


blessedmom's simple home said...

I'm sure you're so relieved to have this part finished. Sounds like you've got a wonderful landlord!!

sarah said...

your post had me cheering....that you are moved and mostly b/c He provides exactly what we need when we need it. Moving is hard...change is hard...but it sounds like you have some good supports.....286 boxes....wow.

Sassy Granny ... said...

Wow. I felt like adding "and a partridge in a pear tree"!!

268 boxes? Another wow.

Alas, it would appear the future is pregnant with hope (and decorating ideas). Can't wait to hear more about the process of settling, and to learn what God has in store for this new chapter in your lives. Surely it's magnificent, or why all His orchestrations in response to your needs/prayers?


myletterstoemily said...

i am so grateful to the Lord for giving you
all that you desired and pray He continues
to exceed you needs and fills this home
with His Presence.

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Happy HOMEmaking! Much work for sure but I pray many fun new projects and memories as well! Now go take a nap!

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