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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Time for Lemonade

Summer has arrived.  We have hit 100 degrees - fun and memories are calling. Before our recent news of rent increase  (meaning our economy must be doing well???),  causing our unexpected summer house move, I had planned on filling my calendar with fun summer events.

Well as the saying goes,  When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade...those lemons are flying in at the spend of my teenage son's fast ball from the mound, so time for lemonade.

Here I go - grab the computer and research all that is available locally.

Friday nights - Movie in the park
Grab a blanket, bug spray, and picnic basket to enjoy a movie under the stars.

Outdoor Concerts on Friday Nights
In our local amphitheater different venues lift up their voices and instruments in free concerts. - Good date night with Hubby.

World Renown Art Museums free exhibits this summer - Thomas Cole and the  Hudson River Artist
Picasso and Barque

Shakespeare in the Park -  Grab the picnic basket and blanket again

Baseball - Watching My Son Play Ball - The best 15 year old ball player on the field

Library - reading programs, children's events, and adult classes

Neighborhood Pool

State and National Parks - Lakes, Hiking, Nature

Homemade Ice Cream

Grilled Pizza....well grilled everything

Visit Historical Sights

Learn the History of our City and Surrounding Cities

Pick your own Farms - Peaches, Blueberries, Blackberries and Lavender

Water Balloons

Local Outdoor Water Fountains....just calling to be enjoyed

Now that should start out the summer well. So between packing, de-junking and moving I am not going to lose the summer.  You want to join me for a lemonade?

Thanks for all the wonderful scriptures, prayers and words of encouragement. I keep re-reading over and over again each one....you all are treasures. I am also preaching to myself through my blog posts this year....Big Girl Panties and others.  God was preparing me.  We are still house hunting.  We have to the end of June to be moved.  Benjamin's solution to this problem..."Mom just knock on that door and tell them we need to borrow their house for little bit!"  He keeps me smiling.
Welcome Summer!

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Allister Van Twinkle said...

These pictures look great! This is what summer activities should entail: sports games, water, visiting local farmers market, have fun in the water and of course Lemonade!!!

Lemon Lane Cottage said...

I can't imagine any amount of money buying a better summer. I know God has the perfect home out there for you. I will keep praying. Patty

Sonja said...

Now THAT'S what that statement REALLY means! You are in the process of the best pitcher of lemonade possible! :)

I'm still praying, for the exact right house for your family. I remember a time when we did this, and there was nothing that fit the bill, until one day there was the exact right one, just out of God's blue!

Also... I think nearly every weekend there is something free and fun in Ft.Worth. Sundance Square is so neat, and their outdoor festivals happen pretty often. We've never been, but have driven by and it looks like fun.

I love Benjamin's solution to the whole thing! :)


Theresa said...

I was just looking at lemonade ingredients before seeing your post :) I like Newman's Own Pink Lemonade on sale 3 for $5! I'll be thinking of you when I drink a glass. (((HUgs)))
Praying for a smooth move and the perfect home for your family.

Farm Girl said...

I am glad your wrote all of your nice idea's for summer. I am praying for that perfect house. Have you went out to the countryside? I was just wondering what is in your heart of hearts that God has just for you.
I am praying for less money and more house. :)
I can't wait to see.

Carol said...

It is so hard sometimes to surrender and stay surrendered. The summer activities you list look terrific, the things that the best summer fun is made of! I will be remembering you in your house hunt and move, in prayer.
Thank you for being such an encouragement and blessing!

Lisa said...

This is a great summer to do list! As hot as it's been I'm looking for a few water balloons of my own! Can you believe it? It's got me wanting to move north!

Debbie said...

You are making lemonade my friend. And lemonade can be quite refreshing. I love that you are making the best of a challenging situation. The landlord should realize what great tenants you are and leave the rent alone! I will be praying for you and that the Lord would provide just the right place for your family and at the right cost too.

Love you,

Diana Ferguson said...

Fun times!!! Can I borrow the ice cream freezer? Mine went kerplunk!

Debbie said...

Oh Janette you are making WONDERFUL lemonade....soo many fun summer activities too just waiting to be had and make wonderful memories with. My grandkids LOVE those water fountains. Soo fun. And homemade icecream yum, and watermellon and strawberries. And nothing better than a baseball game with YOUR star player playing. ; ) Praying you find just the right house, and in God's most perfect timing... HUGS

Lorie said...

Fantastic ideas! The pictures are beautiful and your words are encouraging as always.

