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Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Voice from the Sky

The silence of my sleeping family welcomes my Sunday mornings. Interrupting the stillness I hear an unusual sound coming from my postage size backyard.

Opening the door to rising sun I peer out into my uneventful backyard.  I hear a voice.  "Well Good Morning!"  Startled I glance toward  the backyard fences  wondering who was talking to me....no one.  Then for some reason I looked up. Surprisingly I step back to a scene from the movie "Up" which catches my Sunday morning eyes.

I couldn't believe it.  The balloon had just cleared my neighbor's house.  The unusual sound came from the blond hair woman turning the fire on to lift the balloon higher into the air.  I step back amazed  with, "Wow!, how beautiful!"

She comments back, "we are on our way to breakfast!"

I squeal at my sleeping husband, "get up".  I grab my camera running to the door as the balloon comes across  into the front of our house.  "Come look! It is a hot air balloon!"

What a way to start a Sunday morning....a voice from the sky! 

36 Joining in with more words:

Vee said...

Oh that is so cool! What a fun story!! I love the whoosh sound that a hot air balloon makes when it's rising. Have you ever taken a ride in one? I'd like to, but I've heard it can get pretty rough.

myletterstoemily said...

people do the coolest things! i wonder where
they go to breakfast?

Mary said...

these soar over our home every now and again...i never tire of looking up at them.

there are times i really want to do this...my sweet husband is afraid of heights! :)

Sandy said...

That is cool! Imagine just getting
in a hot air balloon and heading
off for breakfast! What fun! I
remember one morning when I was
a teen being in my bedroom on a
Saturday morning and hearing one
of my cats hissing and growling.
She sat in the open window in the
next room and so I ran in to see
what was troubling her. I saw she
was gazing up into the sky. As I
bent down to see what she was upset
about I saw a beautiful hot air
balloon right over our back yard.
It was so low I could see the
people in it. I thought it was
great but my cat was terrified!

Debbie said...

WOW!! I have never seen such a sight! How neat. I wondered too if they just land the ballon in the parking lot of the restaurant? How fun. Your right, great start to a day. ENJOY your week-end. HUGS

Debbie said...

Wow; that is amazing! A message from above, maybe? LOL. Too bad they couldn't swoop down and pick you up so you could join them for breakfast. So glad you keep your camera handy.

Love you,

Theresa said...

Wow, that is something! So glad you were able to get a picture of it :)

Debbie said...

Awesome!! I just showed this one to my husband. I don't do that very often, ya know.

Farm Girl said...

That is so great and how cool to be on their way to breakfast!! I love the picture. We had some people land in our pasture once but never as cool as having them wish you a good morning.

Christine said...

Great title for your Sunday event.

Cora said...

That is so awesome....what a way to start the day!! Talk about being lifted up!!

www.brendayoder.blogspot.com said...

This reminds me of something out of Mary Poppins or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! What a fun way to start the day! Hope your weekend is as "Disneyish" and those images bring for me!

LDH said...

That was very special and way exciting! I see very few movies and "UP" is one of my favorites.

Occasionally on a pretty morning we will see a group of hot air balloons in the distance, but never over our roof :)

You must have been smiling all day!


And we just wake up to a cup of coffee on Sunday morning. :-)


Marsha Young said...

What fun! Your backyard may be postage size (so is ours) but your experiential horizon is as wide as the sky. :)

Garden Lady said...

I would have loved to have seen that, what a way to start the day, I'm impressed that you were able to get to your camera that quick. Awesome indeed!

Sonja said...

You captured it perfectly! Riding one isn't on my bucket list, but I do think they are amazingly beautiful, and to have one right over your yard would have me running for the camera too. Our daughter ives in Allen, and they have seen them right over their house during the festival. Yeah, it makes me wonder how they can land that for breakfast??

Jo said...

We sometimes have hot air balloons pass over our house but I have never been spoken to!!

On my way to work I cross a bridge in the centre of my city, it goes over a large lake, it is also a popular spot for ballons and it's hard not to be distracted by the beautiful sight.

Karen said...

oh my gosh girl ..what a sight.. and very cool.. your yard is not uneventfull at alllllll.. very pretty..
have a blessed sunday..it looks like it is starting out with a bright cheerful rise..

Sue said...

