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Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Am Melting!!!!

We have had over three weeks of 100-plus degree weather.
Today was 108!  The heat index,(and yes, don't you just hate when they mention it... you start
to feel hotter right away) topped out at 115 degrees.

  Can YOU say HOT?

Now add to this the fact that I am a 50-year-old woman...need I say more.  My A/C, and yes thanks for an A/C,  is working overtime.  Are the heat waves from the weather or me?
By the afternoon, I have zero energy... not good for someone who just moved into a house that needs my attention.  I think I will be painting from midnight to 3 am....oh well, I usually wake at 3 am anyway, might as well be productive.

Now we can't even rely on our normal forms of cooling down!
Aren't calories from ice cream (which you eat to cool yourself down in 100-plus degree weather).... well, aren't they zero?

Now I don't think we had spring.  We went from snow, to missing all the spring temperatures, to August heat in June....where were the 80 and 90 degree days?

Are you melting, too?  I'm sending you a glass of Texas Sun Tea...poured over cubes of ice with lemon.
Praying for a break in our heat wave... and some RAIN!

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Lemon Lane Cottage said...

That is way too much heat. My sister is on her way out from Texas next week and I'm hoping our 70 and 80 degree weather will hold out so she can feel the break in heat for a little while. We are having a milder than usual spring and summer here in CA. Only a week or so of 100+ days.
That doesn't mean this 50 year old woman is not having some heat spells of her own though...UGH! I know you folks really need some serious rain. I pray you get some soon. Try to stay cool (painting in the middle of the night sounds like a good idea).

Debbie said...

Oh wow...sooo hot! My poor pregnante daughter has been melting too. She's right there on the border of Texas. And the only really warm week we have had so far? The one she was here...Go figure. I told her it was following her. I KNOW our's will come...and can't say I am doing anything but dreading it. This 50+ woman is ALWAYS hot, lol. Hope it cools for you soon...Have a wonderful week-end. HUGS

Mary said...

oh yeah, it's been hot here too. the beginning of the week felt like a sauna when one walked outside.

it finally cooled down yesterday, and last night was cool enough to sleep on the screened porch, which i did.
it was lovely (sorry) and i woke up to the sound of rain falling on the tin roof, and a dear walking across the yard.

you will get all that needs doing accomplished...making that house your home.


Canadagirl said...

Oh can't there be a balance? Us gals on the West Coast are asking if we are going to have a summer at all. While you all melt we are shivering here. I will send you some rain and cool weather if you would send us some sun but not TOO much sun. [o;

Praying you can find a calorie free way to keep cool. ((HUGS))

Blessings and ((HUGS))

Rhonda said...

here in Oklahoma, we are melting too.
so thankful for ice makers and AC units!

Vee said...

Oh you poor things! I really feel awful that you're enduring such a heat wave and hope that there is a break for you somehow and soon. I realize that this would be a true miracle in the middle of July. Perhaps you all just need to get out of Dodge and go on a little trip to Colorado... Think cool thoughts...

Christine said...

What is up with all this crazy weather all over the US?

I feel for everyone who is suffering. I wish I could blow our weather your way.

In Seattle we are still waiting for Summmer.
It's raining (duh!) and in the 60's.

Sonja said...

You know that I'm right there in the middle of it with you... was it you that I told I was out a few days ago trying to find a new toaster, in and out of the stores and it hit me how absurd this was!! Buying a toaster when it's 110!! I went right home. :(

It helps me to know that you're right up the road, suffering just like we are!! :)


JillAileenJones said...

Same down here in Abilene my friend. My parents are here visiting for the month of July and I think they may think that they have died and not gone where they thought they were going! lol Just no relief and we have had one day of rain since Easter Sunday and everything is brown and burnt out-we are in a burn ban too so we have certain days we can water and they were cut back and so I am glad I didn't spend money on flowers this year since they would be dead now. Oh we need rain and I want it to badly, praying it will sometime soon. Although, the weatherman doesn't have much hope for any for this week anyways. :( Hope you unpacking is going well in between the drops of sweat :0 I still have to mail your goodie out-I finally have it packaged up so look for it in the next few days.
Love ya-hope today is a little cooler.

Sally said...

I have no cool words to offer. We are doing our best to keep the grass and garden from becoming a victim of the scorching sun but it is a hard fought battle. I'm going to tuck these memories away to pull out and marvel over when our pipes are freezing this winter. :)

Theresa said...

Yum, thanks for the iced tea! I can't even imagine that heat. It was in the 90s the beginning of this week and way too hot for me! A/C or pool is the only way :)

Karen said...

It was hot in Louisiana last week, but TX can always top it. I have a memory forever etched in my mind. I went to a rodeo arena outside of Fort Worth, one hot summer day for a family day church outing. It had to have been 105 that day and me and a "BULL-NETTLE" got to close. Ever heard of those awful things. It some kind of bush, that makes you sting all over!!! Are you laughing now? IT WAS TERRIFYING. Hope some cooler temps head that way & rain too. Keep some lemonade & ice tea in the frig at all times. Can't wait to hear about your remodeling projects.