What a precious thing Benjamin said. Maybe you should try it...you never know. :)


A multi-dimensional life said...

YES! I do want to join you for a glass of lemonade...and a concert in the park, and a ball game, and grilled pizza and water balloons! :) Isn't it great that summer is finally here and even greater that you can enjoy all that it has to offer and even keep those date nights going! Blessings galore!!! :)

Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

I know God has a plan for you. I expect you will be making so much lemonade, you'll have enough to have a lemonade stand! blessings ~ tanna

Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

You made me smile. Sorry about the unanticipated move, but you know what "they say" -

Life is what happens while you were busy making other plans! :)

You are doing a good job making happy alternate plans. Blessings to you - Marsha

Sue said...

Loved you sharing a part of your life with me, sounds so perfect, and for your always encouraging words, My daughter has a saying 'When life gives me lemons I don't just make lemonade,I am going to make cherry lemonade.
Thank you for everything that you give and especially your prayers. I will continue to pray, and Benjamin might just have the right idea. ~Smile~

A multi-dimensional life said...

Thanks for your comments...oh, I love the theme God is weaving in your life right now; and I realize there is a theme happening for me as well! Had the best summer day with loved one's today! Everything summer!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

What an inspiration and what a testimony!! I just believe the Lord is going to bless you and yours beyond measure, He's just going to test you first. :o) Blessings sweet friend!

Jessica Heights said...

A pick your own lavender farm?!?!? That sounds awesome!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Sounds perfect....and
a wonderful post

no spring chicken said...

Everyone needs a Benjamin. If you ever get tired of him I'll take him! :)

Lemonade from lemons is what Paul had in mind when he said, I have learned to be content with such things as I have... maybe I minced it a bit but I know that's the crux of it.

I love your list of summer activities. It reminded me again that it doesn't have to cost money to make memories.

Blessings, Debbie

Debbie said...

I wish that I had the words to rightly express how many times your posts inspire and encouraged me. I love your positive attitude, and I think you have a contagious amount of it.

And, frankly, I love Ben's idea. Have you tried it? I'm really not kidding.

I've already spent a great amount of time in prayer this morning. God woke me very early. I'm about to get up and go for another round.

Know when you read this that you will have been lifted.

Cecilia Marie Pulliam said...

Well, we just found out we are in the same boat. Our landlords just raised the rent beyond what we are comfortable with, and to make it worse, the other houses which are newer and similar in our area are renting for less. Long story, but this was the last straw. We are now househunting. Although, we do not have a set time we have to be out, and can take our time in looking. We want to make the move worth it (less rent, more house, which we are finding to be available). So, we plan to do as you, and make lemonade out of this bitter lemon. Praying for you to find just the right one very soon!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

It is amazing how much FREE stuff there is out there...we just have to be creative! Good Job!

e-Mom said...

Oh my... you have so many fun activities to enjoy this summer. I can't believe it's here already!

Trusting God will provide you the perfect home, more than you could ever dream of during your new season of change.

We are very close to loading up the wagons and moving out--it's been exciting but unsettling. Thanks for continuing to blog through all your activity.

Hugs, e-Mom

Rebecca said...

That's the kind of stuff we do every summer! Those free art exhibits really sound interesting...Wow!

Praying with you about your new house. Can't wait to see where you "land".

www.brendayoder.blogspot.com said...

Moving seems to be the thing most of us dread. Disorder, unknown, nesting, or renesting,......the whole bit. The images your provide of summer fun midst such upheaval is a reminder of how quickly things in life go....from one summer to another, to one house to another, one phase to another..............may God provide the perfect home for your family, where peace and laughter reigns.

Debbie said...

I just checked back in to tell you that I'm praying. I had hoped to see that you had found a place.

Anonymous said...


Sounds like you have some good plans for the summer. I pray that the Lord will guide to another home soon.

-L. Rose

P.S. Oh, nice photos too. :)

blessedmom's simple home said...

You've had some great posts about change and accepting it. What a difficult thing for me. I'm a bit of a stick in the mud, I'm afraid. They were very well written and so inspiring.

This post reminded me of some things I need to be doing with my kids this summer. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Hey wait... That's MY life ('cept for the move). Wish you were here to play with us. Love that Benjamin!!! Prayin' hard you see your new home soon and the move is as easy as can be!

Ma said...

Praying for His peace to continue to encourage you!

That lavender looks wonderful.

I loved watching my (smaller) sons play baseball, I know how exciting it can be:)

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