Love, love love this!! God is great! All of the time!!! I love these surprises He gives!
Enjoy your day, and look around the corner, as He is sure to give you another one real Soon!

Rebecca said...

I had to come right over and read "the rest of the story"! Oh, my goodness! How unexpected. Your pictures turned out great.

Sometimes I WISH for a "voice from the sky" about certain things. It sure seems like it'd make it a lot easier...

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

That IS a wonderful way to start the day! What a delightful surprise! blessings ~ tanna

JillAileenJones said...

How fun!! They have a ballon festival here every year in September at the park-you can see the balloons at the park across the street from our house. The kids love it because when they take them on flight their flight path is over our house. It is so neat. The are beautiful. Where do you park a balloon to go eat? lol Are there Sky-Hops up there instead of I-Hops I didn't know about?!
That is a fun way to start a day.
I need you knew address-I found a little something while out shopping the other day and it reminded me of you-I have it ready to send but I need your address.
Love ya-hope you have a great Sunday.

skoots1mom said...

we enjoyed this same type event...one almost landed on my neighbor's house...they were coming down due to a looming thunderstorm. he luckily did make it down to the backyard of another neighbor...so fun! the sounds are really ethereal as it is happening, you just don't expect someone to be speaking down from the sky!
down the street one of the other balloons landed in the middle of our road...it was a giant dinosaur, hahaha, the kids had a blast with that one.

Anonymous said...

You captured some wonderful photos. I love to see these float over the house but I don't think I'm brave enough to ride in one! (Maybe for breakfast, though!!!!)

Enjoy your week Janette.

blessedmom's simple home said...

Wow...how fun was that! And close enough to talk to :)

Crown of Beauty said...

I came by to find out how you have been...

Well, I didn't exactly expect to see a hot air balloon post, but neither did you that Sunday morning! Some things are just God sent - like a voice from above... It seems like God wanted to lift your spirits up!

Great photo, Janette.

And I read the two other posts before this... loved the testimonies. How I needed to read those real life stories of Jesus arriving on the scene and touching each of them with their healing hand!

Thanks for sharing the "zesty lemonade" you have been making!

Such an upward looking posts that have really spoken inspiring messages for me to carry through this day.

I have no doubt the perfect house is waiting for you. Praying God will lead you to it.


no spring chicken said...

Incredible! Things like that really happen? And even more incredible... people really take hot air balloons to Sunday morning breakfast?

Wow Janette, you'll never again be able to say your place is uneventful!

Blessings, Debbie

A multi-dimensional life said...

That would be quite a wake up call!
A voice from the sky! For some reason I thought of the wizard of oz when he sails off in his hot air balloon at the end. What a fun way to start the day. Hope your Sunday ends on the same "up" note! :)

Canadagirl said...

Hee he. [o= That is a neat story. I thought you were going to tell us that the Lord gave you a message. I was totally ready for it. But this was probably just as fun. I LOVE hot air balloons and use to see them a lot when I lived in Kirkland, Wa. growing up.

Blessings and ((HUGS)) my friend

elizabeth said...

How great is that!!! Wow!
Just noticed on your profile that
Second Hand Lions is one of your favorite movies...love that movie!

Sharon said...

How COOL is that?!

Even though it's about a kite, I was reminded of these lyrics from Mary Poppins:

"When you send it flyin' up there
All at once you're lighter than air
You can dance on the breeze
Over 'ouses and trees
With your fist 'olding tight
To the string of your kite

Oh, oh, oh!
Let's go fly a kite
Up to the highest height!
Let's go fly a kite and send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Let's go fly a kite!"

Have you ever gone in a hot-air balloon? I have never tried it - kinda scared of heights. But, it must be quite an experience...

Thanks for sharing the fun photos!


Lorie said...

You have such cool experiences!

Bethany said...

So exciting!! What a great adventure!

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

What a cool way wake up on a Sunday morning! Those balloons are so beautiful. Great photos. Thanks for sharing!

e-Mom said...

That's awesome! We always promised each other we would take a hot air balloon ride when the kids grew up. Now that we're empty nesters, we have no interest. Whoops! What happened?

Janette, you're the winner of my recent giveaway. I'd like to send you a copy of the Read and Share Bible, by Tommy Nelson. If you can't use it with your young guy, maybe you know someone to pass it along to.

Would you be willing to send me your "snail mail" address so I can ship it to you?

Hugs, e-Mom

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