Farm Girl said...

I am so sorry that you have had such a loooog heat wave. You really had a short fall too. You know it isn't very often some other place in the country is hotter than us. I do hate that heat index too.
It makes it feel just worse. Knowing it is 115 degrees.
I hope you get a break soon and I will be praying that you do. Rain and some cooler weather. I know our break from heat was wonderful.
I hope it will somehow get to you.
Here is praying for a break.

camp and cottage living said...

I'm finally just getting summer weather-80's here. Which is hot to me.
Sorry for your suffering. I do hope you get a break soon!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Hey, don't feel bad. The weather here in the Pacific NW has been schizophrenic too! We haven't had summer YET, as we went directly from Fall to Spring; and it looks like we'll going from Spring directly back to Fall.

I'll mail you some cool if you'll return the favor and mail me some warm?


The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

It's been hot here in Fl for a long time now.. woo wee...

Hope you find some fun ways to cool off... :-)


Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I hear you loud and clear! We need a break. I feel like that ice cream truck! LOL! Thanks for the tea. Keep as cool as you can. blessings ~ tanna

Cora said...

If it were not for the rains we have been getting lately...yes we would be melting! The humidity is unreal here! Hoping you get some relief soon! Thanks for stopping by for a visit....hold to that faith where your son and DIL are concerned! God's timing and plan is perfect even though we do not see it that way sometimes!
Many blessings to you!

Crickit said...

That is HOT! I really wish I could send you some of our Southern California weather. It is in the high 70's today and so beautiful! But the weather here is almost always perfect!

Is that "Sweet tea" or "regular tea"? I say that because whenever we visit Texas to see our daughter, we are always asked that question. Here in Calif. you just get unsweetened tea. You might be asked, "Would you like some Splenda with that tea"? :)

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Oh, Janette! I understand! Once I was standing on the tarmac in Tucson. The temp read 105 and I had a hot flash! I couldn't believe it. I ran for the truck and turned the A/C up as far as it would go. Then the flash ended and I was shivering. Not fair! So I jumped out of the truck and back into the heat just to warm up. You'd think there would be a balance somewhere. At least Idaho is much cooler. We are only in the high 80s and low 90s. I can handle that. Praying for cooling, earth quenching rains for you and I toast to cooler temps with my iced tea, very little sugar, no lemon. Here, here!

Sandy said...

Well, I hate to tell you this,
but, our weather the last few
days has been in the 70's with
a breeze. It has been wonderful.
Even before that it was only in
the 80's. I love living here in
the mountains of N.C. By September
it will be getting even cooler and
we will bring out long sleeves and
sweaters by early October. I love
it. I do hope and pray it gets
much cooler there and that the
good Lord sends plenty of rain.
Hugs--but not too tight!
And no, those ice cream calories

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Your weather sounds just like ours and I'm nearing 60 so still experiencing extra heat-lol.
Painting in the middle of night sounds good to me. Stay cool.
Hugs, Noreen

Lisa said...

Girl I know it!!! And with the hot flashes on top of that...!!!Thank you Jesus for A/C!

Maryann said...

The last couple of days have been delightfully "cool"(80's) but I hear the heat is on it's was back this week.
And yes I have my own "personal summers" going on so the heat can be challenging.
Oh, and I think the ice cream is OK, the heat cancels out the calories, so go for it

Jo said...

Sending you some cold weather we are enjoying in my part of the world. I am lying on the couch with a heatpack on my back (which is sore at the moment) and a rug over my knees. I am wearing thick wolly socks. the central heating is on. Does this make you think of winter.

Hope things cool down for you, my brain doesn't work as well in hot weather.

Crown of Beauty said...

Hope you keep yourself cool by drinking enough water - health buffs says up to two liters a day , or ever more. Drink slowly, not in gulps...

Weather has gone crazy all over the world.

Stay safe, and out of the sun, dear friend!


Debbie said...

From this nearly 50 year old who didn't have a spring and is enduring 100 degree weather and waking at 3:00 ...

Preach it, sista.

I need some of that zero calorie ice cream.

Rebecca said...

I almost hate to comment because it looks like you have a run of 27 comments going on your past few posts!

But hearing about your YOUR heatwave makes ours feel a little better somehow.

I can't wait to see the walls of your dining room (read about them in your comment on Sandy's post).

I was stretched while reading your mind-stretching post a few days back..

Will be settling back into "real" life tomorrow. Reluctantly.

Sue said...

It looks like we have the same weather Janette though we did get a break for the last few days, but as I am typing this our weather lady has informed us it has gone, good bye, and will not be back soon, we are going to be evener hotter than last week, and I didn't think that was possible. So I happily accept this cool glass of ice tea, enjoy yours.
the upside is, maybe I will be able to do some blogging, lol.

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